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RUSH: All of the polling leading up to the special election in South Carolina last night, Elizabeth Colbert Busch versus Mark Sanford — all the polling, particularly the polling of Public Policy Polling — had it a dead heat. The Democrats were gonna take the seat. They were gonna own it, and it was going to be a precursor to the Democrats winning everything in 2014 and having total one-party rule in America. Except it didn’t happen. Mark Sanford won in a landslide over Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

So I guess she “can go back to wherever the hell she came from.” Well, that’s what Dick Harpootlian said. Dick Harpootlian is a trial lawyer. He’s the former head the Democrat committee in South Carolina, and he said about Nikki Haley (he since “clarified” his remarks), “I just wish the governor would go back to wherever the hell she came from,” and people asked, “Are you making a racist comment?” Because, of course, she is the daughter of Sikh parents. (That’s S-i-k-h, for those of you in Rio Linda.)

Harpootlian said, “No, no, no, no! No, no! I simply was talking about going back to the dress shop,” or some such thing. So the Democrats are forced… Well, I don’t know about “forced.” But the Democrats think they have a silver lining in this election. This election means the resurrection of Anthony Weiner. If Mark Sanford can resurrect his political career from the ashes of the Appalachian Trail walk that didn’t happen — if Mark Sanford could come back — then so can Anthony Weiner.

That is how the Democrats are reading this. In fact, the Democrats are trying to tell Republicans, “You know what? You guys actually lost. You didn’t win anything here because all this means is that Weiner comes back now. All this means is that any of our reprobates can win and can come back.” Well, the dirty little secret is that all of their reprobates do come back. All of their reprobates never go away in the first place. All their reprobates get launched to the top of the stature ladder.

That’s just the way they do things.

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