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RUSH: So I’m in a meeting yesterday afternoon at home, a friend came by, hadn’t seen the friend in a while. And in the middle of the meeting the phone starts going nuts. It starts ringing, and my phone never rings ’cause nobody ever calls me because they know I don’t use the phone to talk. But it started ringing. And then it started beeping, going nuts, the texts coming. I said, “What in the world’s going on?”

So I excused myself from my friend that was irritated that I was excusing myself. And it turns out that everybody was calling to let me that know we had hit number one on the New York Times list for November 17th. They always work a couple of weeks in advance. I remember that from my first books. Now, it’s number one on the children’s list. It would be number one on the real list, except they don’t put kids’ books on the real list anymore because — well, it’s not the real list. It’s the adult book list because the Harry Potter books dominated that list for so long that the New York Times said, “To hell with this,” and so they’ve created the children’s list and we are numero uno there.

And folks, I have to tell you how excited that we all are. Knowing that this is being well received by all of you and is getting out there, it just means the world to me that it is being accepted the way it is and snapped up. The kids’ e-mail that we’re getting, the fan mail, Liberty, the talking traveling horse, it’s just over the top. It’s the best way of having kids without having kids I have ever found. In fact, what we’re thinking of doing, I don’t know when, but we’re thinking of doing, on Open Line Friday, just an hour or two of kids’ calls. Because that’s part of what we’re trying to do here is spread the goodness of this program, the values of this program to as many people and demographic groups as we can.

I don’t think we’re gonna do it tomorrow. Snerdley, you don’t have to worry about screening calls from kids, but we’re thinking about doing this on an Open Line Friday. But I gotta tell you, folks, it means the world to me, and I really do hope that Rush Revere and Liberty and all the characters are some of the tools that end up being used to fight back and reclaim patriotism among the youths of America. I mean, this is the purpose of the book, is to tell them the truth about the founding of their country and to make them proud of it and to counter what they’re being taught, in many cases. And we do it in a positive, fun, storytelling yet educational way: Rush Revere.

I’m just gonna let you know, Rush Revere and Liberty, this is just the beginning, folks. It’s just the beginning. That’s as much as I’m gonna say. So thank you. It’s number one on the kids’ list, and it’ll be there for a while now. It’s just incredible. And again, the fact that it’s being received so well by everybody and getting out there just means the world to us, ’cause I didn’t do this just to write another book. I’ve been there, done that. There’s an avowed purpose here, and it’s working.

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