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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, whatever you think you know, you don’t know how bad it is. You do not know. I did not know — well, I suspected it. You don’t know how incompetent Obama is. You really don’t know don’t know. This is breathtaking, what has been learned recently by me and others.

As was the case yesterday, a lot of stuff popping. These hearings that are going on this morning with the contractors of the website. “Well, blame them. We did everything we could, blame them.” This is the root. These hearings are the root of Obama’s real incompetence. It’s breathtaking. I’ll give you a little hint. He can’t even design a system that is supposed to fail. (laughing) It’s just too good, folks.


RUSH: Now, according to CBS MarketWatch, the regime will delay enforcement of the personal mandate extending how long Americans may go uninsured before facing a penalty under –” all of this is moot now. If you do not get a tax refund, all this is moot. Senate Democrats, Dana Bash, CNN, we got it coming up with the audio sound bites. Senate Democrats up for reelection unanimously want to delay the individual mandate ’til January 2015, after the election. Yes. You heard right. They want to delay the individual mandate.

Now, just last week, folks, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, me, anybody suggesting that the individual mandate be delayed, to be fair with the corporate mandate, what were we called? Terrorists, the equivalent of the KKK, racist, crazy, extremist kooks, mean-spirited hatemongers. Bomb throwers. Hostage takers. Extortionists. Nazis. Just last week, those of us who reasonably said to the president, who said he’s willing to listen to all offers, “Well, since the employer mandate’s been delayed for a year, let’s even things out, let’s delay the individual mandate for a year.”

You’re extortionists. You’re hostage-taking. I’m not gonna sit here and negotiate with ransom demands, Obama said. One week later, when elected Democrats up for reelection want to do it, now we’re going to do it for the American people. (interruption) Oh, what do I mean by Obama’s so incompetent he can’t — well, that’s easy. Let me ‘splain this to you. We all know, and this is further evidence today. We all know. (interruption) Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve got sound bites from the hearings. Just sit tight. I’m in the middle of something. Jeez. Folks, I’m really trying to stay focused for you. I am so excited to tell you things, and others are excited to hear me say things, that they want it now. But I gotta say it when I’m ready.

This is up tap now. We’ve all known that this thing’s designed to fail, to implode, to just create mass chaos and confusion, so as to facilitate what? Single payer. So much chaos. Part and parcel of this you’ve got to take the private sector insurance industry out so that they are not an option when this thing bombs out, and that’s being done. The point of my monologue yesterday was we’ve got an entire industry now which, by way of deceit and lies, has been savaged, they are canceling. Just two outfits cancels 460,000 policies in one week and the news isn’t talking about that. They’re talking about the hearings and stuff today. We’re not gonna let that go.

But the fact is, in order to get to single payer, you have to remove all other options at the same time you’re having Obamacare fail. And when Obamacare fails, it has to fail — and this is where Obama’s screwing up. And I love it. I love it. The whole idea is for the system to fail, not to work so that the left can come in and say, “Single payer, single payer. Here’s the fix, let’s just everybody go to the government. That’s it, the government will take care of everything. We’ll get the insurance companies out of this, and we’ll get the states out of it, and we’ll get the exchanges out of it, and we’ll just go single payer. Let’s let the government do it after all the other options have been eliminated.”

Now, to pull that off, what do you need? You have to design the failure. Now, some of you might think something like this, this big, this encompassing, will fail on its own, and, yeah, it probably would. But you still have to have hands-on on the failure because you’ve gotta make sure that when it fails, the right people get blamed. And this is what Obama can’t even do. You have to competently, in an evil mastermind kind of way, design the failure so that it looks like it’s the fault of who? The insurance companies, the hospitals, the doctors, the pharmacies, and of course the Republicans. Everybody except government.

Everybody but government must be blamed for it not working if government’s going to be the solution. But Obama is apparently too incompetent to even do that. Obama has managed both — (laughing) sorry to laugh. I know it’s not, at the end of the day, funny. Obama has managed to design — (laughing) — pardon me. Sniffles now. Not crying; I’m mirthful here. Obama has designed a total bomb of a system. And at the same time — (laughing) — he’s done it in such a way that the government is being blamed for it. It’s the government. Well, it’s HealthCare.gov that screwed up. It’s Obamacare that screwed up. It isn’t the insurance companies being blamed for this. It isn’t the Republicans. It isn’t the hospitals. It isn’t the pharmacies. It isn’t anybody. It’s the government.

Everybody, the news media, everybody is dutifully falling in line here saying, “What can the government do to fix this? What did the government do wrong here?” I’m hearing a lot of people pick up my theme from Tuesday about how could so many people let down an inspirational leader like Obama? Why weren’t people in there chugging to make him look good? Anyway, so what Obama has done here — (laughing) — Obama has managed, he’s accomplished the exact opposite of what he intended. People are coming to the common-sense conclusion that government can’t do this.

So, in that sense, why, then, when it fails would anybody reasonably say, “Well, let’s let the government do it.” ‘Cause the government is who’s screwing this up. And therein lies, I think, a brilliantly conceived, flawlessly executed explanation of the just raging incompetence of Obama. You gotta design a failure. You have to design the failure so that your enemies get the blame, and with the media on his side, I mean, how could he fail here? But he did. And there are reasons. There are explanations for that.


RUSH: I can’t believe how rapidly the days are going by. Now, I want to make another observation here. I want to build on the point here that Obama — remember, my thinking on this traces back to, I was in California at dinner with a guy, he said, “Rush, let’s stop going after Obama on the fact he’s a liberal and a leftist and a socialist. What about incompetence? The guy’s an absolute incompetent boob. If you give him every benefit of the doubt, he’s just a boob, he’s incompetent.”

That stuck with me. So here’s Obama — he still, we know it’s not even arguable. They want this to fail. They want single payer. Obama said it, Pelosi, Reid, Hillary, Clinton himself, they’ve all dreamed of this, and they’ll never be able to legislate it. The American people wouldn’t accept that if proposed and voted on, but if it’s the last resort to save something that’s so screwed up, then, yeah, they’ll go for it.

But you have to screw it up first. You have to design the screw up. You have to design an absolute failure, and they’ve done that. But the one thing they screwed up, in order for the government to be the outpost of solution and salvation, the blame for the screw up cannot go to government. It’s gotta go to everybody else: doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, Republicans. And everybody’s blaming government. Everybody’s now saying the government’s too big, can’t do it. I mean, if the government can’t handle 400,000 cases at the VA, how in the world are they gonna handle a country full of health care? People are asking these kinds of questions.

So the government, thanks to Obama’s incompetence, does not look like the shining city on a hill of salvation here. And I think this is another occasion where we need to thank Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, because, were it not for them, the public would not even be aware of how much the “Republicans” — I put that in quotes — fought against Obamacare. And I think this is crucially important now, within this context. Obamacare designed to fail, government is the salvation, but that won’t work now because government is being seen as the problem and the blame and the incompetent player here. One of the reasons that’s happening is because Cruz and Lee fought this thing and identified for the public that the, quote, unquote, Republicans fought against this. They are not part of it. Those two led that charge and lead that identity for the Republicans. Attaboys.

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