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RUSH: His Madeleine in Atascadero, California. Hi, Madeleine. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Yes, thank you. Atascadero, California. I have two quick points. First, another reason to keep the JFK anniversary in the news right now is today is the 35th anniversary of drinking the Kool-Aid, the Jonestown massacre, 35 years ago today during —

RUSH: Oh, yeah. I remember. Jim Jones and the boys, yeah.

CALLER: Yep. Yes. So that anniversary is today. The second quick point is in your book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, the young man who was washed overboard and then rescued, John Howland —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — another one of his descendants is Sarah Palin. I researched it ’cause I’m also a descendant, and so I went online —

RUSH: You are the second descendant —


RUSH: — of John Howland who’s called us.

CALLER: They had big families back then. There’s probably millions of us.

RUSH: And Howland lived longer than anybody else on the Mayflower, lived to be 80.

CALLER: A lot of them lived long. But I researched, I went in and did a search on famous descendants of the Mayflower and put in John Howland, and Sarah Palin is one of my cousins. Maybe 10 or 12 times removed, but hey.

RUSH: This is just all amazing. We now have two descendants of one of the stars of our book. Well, not the star, but a prominent character, John Howland. Well, Madeleine, thank you. I appreciate the call. I’m fascinated to hear this.

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