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RUSH: Let’s get into this AP Stack now, the AP Polling Stack. It’s just amazing that with everything going on, the vast majority of the news out there today is polls. Oh, and the continuing failure of the rollout of Obamacare! How many people do you think have signed up? It’s 51,000! Just 51,000! Do you realize how many millions of people we’re going to have to find and fine? Fifty-one thousand, folks. That’s not even a thimbleful in compared to the US population. It’s an outright disaster.

By the way, given the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll today out there in establishment Republican enclaves, the theory or the strategy is just: “Let’s not do anything. This is going to implode. It can’t possibly work. Let’s just sit back and let this thing fall on its own weight and let’s stay out of the way so that we don’t get blamed for any of this, otherwise we’re going to lose in 2014 because of Cruz and because of Lee. We’ve got to stop this. It’s a disaster. It can’t possibly work.

“Let the people get mad at the Democrats for this.” That’s the strategy that has once again, I guess you’d say “emerged” in light of the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. Which, you know, it’s tempting to call bogus. The sample is skewed in a number of ways, and we know who did the poll and we know where they live; we know what their desires are. But then again, I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot of success in running around trying to convince low-information voters that the poll is bogus.

They’re just going to believe it, like they believe everything else that they’re told. So from the AP Polling Stack, here’s the headline: “Americans Find Little to Like in Washington — Americans are finding little that they like about Obama or either political party according to a new poll that suggests the possibility of a ‘Throw the bums out’ mentality in next year’s midterms. The AP poll finds few people approve of the way the president is handling most major issues, and most people say he’s not decisive, he’s not strong, not honest, not reasonable, not inspiring.”

That’s in an AP poll today, which you are not hearing about.


“Americans are finding little they like about President Barack Obama or either political party, according to a new poll that suggests the possibility of a ‘throw the bums out’ mentality in next year’s midterm elections.” There’s no way that any poll says that. This is just editorializing, opinionating, and extrapolating. They didn’t ask you the question, “Well, do you feel like throwing the bums out?”

I don’t care how you divvy it up, I don’t care how you slice it up, the fact of the matter is that the American people are fed up with Washington. They’re just fed up. They’re fed up with Obama. They’re fed up with the Democrats. They’re fed up with the Republicans. They’re fed up with everything. Nothing works. The difference is the Democrats get away with good intentions.

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