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RUSH: I mentioned earlier, folks, that there’s a website, CampusReform.com. They’re out there surveying students, and they’re telling them the truth about things. This is the demographic that voted for Obama. They’re doing great work out there. What they did, they went to a campus, in this case the University of Northern Colorado, and they started asking questions of the students while showing them video of Obama lying about being able to keep your plan if you like it, being able to keep your doctor if you like him, and having your premium reduced $2,500. They’re playing these things. Now they know that it’s not true. You can’t. Everybody knows this now.

So the Campus Reform people, it’s priceless what they’re doing. The looks on these young students’ faces as they learn that they were deceived. And it really, if I may say so, the instances of young, single 20-year-old women when they learn that Dear Leader was deceiving them, when they’re presented with the facts, they’re just shocked.

“Students Say President ObamaÂ’s Handling of Scandals and Obamacare Rollout ‘Deceitful,’ ‘Incompetent’ — President Obama’s healthcare promises were ‘deceitful’ according to students. Explanation of glitches ‘deceitful’ and ‘incompetent’. President acting ‘kind of like a kid would.’ … In an interview with Campus Reform on Wednesday students expressed doubts that Obama has been blind to scandals –” See, that’s another thing that’s happening. They’re now thinking, “Okay, what else did he know about that he lied to us about?” There’s a reason his approval numbers are coming down.

Here’s this from Washington Post. I mean, they’re scratching their heads over there at this. Headline: “ObamaÂ’s Likability Succumbs to Political Gravity.” It’s by Sean Sullivan. Here’s how it begins. “Now, itÂ’s personal. Gone are the days when President Obama could count on the public holding him in high personal regard, even if they donÂ’t like the job heÂ’s doing as president. Americans hold a more negative personal view of Obama for the first time in his presidency in an NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll. Just 41 percent say they have a positive view of the president, while 45 percent say they view him negatively. … The numbers mark a notable shift.”

They also cite a Washington Post-ABC poll that shows a decline in Obama’s personal popularity, and they’re nervous about it at the Washington Post. They’re scratching their heads. They can’t figure it out, really. “The numbers mark a notable shift. For most of his presidency, ObamaÂ’s personal popularity has outpaced his job approval rating. The publicÂ’s attitude has generally been akin to: ‘Well, he may not be doing a terrific job, but I still like the guy.'” This is what gave birth to the Limbaugh Theorem. People say, “I don’t like the direction the country’s going and I don’t like his policies but, boy, is the guy doing a great job.” How in the world can this be? And of course there’s a racial component to it, can’t take that out of the equation, it’s always gonna be there.

But the other factor is, Obama was never seen as governing. He was never really seen as responsible or accountable because every day that he was seen he was out on the campaign trail campaigning against all this stuff that he was actually making happen. But my theory, the Limbaugh Theorem is that Obama positioned himself as an outsider, not attached to anything that’s happening. The things that he has made happen, his policies, he positions himself as opposed to and against them. He makes it look like he’s fighting for everybody else to overcome all these things that he has done. He goes out and fights against the very policies he’s enacting, and it creates the illusion, with a compliant media, that somebody else is doing that stuff. He’s out there and he’s mad about it. He’s mad that we haven’t created jobs sooner we have. He’s mad that we’re not out of the recession.

He’s mad about all this stuff, and people say, “This guy’s out there fighting for me.” That’s one of the reasons why the constant campaign, is to create the optics that he’s not governing, doesn’t appear to be governing so he doesn’t appear to be part of Washington. He appears to have this mysterious, powerful bunch of forces that are opposing him, the Republicans. They’re stopping him from creating jobs. They’re stopping him from giving people proper health care. They’re stopping him from making their home values go up. And he’s constantly out there fighting them. And he does it by constantly campaigning and never seem to be governing, but now all that’s fading away because it is his, and he’s being proven now to have lied.

Now Obama is seen as governing, and now the press is noticing, and now the president’s approval numbers are plummeting. If this kind of media honesty had been going on the past five years, I’m telling you today: He would not have been reelected. If when Obama in 2010… Remember the Tea Party came to life because of all the debt and because of Obamacare? If the media had told the truth then — what they knew then and know now, that you weren’t gonna be able to keep your doctor — can you imagine?

Obama goes out and makes one of those appearances at a college campus, and he says over and, “If you like your doctor, you get to keep him, and if you like your plan, nobody can take that away.” If the press had said, “The president today lied to college students because, by definition, you won’t be able to keep your plan,” can you imagine the different place we would be today? But the Limbaugh Theorem explains why none of that honesty happened.

It was because advancing the leftist agenda, no matter how, is all that mattered — and they’ve done it. Now we’ve got Obamacare, and now people are learning after the fact that Obama lied and was deceitful and is incompetent. People that voted for him — young people, people all across the spectrum — are learning it, and now the media is reporting it. So the Limbaugh Theorem is being borne out. But it really is frustrating, because all of this could have been known by the mass population three years ago.

It could have been known long ago.

We need not have had to go through all of this.

We need not be where we are.

But we are.

It says here in the Washington Post, “Obama’s personal popularity has carried him through tough times and was no doubt an asset for him in the 2012 election. While things may turn around for the president, the current trend does not look good for him. There doesn’t appear to be any one overarching reason, policy or political decision to explain the drop in Obama’s popularity, say the NBC-WSJ pollsters. More likely, it’s a combination of time and recent political crises like Syria, NSA surveillance, glitches with the health-care law rollout…”

They really think, at the Washington Post, there isn’t a singular explanation for this. They really think it’s just a culmination of things. (imitating) “Oh, it’s so unfortunate. The president may never, ever be able to recover from this no matter how hard we try to help him.” I think the exposure of his tactic for avoiding responsibility by the Limbaugh Theorem has clearly been a factor because it’s being borne out here. But you people in the media, let me help you out.

During the government shutdown when The Mall could not be used by anybody and Obama opens it up for an illegal alien rally for amnesty, you don’t understand how that literally frosts people all over this country? You have no idea, do you? You have no idea how big this lie is, “You get to keep your plan.” You have no idea the impact of people with this stupid rollout back home. You have no idea how important health care is people, and now they find out that the people they trusted to be in charge of it have no clue what they’re doing.

There are people scared to death, and they are — in droves each and every day — coupled with people who are as mad as they can be about all of this. And you sit there still inside the Beltway and say, “Ah, there’s not one thing that we can figure out to explain why Obama’s likability is falling.” I bet you can’t because you worked so hard to keep it up. You’re wondering why, all of a sudden, are people not paying attention to you.

It’s ’cause they can finally see the truth.

I really think the exposure of the Limbaugh Theorem has been sort of like pulling the curtain back on the Wizard of Oz.

RUSH: Peter in Morristown, New Jersey. I’m glad you called. Great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you? It’s been 23 years I’ve been trying to get in touch about you.

RUSH: Well, here you are.

CALLER: Here I am. Well, let me tell you, as I was telling Snerdley yesterday — and see, he was kind enough to call me back today — you know when you go on the Obamacare website and you are under 30-some years of age? Those are the people that Obamacare really needs, ’cause they’re gonna finance the whole thing, the young people that put no demand on the system.

RUSH: Yeah, dream on. You know, they’re forgetting that those people don’t have any income. They don’t have any jobs.

CALLER: Well, the other thing that they don’t have is they don’t have a credit rating, and the funny thing is the identity verification system that’s done on the Obamacare website was hooked into the Experian database. So when you go on and they go to Experian to find out if you’re a real person, you get a line that says, “Your identity wasn’t verified. You won’t be able to submit your application for health care coverage until your identity is verified.”

RUSH: Hold it. They use your credit rating to learn whether you really exist?

CALLER: They go to the Experian database, which is a credit-reporting service, to see if you exist.

RUSH: Okay. I don’t owe anybody anything so that’s why I don’t know about that.

CALLER: Yeah, but you probably borrowed at one time or other in your life or have a credit or maybe had a mortgage.

RUSH: Yes, there’s no question. There’s no question.

CALLER: Thirty-five and under, it’s only about 50/60% of these people that have any type of credit whatsoever. So that means 40% to 50% of ’em don’t exist as far as the United States government and Obamacare are concerned.

RUSH: Wait a second, is that —

CALLER: That’s true.

RUSH: You’re telling me that people in this target demographic, 40 to 50% of ’em are not gonna be recognized by the system?

CALLER: That’s right. They’re told to call the Experian Health Test in order to get verified and the Experian Health Line is jammed. It hangs up and says, “Sorry, too much call volume. We’ll get to you later.” It has the same problem as the Obamacare help line, and then when you finally get through they say, “You know, there’s a manual way to do it that the government can do to you, so call HealthCare.gov, and see if you can get it from them.” It’s a vicious cycle.

RUSH: Yeah, but that just starts the cycle repeating again. If you call HealthCare.gov, they refer you.

CALLER: Right. Some of them are getting e-mails, because they’ve gotten far enough to put an e-mail address in, and they get an e-mail that says, “You have a notice about your ID verification,” but there’s no place to respond to the notice.

RUSH: All right. Now, we were told that at the outset here because the system — and this is before the rollout, by the way. This is before everybody knew what a mess this was, because they were running behind. We were told that for the first year there weren’t going to verify incomes for subsidies for anybody, and it was basically the honor system.

CALLER: We were told every day would be Christmas, too, you know?

RUSH: Well, I know. So you’re saying that’s BS?

CALLER: That’s BS. They’re verifying your identity, and you cannot complete your application unless their database verifies your identity, and the database they’re using is Experian, and Experian only has people in it that have debt.

RUSH: Is that right?

CALLER: That’s right. This is the segment of the marketplace that this thing depends upon.

RUSH: There’s no way… That’s not a glitch. There’s no way to fix that. If you’re right about this, there’s no way to fix that.

CALLER: No. Do you really think they wanted this to work?

RUSH: Well, no.

CALLER: I got one other point. You made a great point, Rush. You made a superior point today when you were talking about all the lies and how big it is. But it’s bigger than you think. President Obama stopped being president the minute this was launched and he became Spokesman Barack Obama.

RUSH: Right. I gotta pause there. ‘Cause I am sadly out of time. Hang on.


RUSH: We return now to Peter in Morristown, New Jersey. You started on something interesting and I ran out of time. You were saying I was more right than I knew about something and you had just run out of time. You said that Obama ceased being president and became the Obamacare spokesman. Where are you going with that?

CALLER: Well, you know, this big lie when he was running for president and running for reelection, and he was pitching a policy — you know, politicos can say anything they want without being held accountable. But once he became the advertising spokesperson for a legitimate product that’s being sold to the public through a website and is distributing private companies’ products (the insurance companies’ products and their own products through the website), he’s subject to the same Federal Trade Commission rules as everybody else.

Now he’s a deceptive advertising practicer.

Now he’s somebody who is defrauding purchasers.

Now he’s somebody who is pulling bait-and-switch.

I spent 40 years in marketing, so I know what I’m talking about. This guy, you should start calling him — refer to him from now on as — Obamacare Spokesperson Barack Obama, because that’s what he is. He’s nothing but a pitchman now for a real product that should come under the same rules and regulations as every other product in the country. Hell, they just put that guy up in Minnesota or Michigan who was doing some health care product in jail, and charged him $18 million for deceptive advertising practices.

This isn’t right.

RUSH: Well, I do have to acknowledge one thing: He does own it now. That is the big transformation that has occurred. He has escaped where he was safe. He was safe within the Limbaugh Theorem. He was safe on college campuses arguing against all this stuff that he’d caused, arguing against his own policies but making it look like other people were doing this bad stuff and he was fighting and he was trying to make it better for people. When he was doing that, he was never held accountable for anything he was doing.

He was always detached from it, never seen as governing. You’re right. Now he’s the spokesman, and he did it himself. He attached himself to Obamacare, not just with the name. He was out touting the benefits, and he lied, and it was major. I don’t know where it’s gonna go. I wish there was some more fight and push-back from the acknowledged other party, but you talk about a scam or a bait-and-switch? This is one of the biggest ones in history, and this is on a presidential level, folks.

You’re getting close to LBJ and Vietnam territory here, because that bunch — LBJ and his collection of best and brightest — was lying through their teeth about Vietnam and a number of things. One of the reasons why LBJ didn’t run for reelection in ’68 is because he had lost all connection with the American people. He had lost their respect, and remember Walter Klondike of CBS Evening News? Cronkite. Walter Cronkite. When he said whatever, reported on I think it was the My Lai Massacre.

No, it wasn’t My Lai. It was the Tet Offensive, which actually was a success but the media reported it as a big failure. LBJ was sitting there watching while pulling the dog’s ears. (You know, that’s what he liked to do. He mistreated his beagles, and they got a picture of that, too.) So LBJ says, “Well, I’ve lost Klondike. That means I’ve lost the country.” But there is an equivalent. Obama’s not gonna sit there and say, “Gee, I’ve lost Chuck Todd; I’ve lost the country. Gee, I’ve lost Scott Pelley; I’ve lost the country.”

I mean, that isn’t gonna happen. But he does own this, there’s no question. Now, speaking of that, let’s listen to how the White House is handling this. Grab sound bite… Let’s see here. Da-da-da-da. Number 10 and eleven. Let’s go to the spokeskid. Keep in mind I want to take you back to the first hour. Ninety-three million people were not going to be able to keep their plans. The government knew it. It was in the Federal Register. This is all over the news now.

NBC reported it and then they tried to hide it and then they brought it back. It’s like all of the government knew. The administration knew in 2010 that 93 million Americans wouldn’t be able to keep their health care plan, would not be able to keep their doctor. Folks, this is so bad. I mean, this is such a lie. This isn’t just an ordinary, make-a-promise-and-don’t-fulfill-it kind of lie. This is huge.

This was purposeful, practiced deceit that led to a fraudulent reelection result that would have never happened had the truth been known. If Obama’s out there saying, “You get to keep your plan and you get to keep your doctor,” and the press was saying, “No, you will not,” he was finished, but that didn’t happen. So you ask, “How are they dealing with it?”

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