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RUSH: I have managed to find myself inserted into a mayoral campaign in Stamford, Connecticut, even though I have said nothing about it and, in fact, didn’t know anything about it. But I supposedly endorsed one of the candidates, and the guy I didn’t endorse is ripping the hell out of the guy that I didn’t endorse because it was reported on Facebook that I did endorse. It’s hilarious. Even when I’m not someplace, I’m there — and even when I’m not involved at all, I am the deciding figure.


RUSH: Late yesterday afternoon in Hartford, Connecticut, on WTIC-TV, Fox Eyeball News at four o’clock, the coanchor, Laurie Perez, reported this about the Stamford, Connecticut, mayoral candidate, the former lieutenant governor, Michael Fedele, and me.

PEREZ: Michael Fedele announced his campaign for mayor of Stamford. He’s already got his first endorsement: Rush Limbaugh, the controversial right-wing r-radio host, who’s made headlines for his argumentative statements, is publicly supporting Fedele’s candidacy. But Democratic candidate William Tong says Limbaugh’s endorsement has no place in this election and is calling on Fedele to renounce it immediately. Fedele has not yet responded.

RUSH: Fedele didn’t respond because he was clueless. He had no idea what this Tong guy was talking about, because I didn’t endorse him. Until this morning, I’d never heard of Michael Fedele nor had I ever heard of William Tong, nor did I know that I’d “made headlines” because of my “argumentative statements.” Did you know that’s why I’d made headlines? That’s what the coanchor there, Laurie Perez said. Anyway, this happened… We have here the Hartford Courant website, a little story called, “Mega Dittos, Mike Fedele.”

“A link for Republican Mike Fedele’s Stamford mayoral campaign has appeared on a Rush Limbaugh Facebook fan page, prompting a swift response from Fedele’s Democrat opponent.” They quote this Tong guy saying that I represent “why politics has become dysfunctional and polarized,” and that’s because I make “argumentative statements,” I guess. This Tong guy, the Democrat, said, “I believe strongly in the First Amendment, but I also believe in honest, sincere, and well-meaning dialogue, and Mr. Limbaugh does not fit any of those categories. He should have no role in Stamford’s mayor’s race…”

Tong, what are you worried about?

You ought to let this thing go. If I’m that bad, this guy doesn’t have a chance of winning, right?

Tong’s worried.


RUSH: So to wrap this up — the mayoral race in Stamford, Connecticut — there’s a Rush Limbaugh Facebook fan page that I have nothing to do with, and that Facebook fan page says that. Whoever runs this fan page at Facebook, they make it clear that the page is not affiliated with or run by me. I have nothing to do with it. That disclaimer is at the top of the page. But it didn’t stop the low-information voter media and the low-information voter Democrat mayoral candidate. Again, this guy’s name is William Tong, and he’s just outraged that I would have endorsed his opponent. Mr. Tong, do you know what I would say?

If I’m that bad, you should have encouraged my endorsement of Mr. Fedele. But you’re acting awfully defensive and awfully worried that I somehow got involved in this campaign, and you’re doing everything you can to get me out of it. That doesn’t sound like the course of action you would take if I am that reprehensible. You know, I’m seriously thinking of endorsing Mr. Tong here just for the fun of it, to see what he would do with that. What do you think of that, if I endorse William Tong for mayor, the Democrat? I mean, we’ve done this before. We helped save Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign with Operation Chaos.

So, anyway, I “make headlines” for my “argumentative statements.”

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