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RUSH: I got an e-mail that I want to read to you. This is from a subscriber at Rush 24/7, the RushLimbaugh.com website.

Dear Rush,

I’m at a point where I’m torn as to what to do. Where this country stands there’s little point in listening to your show and subscribing to your Web page until maybe the 2014 elections, if we get the Senate. The reason for this is that you indicate we can’t make a difference in what’s happening in this country until that time. You say we can’t impeach Obama, so to me that means we can’t stop him. Without your help, we don’t have any impact on Congress. There are only a handful of Republicans with the onions to speak up, so basically we are without a meaningful voice in the country as Obama takes us down to the point of no return. Even now, Rubio said that in his amnesty bill, legalization is now first and then securing the border is later. That’s in complete contrast to his earlier written-in-stone position.

I have to say, he said that in an interview with the Spanish language network, and that bothered me. That just disappointed me. Am I right, Rubio has always said security first, nothing else, and he’ll pull out of the bill. So he told an Hispanic speaking audience that legalization has to come first and then border security. Anyway, the e-mail writer observes that.

As opposed to being resigned to our country’s demise, it’s time to grab the pitchforks that Obama referenced, take America back starting with Washington. The election’s 15 months away. And us taking a sit-back-and-wait attitude that’s been portrayed on your show isn’t an option.

Have I conveyed — I’m asking, I’m not being rhetorical. I’m asking seriously. Have I conveyed unwittingly here that the only thing we can do is sit back and wait for the elections of 2014? No, seriously. If anybody has gotten that impression, then try to disabuse yourself of the notion ’cause it isn’t true. I know what this guy’s reacting to. The first call of the day yesterday somebody wanted to impeach Obama as a matter of principle. To hell with where it ends up, doesn’t matter. The idea that it will succeed is irrelevant. The idea it would fail is irrelevant. We have to do it, to plant the flag. This is who we are. We’re not putting up with this.

And I answered him within a political framework and said it would be disastrous. And I made the point — once again I reiterated to him my belief that there is nothing that’s going to happen between now and 2016 that is going to result in Barack Obama leaving office unless he quits. And I don’t mean for that to depress anybody. I don’t mean for that to distress anybody and to send you off to the nether lands until the midterm elections. That’s not the point. I could be wrong. I am simply telling you what I honestly believe. But, look, I’ve offered an alternative. In fact, I think my alternative makes more sense than going after Obama.

Obama’s one guy. He wouldn’t be succeeding in all this without a political party at his beck and call. Barack Obama’s the Democrat Party. It’s the Democrat Party doing all this. We’ve got a sound bite from Charlie Rangel. We got a poll out from Pew, Washington Post. Guess what? All these Democrats love all the spying. Democrats, by a huge number, I think it’s in the 70 percents, maybe even more, approve of everything the NSA’s doing. They approve of everything PRISM is doing. They approve of all the spying, all Hoovering, all the information getting, they approve of all of it because their guy is doing it.

When Bush is doing it, they hate it. It’s exactly what I told you yesterday in reverse. It matters who’s doing this stuff, the ideology of the person doing it matters. Well, that’s what people on the left think, too. They happen to think Obama is the end of the world, in a great way, he’s it. There’s nothing better, Obama is The Messiah. People still have that kind of affection for him. And this is part of the Limbaugh Theorem. His supporters simply are incapable of attaching negative motives to him. It’s not going to happen, which is my point. They’re wedded to Obama for a host of reasons, ideological loyalty, race, hatred of conservatism. They are going to support anything that denies us any kind of a real or perceived victory.


RUSH: Maybe I am performing a service. Folks, let me tell you something. I try not to share a whole lot of personal stuff with you because I feel like that would be taking advantage of you. But I just want to tell you something. I am depressed every day, I’m just like you are, over what’s happening to this country. I’m depressed at what seems to be a futility in stopping this, getting people to care about it, getting people to see it for what it is. I’m just like you.

The economics here don’t really matter. Some people say, “You could be on the beach. You could be on vacation every week. You, 25 years, nothing left to prove, what are you doing?”

Well, I happen to love this. I mean, this is what I do. It’s what I love doing. It isn’t work. But I’m just like you. I’m at my wits’ end over this. In one sense, imagine you’re me. I’ve had a microphone for 25 years and still this stuff has happened.


RUSH: So I’m in the same boat that you’re in. It’s entirely frustrating, the futility is. I fight the futility. I mean, it’s there, but, folks, I’m just as disturbed as you are. It’s hard to say what’s the most disturbing about all this. The ignorance of so many Americans. The apathy of so many Americans. The desire of a major American political party to basically turn this country inside out and upside down. The lack of any pushback on that from our party in Washington.

Now, you add to that — I know people are still clinging to some dream that Obama can somehow be sent packing out of office, or that the media is gonna somehow turn and realize what’s happening and start paying attention to all these scandals, speaking truth to power and holding Obama up. I just don’t see any of that happening. And when it comes to impeachment, it’s futile. The Democrats would absolutely love that. It would be disastrous, especially if it’s done for show. That’s one of those things, you’ve heard the old adage, if you’re gonna take the king out, you better not miss. You better do it or you’re finished. And impeachment for show, impeachment as a means of education, impeachment as an instrument of informing, that’s the wrong reason to do it, and, folks, it’s not even in the cards. It’s not even on the table.

But there are all kinds of things that we can do besides impeachment, which would be shooting ourselves in the foot. Obama isn’t up for reelection. The next phase of this is that the Democrats have to be thrown out of office. There are two things that we have do, or that we have to at least spend all of our time trying to do, in whatever creative ways we can, and they’re both gonna be really tough. We have to stop amnesty and we have to hold the House at the very at least. If we lose the House, then the Democrats have their one-party rule and there really is nothing stopping them other than some unforeseen event that forces the country to turn totally against them.

And those are the kind things you can’t sit around and wait on and you can’t force those kinds of things to happen. That’s just fate, nature taking its course. But amnesty, you’ve seen what’s happened to California. We’ve been through this. We just have to keep opposing it. There are all kinds of people — I talk about FreedomWorks constantly on this program, the grassroots Tea Party group. They are working as best they can to get proper people elected and the wrong people defeated in the electoral process, which is where a lot of people think that the remedy for all of this is, is at the ballot box. I know how discouraging all of this can be, but I don’t want you to think I’m sitting here ambivalent or even uncaring about it.

It is a heavy weight on me every day. The country is up for grabs here. I don’t want to get too in-depth about how all this makes me feel, but I’m telling you, I’m in the same boat with you. I am not at all above it, feeling unaffected by it. It matters too much to me. So we do what we can. The 2014 elections are crucial. Stopping amnesty, and I think amnesty can be stopped still or I wouldn’t be wasting breath on it. And I think that we can hold the House in 2014, or I wouldn’t be wasting breath on that. That’s not to say that the news each and every day isn’t depressing. You gotta keep in mind the news is designed to depress you. It isn’t news. You’re tuning in to the Democrat Party agenda every day.

When you’re asking the media to stop doing what they’re doing, you’re asking Obama to all of a sudden forget he’s a Democrat and become one of us. It isn’t going to happen. You’re never, ever gonna be satisfied if you’re waiting for the media to, quote, see the truth and start reporting it, because they don’t do that. The media is just a huge branch office of the Democrat Party.

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