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RUSH: I got an e-mail. “Rush, why are the employer-provided policies going to be canceled starting next year?” The answer to that’s simple, folks. It’s because of the employer mandate delay. You remember that Obama delayed the employer mandate? Starting next year, the employer-provided policies will come up against Obamacare, and they will be found to be illegal, just like the private insurance plans that people are losing now.

The Regime and everybody in the media (other than The Politico), again, are trying to convince everybody that this is it. “It’s just 5%, 15 million people. I mean, big whoop. I mean, any major change, you’re gonna have some fallout.” In the first place, it isn’t 5%, it’s 8%, which is the equivalent of 25 million. But then there are 150 million-plus people with employer-provided health insurance who will start to be canceled, begin to be canceled starting next year.

It would have been this year except there was the delay of the employer mandate for election purposes and other political reasons. So that shoe is going to drop, and it’s gonna make what is happening now look like Romper Room. It’s just going to keep getting worse. The longer we go, the more time passes, events will unfold in such a way that you think you’ve got the worst behind you and something brand-new pops up. I mean, this is devastating, this whole Obamacare thing.

The vast majority of people haven’t yet even discovered how bad it is.

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