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RUSH: Okay, so let me ask you a quick question. Have you been watching the Sebelius hearings today? Good. Tell me what you think. Off the top of your head, what is your reaction to what you’re watching? Just tell me. Oh, okay. All right. Okay. So Snerdley says it’s a circus. The Democrats don’t even care how their own people are being affected. That’s exactly right. But I’m getting e-mails, “Boy, this Sebelius, oh, is she looking bad. Oh, my God, it’s embarrassing. Oh, jeez, how stupid.”

And my friends, I’m sorry, but I have a different take. I mean, she does look all that, but are there any Republicans there? There are? Really? I haven’t seen any evidence of it. There’s some Republicans at that hearing? Really? They’ve got a purpose? They’ve got a strategy? Is that right? Really? Well, okay, I’m gonna get into this ’cause it dovetails with what we’re talking about. Everybody’s now caught up in whether Obama knows the details of this or not, and I’m just gonna tell you, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. Mao Tse-tung didn’t know the details, all of them. Neither did Fidel.

I’m just saying these guys have a different agenda. The details don’t matter. The chaos is what’s crucial here, and with every new day of chaos, they’re closer to what they really want, which is single payer. And if the Republicans don’t understand that, they can nail Sebelius all day long and they’re not gonna accomplish anything. That’s all I’m saying.


RUSH: Now before we go to the audio sound bites, let me give you a quick overview, just a quick review of the hearings today, folks, with Kathleen Sebelius. I didn’t hear it all. It’s been on here. I didn’t turn the audio on through all of it, ’cause it’s a distraction. But what I saw alarmed me a little bit. It didn’t seem to me that the Republicans were organized or prepared and the Democrats are.

They’re constantly, always moving their agenda forward. They’re always moving their ideology forward. They always have a plan; they’re always on the attack. We’ve got a gold mine here, and we’re not using it. I didn’t hear a question — and there could have been one asked. I didn’t hear a question about any no-bid contracts. I didn’t hear any Republican say, “Look, if you guys can’t even launch the website, if you guys can’t even get a website up and running, how in the world you gonna run one-sixth of the US economy?”

I didn’t hear any question like that. Did you, Snerdley? I didn’t hear any ideological questions whatsoever. I didn’t hear anything. In fact, one Republican I heard (I don’t remember his name) said, “My constituents want to be able to buy insurance, and you’re making it impossible.” What are you saying, bud? Your constituents do not want them! He was from Texas. I saw that. “My constituents want to be able to buy health insurance and they want to be able to go to your website to do it.”

No, they don’t want to go to this website. What is this guy talking about? It’s very frustrating for me. Sebelius is clearly being hung out to dry here. She is clearly the fall girl. She’s gonna survive. Obama’s not gonna get rid of her. But she’s clearly the punching bag. She was sent out there today to absorb every bit of damage. She’s a sponge. She’s supposed to soak it up and smile and take it. Even at that, she mighta damaged herself, but I don’t know that the Republicans did much damage.

It’s like they’re afraid to. It’s like there’s still a fear of going after Obama, or going after Sebelius, just from the consultant level of the party or whoever’s running the Republican Party. There seems to be some instruction that’s gone out from on high to back off. “Don’t even get close to making it look like it’s personal! Don’t be mean!” I’m at a loss. Well, no. I’m not at a loss to understand it. I know exactly what’s going on. There is no Republican ideology is what is going on.

There is no Republican strategy. There is no ideology. Now, it may well be that there is a strategy. It could well be that whoever came up with this idea that, “Well, this thing’s in the middle of the imploding. Just back out and let it.” Maybe that’s the instruction that’s gone out. “You know, don’t be mean, don’t be critical, ’cause this thing’s imploding itself, and it’ll go down,” and that’s such a big mistake. Because with every new day of chaos, Obama and the Democrats are getting closer to what they want, which is single payer.


A few of ’em gave her hell on the basis of incompetence and the website and this kind of thing? Okay. (interruption) People are losing their policies. Okay. All right. Fine. Well, as I say, I didn’t hear it all. I didn’t hear it all. (interruption) Well, okay, let me ask you this. Snerdley’s here defending some of them. “Well, they went after her.” I guess the question then is, “Okay, people watching this want to scrub it now?” Well, okay. If people watching this do not want to get rid of Obamacare, then this is not a factor.

It’s all I’m saying.

Republicans had a chance here to try to convince people, “We don’t want this. We have to find a way to get rid of it. It’s hurting too many people,” whatever — and if the people watching do not have as a take-away that we want to get rid of this, then no damage done, right? That’s my take on it. You might say the Republicans don’t want to win. I’ve talked to professional athletes about the concept of knowing how to win.

The first one that ever explained it to me in a way that made sense was Danny Ainge of the Phoenix Suns. It’s not enough that you have great talent. It’s not enough that everybody on the team’s great. You’ve got to know how to win. It’s an attitude combined with a desire — and then after you win, you have to want to be in the position of having won without any guilt, without any regrets. It’s the old saw about some people afraid of success because they simply don’t have enough confidence in themselves.

So when they do experience success, what they end up telling themselves is, “It’s not deserved, it’s not warranted,” and therefore it isn’t gonna last. “This isn’t gonna last! It’s not really real. It’s not really success,” and they talk themselves out of it. I think there is a pervasive attitude in the Republican Party right now that they can’t win. They don’t think they can win because of the media, they don’t think they can win because of whatever — and if they don’t think they can win, they’re not gonna try to.

Knowing how to win is a really key thing, and the Democrats don’t have any problems like that. They don’t care. They’ll lie. They’re Alinskyites. They will lie, they’ll make things up, they’ll even hurt their own people in the process, as long as they win what they want — and it is their people, along with everybody else, being hurt by this fiasco. But guess what has been learned? There is, in fact, a pretty big union carve-out in Obamacare where they are not subject to all of the things that are happening right now.

They’ve got their subsidies.

So a big Obama constituency, along with members of Congress and their staff, are exempt. But there are a lot of Democrats being hurt. We’ve had the stories from the news yesterday. Individuals told their stories of how they lost their insurance. Some of these of people are Democrats. A lot of them are. A lot of them voted for Obama, and a lot of them have said they wouldn’t do it again. Democrats don’t care about their own people being hurt here because their objective is to get single payer.

That’s all they care about. That’s their objective. They can see it in front of ’em, and every day that there is new chaos, then they’re that much closer to it. See, I think this ought to be like shooting ducks at a carnival, this hearing. When this day of hearings is over, the American people ought to be rising up demanding this thing be scrubbed. That’s the opportunity we had here, and apparently Republicans don’t look at it that way.

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