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RUSH: Hey, folks, three knock-off suspects have been identified or named in Boston to go along with the knock-off jihadis. It’s right here from AP. Boston police say three additional knock-off suspects have been taken into custody in the Boston Marathon bombings investigation. The three people arrested are friends of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Two of them will be charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and making false statements. They are not US citizens, and they are accused of lying about what they know or knew about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Their names are Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev. Both are originally from Kazakhstan by way of Dagestan by way of Kyrgyzstan and attended the University of Massachusettstan at Dartmouthstan with Dzhokhar Tsarnaevstan. The third suspect, according to CBS News, is an American citizen. He will be charged with making false statements.

Man, oh, man, folks, if I get everything in today, I will feel like I have achieved something major. I mean, we are literally loaded and it’s gonna require a lot of discipline to get all of this stuff in. You’re gonna have to give me the whole three hours today, which you do anyway, but I mean there’s so much good stuff today, it’s not even gonna be possible for me to summarize it all in the first monologue. If all I did was summarize what I’ve got, I couldn’t finish that summary in the opening monologue segment. I mean, it is exploding out there.

Anyway, three additional suspects arrested, the Boston Marathon bombing case. Knock-off suspects to go along with the knock-off jihadis as described by Vice President Biden.


RUSH: Get this. The new Boston terror suspects, and I just heard Professor Dershowitz on Fox say that it appears that these three suspects, these new people, friends of the terrorists, didn’t know anything in advance. At least, the authorities don’t have any evidence that they were aware of anything in advance, except the new Boston suspects were driving a car with a license plate that said “Terrorista #1.” As in the female version of terrorist, Terrorista #1, that was on the license plate. Now, I don’t know what state issued it. The story is out of Boston but it doesn’t say it was a Massachusetts plate. Assuming it is, but it doesn’t say. But that would be somewhat interesting to know. If you’re sitting there at the license plate place and somebody says they want “Terrorista,” would you not tell somebody, given the climate in which we all live?

Would you maybe call RGIII and ask him what he thought about it? Or somebody at the Redskins? “What do you think about Terrorista #1 as a personalized license plate?” But nobody did. They were students and they were here illegally, taken into custody on April 19th and released and arrested again after April 20th for an immigration violation. I tell you, there’s so much wrong in this, immigration issues, leftist university issues, and stupidity on the part of everybody who saw that license plate, Terrorista #1.

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