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RUSH: This is really outrageous on so many levels, buts let’s take it at a base level. The thrust of the story is that there are a lot of poor blacks and single mothers in the South who are black, two-thirds of ’em aren’t gonna have any health care or insurance and it’s because of Republicans. Yes, Republican governors, yes, you see the Republican governors are denying two-thirds of their poor black and single-mother populations health care. That’s what the New York Times says.

Here is the lead sentence, and it prompts an obvious question. Here’s the lead sentence. “A sweeping national effort to extend health coverage to millions of Americans will leave out two-thirds of the poor blacks and single mothers and more than half of the low-wage workers who do not have insurance.”

Well, uh, excuse me, but, uh, what is Obamacare for? How is this in any way the fault of the Republicans? Why did we do Obamacare? Why do we have Medicaid? How can it be a sweeping national effort, the purpose of which was to cover the uninsured? Remember, that’s the primary selling point of Obamacare, plus it’s either gonna be free or a lot cheaper for you. “A sweeping national effort to extend health coverage to millions of Americans will leave out two-thirds of the poor blacks and single mothers.” Yeah? Okay. So why do we have Medicaid? What is Obamacare for? Why are we doing it?

You see, nothing ever seems to get better no matter what we do. I mean, we’ve had poverty program on top of poverty program. We’ve had programs to insure the uninsured. We have treatment guaranteed at emergency rooms. We’ve had the War on Poverty. We’ve had the Great Society. We have transferred trillions of dollars from producers to nonproducers. And nothing ever gets better.

Where does this story come from? How in the world can that be after this wonderful thing called Obamacare? Nothing ever seems to get better. And you know what this really is? In reality, this is probably just part of the regime’s effort to push for single payer. Now that they have Obamacare, guess what? It still is insufficient. Who knew? Despite the biggest hearts in the world, the Democrats, despite all of the compassion in the world, the Democrats, despite all of the caring and all the feeling and despite all the love in the world, the Democrats, nothing is getting better.

We still have poverty. We still have unemployment. We still have all of these economic problems, and we still have two-thirds of black people uninsured. We’ve gotta do more. We have to do more. It’s just not enough. (interruption) Well, what do you mean, go to the exchanges? Well, now, wait a minute. See, this is where you Republicans — see, I’ve got Republicans here on my staff and they’re shouting in my ear, “Well, what about the exchange? What about the exchange?” Typical Republican answer. Heartless, no compassion.

What do you mean, go to the exchange? (interruption) Yes, they can. If they don’t have to a proper ID — and they don’t — how are they gonna get covered at the exchange? You see, the Democrats have made sure they don’t have proper IDs so that they can’t be cheated on when they vote. That’s just one thing. Now, 26 states don’t have any exchanges. Don’t forget that. By virtue of the law, the federal government cannot run an exchange, although Obama cherry-picked that and threw that out, since not every state established an exchange.

But the New York Times headline is: “Millions of Poor Are Left Uncovered by Health Law.” Well, what about Medicaid? It would seem to me that Medicaid’s leaving them out long before Obamacare did if they’re not covered, right? See, the story points out that the Republican governors, because they’re racist pigs, didn’t expand Medicaid, and so these people don’t have access to it. Republicans don’t want anybody to have health care, because the truth is Republicans don’t want anybody to get well. Because the further truth is, Republicans want everybody to die. Because the truth is, Republicans don’t like anybody. And the truth is, if you don’t die on your own, they will figure out a way that somebody else can make you die, because the Republicans hate you.

That’s the message of the past three days and the New York Times has that message on the front page of their paper today. You boil it all down, that’s the message. (interruption) What costs too much? Now, wait, let’s go back to Obamacare 101, ’cause Snerdley is shouting at me. “Wait a minute, you can’t blame the Republicans! The states don’t have enough money and they can’t print their own.” That’s all true. But it never stopped the Democrats, did it? As far as low-information voters are concerned, not having the money never stopped the Democrats, did it? Right. (interruption) Well, yeah, we got Detroit, but what of it? So? It’s still there. They got the Lions, they got the Tigers. What of it? Detroit’s still there.

The Democrats never run outta money. The Democrats never run out of phones. The Democrats never run out of food stamps. Only the Republicans do, see? What do you mean, we don’t have the money for it? That’s no excuse. The Democrats never run out of money. The states can’t print money, I know, but Democrat governors find the money. Democrat governors are willing to go into debt because debt doesn’t really matter. Look at California. They’re in debt. Record debt. But everybody there’s got health care. But Republican governors are just not gonna spend the money, even if they don’t have it, even if they do have it.

I’m being facetious here, folks. This is the message that has been sent and the attitude I just shared with you is the reaction of many voters. “Well, Democrats ever never run out of money. I never hear that excuse from Democrats. They’re always willing to give me health care. Why, they never tell me they’re out of money. And really the only time we’re outta money is when the Republicans won’t let anybody spend it.”

Now, if you go back to the very beginning of Obamacare, one of the problems with it, and that’s what this New York Times story is all about, one of the problems is that the Feds don’t have the money, either, and one of the ways that Obamacare, remember, now, was brought in under that magic number of a trillion dollars. I’m not gonna bother re-explaining why that was the magic number, but it was. In order to sell this, it had to be scored by the CBO as costing less than a trillion dollars, basic same cost as the Iraq war. One of the ways they did that was off-load Medicaid spending to the states. And from the get-go, the states said, “We don’t have this money. We don’t have it until you appropriate it to us.”

And Obamacare said, “We’re not gonna appropriate it to you. You have to come up with the money for Medicaid.” Well, there isn’t any money, folks. And there hasn’t been any money, really, for a long time, and the states cannot print money and so they’re faced with a federal requirement that they handle all Medicaid cases, but they don’t have the money. So the New York Times story today is all about how Republican governors don’t want to spend the money ’cause there’s racist pigs. It’s not the fault of Obamacare. It’s not the fault of Medicaid. It’s the fault of Republicans who refuse to spend the money because they don’t believe in the entitlements. They don’t believe in welfare. They don’t believe in helping the underprivileged. They don’t have any compassion. You know the drill. That’s been the message in the media of the Republican Party for I don’t know how long. And the New York Times has it on their front page.


RUSH: The current Medicaid program, just so you know, missed 14 million people. I don’t know how that’s possible. Medicaid’s to cover the poor. This is before Obamacare.

All this points out is, folks, Dingy Harry, with that really mean answer to Dana Bash, that answer of his was all the evidence you need that we ought not be giving this kind of power to people in government, number one. Number two, it is true to say nothing ever works, nothing’s ever enough. No matter what we spend on welfare, the New York Times is never satisfied. No matter what program. Obamacare, for all intents and purposes, socialized medicine, front page New York Times today: It’s not enough. And what it all means is they are incompetent. Their ideas do not work. Their compassion is meaningless. It doesn’t translate into relief. The people depending on liberals are still living miserable lives. Nothing changes. And no matter what they get and no matter what they do, it still isn’t enough, because it never works.

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