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RUSH: Let’s go back to the archives. Sunday, Dennis Rodman on This week Needs David Brinkley, talking about his trip to North Korea.

RODMAN: I sat with him for two days. And the one thing, he asked me to give Obama something to say and do one thing. He wants Obama to do one thing, call him.

STEPHANOPOULOS: He wants a call from President Obama?

RODMAN: That’s right. He told me that. He said, “If you can, Dennis, I don’t want to do war. I don’t want to do war.” He said that to me. He loves basketball. And I said the same thing, I said, “Obama loves basketball.” Let’s start there. Let’s start there.

RUSH: Right on, dude, right on. Dennis Rodman. Kim Jong-un, he just wants Obama to call him. He don’t want war. He don’t want no war. Dennis Rodman acting as secretary of state. Here’s the second. We got two more of these. Just to refresh your memory, ’cause you won’t believe what’s coming. Here’s the second one.

RODMAN: He’s a great guy. He’s just a great guy. If you sit down and talk to him, you know, perception is perceiving how things work.

STEPHANOPOULOS: A great guy who puts 200,000 people in prison camps?

RODMAN: Well, you know, guess what, it’s amazing how we do the same thing here.

RUSH: Okay, stop the tape, stop the tape. Perception is perceiving what’s happening. That is profound. That is Dennis Rodman of the Detroit Pistons and other teams. Perception is perceiving what happens. Stephanopoulos said, “They got political prisons.” Rodman, “Same thing we have here.” This is on This Week. Dennis Rodman, who maybe has the IQ of a pencil eraser, acting as de facto secretary of state on TV. So last night on CNN’s Piers Morgan, talking to Dan Rather, and Piers Morgan said, “You know, this great superpower, the United States, paralysis of leadership, both sides scrapping over each other. This political system is really demeaned.”

RATHER: Americans need to see it now in the context, which is one of the more important contexts. Each side is now running a political campaign for the next election. 2014 is what it’s about.

MORGAN: Certainly agree.

RATHER: What’s needed here is leadership. And it will only take a few good men and women in each party to exercise real leadership to say, “Look, if it beats me in the next election, so be it, but IÂ’m going to do what’s best for the country.”

MORGAN: They’re mocking someone like Dennis Rodman, who at least went and talked to the other side.

RATHER: Right.

MORGAN: Right? I mean in Washington, they don’t even talk to each other. I saw that John Boehner and Barack Obama hadn’t physically met to talk —

RUSH: Stop the tape. CNN wonders why nobody is watching. So Dennis Rodman, at least he went and talked to the guy, and Rather agreed. At least he’s talking. At least he went and talked to ’em. Lord save us. It’s embarrassing.

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