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RUSH: I think it’s a serious point, folks, what the Democrat Party is doing. The Democrat Party is… Well, I’m not gonna have enough time to say it the way I want to say it. But they’re focusing on the lowest common denominator, the worst in all of us, and trying to make them the voting majority.


RUSH: When you strip it all away, that’s the nub of things. I think that’s what really bothers me. The Democrat Party and their willing accomplices in the media are not only appealing to, they are designing a country for the lowest common denominator among us, the worst in us, rather than the best in us. Now, that’s probably been done before in history, probably a lot of places. It is how tyrants have ruled. But that’s another reason why the United States has been an exception.

This is a country that was founded on the best principles of people. It’s founded and put together assuming the best. It made allowances for the opposite, but it was founded under the premise that the best would rise using the freedom that we were all endowed with by our Creator. The Democrat Party today is not just appealing to that lowest common denominator. We know they do that, just to get their votes.

The Democrat Party’s appealing to but also designing a country for the low-information among us, the lowest common denominator among us, and that’s not a recipe for greatness. It’s a recipe for establishment power. It’s a recipe for ruling class to be able to rule, and it’s a recipe for the ruling class remaining in power, but it’s not a recipe for a great country. It’s a very dangerous thing to do, in fact, especially in a constitutional republic like ours.

The Framers knew and said that a constitutional republic depends on citizens who are educated, informed, well-rounded. When you have a majority of voters who aren’t like that you end up with the kind of people that we’ve been electing recently. You end up with policies like we’re getting. When you have a country that is being constructed and built for people who are not educated and not informed and not well-rounded, what’s gonna happen?

That’s what we’re witnessing here.

There’s no effort to get the best out of anybody. In Barack Obama policies, Democrat Party policies, there’s no effort whatsoever to get the best. All there is is a pandering to the worst. The worst are told that they’re victims. The low-information, the lowest common denominator, the whatever you want to call ’em, they’re the victims. They’re used to have all the money but the rich took it from ’em when they weren’t looking.

They were rich and didn’t even know it!

They’ve been told all these years to hate the rich and hate the achievers and so we have 90 million Americans not working. We’ve shut down the government, and we’re wringing our hands here over 800,000 to 900,000 nonessential employees — nonessential government workers who are gonna get back pay whenever this thing gets back to normal.

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