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RUSH: By the way, one more global warming story. Just one more. It’s about the Russian global warming research vessel that went down to the Antarctic area to find melting ice. I’m not kidding. A bunch of global warming scientists had an expedition to Antarctica (the South Pole, for those of you in Rio Linda) to document melting ice in Antarctica because of global warming. As you know, they got stuck. They got stuck so bad that it took ChiCom and American rescue ships to get them out.

You know, this has to be a real dilemma for Obama.

The United States is the ultimate rescuer of these people because the ChiCom rescuers got stuck, and the New Zealand or Australia, whoever, the other ones got stuck, and it took the United States Coast Guard to go down there and get them. And that’s gotta be embarrassing because it portrays us as the superpower. And that flies in the face of the Obama agenda.

At any rate, the environmentalist wackos, I kid you not, are now calculating the number of trees that must be planted in order to compensate for all of the greenhouse gases produced by the rescue vessels. We have the original stuck expedition ship. Then we had the ChiCom rescue ship. Then we had the Australian rescue ship, the New Zealand rescue ship, and we had the United States rescue ship, and that’s a whole lot of global warming because of greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, fossil fuel engines in those boats. And so the environmentalist wackos are now calculating how many thousands of trees will have to be planted to offset the carbon footprint of the prolonged rescue effort, which is not yet over, by the way.

Isn’t this a great thing? All you have to do to get rid of your guilt is start planting trees. Man, what a great thing. You go out and you pollute and you create global warming and you cause all kinds of greenhouse gases, and then to fix it you just go out and plant trees. The fanatics say they need to plant 5,000 trees to offset the carbon emissions used to rescue them. Five thousand. This is lunacy. This is absolute, total lunacy. But you know this is how Algore gets around his excessive carbon footprint.

There are phony tree planting charities that you can donate to. They don’t plant trees; they just say they do. They send you documentation they planted X-number of trees somewhere with the money you send them, and that gets you off the hook for using more than your share, or producing more than your share of greenhouse gases. So 5,000 trees, and that’s all it takes, 5,000 trees will wipe out whatever global warming damage the rescue effort did.


RUSH: I have a quick question. How many trees do you have to plant to offset the stupidity of people planting 5,000 trees to account for the carbon footprint of the rescue effort of the lunatics that went down to study melting ice at the Antarctic?


Here’s Eric in Rockville, Maryland. Hi, Eric. Glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush? I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been down to Antarctica.

RUSH: You have?

CALLER: Yes, I have. I was in the Coast Guard from ’75 to ’79. I made a trip to the winter north and the summer south. And let me tell you, if it’s freezing down there in the summertime and they got stuck, I guess the ice is growing.

RUSH: Yeah, that is a fascinating observation. It is summertime in the southern hemisphere, and Antarctica’s in the southern hemisphere, right?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: And that would mean that it’s theoretically not as cold down there in the summer as it is in the winter, and yet the ice is not melting. In fact, more of the planet is covered by ice today than — I forget. None of it’s melting.


RUSH: None of the global warming predictions are happening.

CALLER: I’ll tell you, Rush, when we were down there breaking McMurdo Sound open to replenish the base we actually played football on the ice in T-shirts, and that was during the summertime.

RUSH: What was the outside temperature?

CALLER: Oh, I think it was like in the forties, fifties. It could get hot up there, you know, during the summertime every once in a while. But yet when I worked for the Navy down there I helped load a C-130 to supply the magnetic South Pole, the geographic South Pole —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — and we couldn’t get there because it was a whiteout.

RUSH: A whiteout?

CALLER: A whiteout.

RUSH: What do you mean, no black people?

CALLER: Yeah, the snowstorm was slamming at the South Pole.

RUSH: Oh, a snowstorm.


RUSH: Oh. Oh.

CALLER: And that’s during the summertime.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s bad. What is the Coast Guard doing in Antarctic? I’ve always wondered that. I mean, we don’t own it, it isn’t ours, and I haven’t seen — well, I guess there’s a coast there, but what does the Coast Guard do there?

CALLER: Well, we have the only icebreakers in the service. The Navy doesn’t have ’em. They gave ’em all to the Coast Guard.

RUSH: Right. I didn’t know that.

CALLER: So we’d have to break the ice open and generally we’d use two icebreakers to break it open. We have the Burton Island down at the north one which —

RUSH: Look, I’ve only got a minute here, but is an icebreaker, is it able to ’cause it’s got a much bigger engine and more power than a standard boat, or is it the way the boat’s made that makes it an icebreaker?

CALLER: It’s the way the boat’s made. It’s got a roundish hull. It’s like a football thrown in the water. You get little waves going, and you can roll that thing big time.

RUSH: Okay. So it doesn’t take, necessarily, a bigger, more powerful engine?

CALLER: Well, it’s got some big engines, too. I mean, the blades are a pretty good size, and that’s why the round hull to funnel the ice that you are breaking away from the props.

RUSH: I’ve often wondered that about icebreakers.

CALLER: Oh, it’s fun. It’s fun. It’s not your normal ship, let me tell you. You get into some rough weather, and it rolls and it rocks really bad.

RUSH: Well, it sounds like you had a phenomenal experience. I mean, I can’t imagine going to Antarctica and playing football in a T-shirt.

CALLER: I like to tell people, Rush, that I’m bipolar. I’ve been to both the North and South areas.

RUSH: (laughing) Bipolar.

CALLER: Played football.

RUSH: See, there you go making fun of people. That’s exactly what’s happening, the coarsening of America. You call here and make fun of bipolar people. I’m ashamed that you got through.

George in Lynchburg, Virginia. You’re next. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Thank you. You know, George Will may be right, though. When I worked in Germany during the 1980s we had an expression, “If you want your kid to be a socialist, send them to an American university. If you want them to be a capitalist, send them to the University of Moscow.” He would see what socialism was really like in Russia. He would not see what capitalism was like in an American university.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: It was just an expression. Mega dittos from the Tea Party in sunny, warm Lynchburg, Virginia.

RUSH: Hey, you like rubbing it in, don’t you?

CALLER: That’s right. Ha-ha.

RUSH: You know what the temperature is where we are today? You want to know what it is? It’s 80. You look at all those wind chill maps, and we aren’t even on them. We don’t even have a color. We’re not purple, we’re not blue, we’re not anything. We’re 80 degrees today, and here you call. I wasn’t even gonna mention it, but here you call and you start rubbing it in.

CALLER: We’re going down to zero tonight, by the way.

RUSH: Well, see, that’s the price you pay.

CALLER: You mentioned a minute ago about Obamacare being blamed on talk radio. Did you know that every shooter in the mass murders had one thing in common, and that was none of them were known to have listened to talk radio, and maybe that’s the way to predict violent behavior, somebody who doesn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: I like that. Folks, he’s absolutely right about that. But in every case, the media looked for a link to either me or the Tea Party or what have you.

CALLER: You know, we’ve predicted Obamacare. I mean, when you did. We’re just in lockstep with the truth, and you are, too, and the thing is we predicted what would happen to Obamacare. Can I talk to you about my niece who’s on the Coast Guard ice cutter, the Polar Star? They’re heading on an emergency mission down to Antarctica right now. There are ships down there, the Russians and the Chinese that the Russians took in the global warming expedition?

They were 13 miles out in open water, and all of a sudden they’re caught in ice, and now the ice is so bad it looks like it could actually crush the ships that are out there. When I was down to South America a couple years ago during what should have been the growing season, it was so unseasonably cold that crops were failing. Down in the south I know they’re not experiencing any global warming. Well, this Polar Star has three diesel engines and three gas turbine engines. It produces over 100,000 horsepower, and it can break through 30 feet of solid ice.

RUSH: Wow. A hundred thousand horsepower. And your niece is on it?

CALLER: Yes, she’s an officer in the Coast Guard. We’re just so proud of her. She’s a real no nonsense, beautiful girl who is just trying to protect the environment. I went to her graduation at the Coast Guard Academy last spring.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: Joe Biden was the commencement speaker, and he was telling the Coast Guard, “Not only are you gonna do what the old Coast Guard is known for, and that is interdict drugs and terrorism and so on, but now you have to contend with manmade global warming,” and you could watch the cadets, their eyes were rolling. It was sort of like, “What is this?”

RUSH: Well, they are gonna have to. I mean, the people that run the… Hell, the Army’s out there saying global warming poses one of the greatest threats to national security! I mean, they’re all in it. They’re all in it. Well, congratulations. That’s great to know about your niece, that you know somebody on this ship going down to rescue these lunatics. Somebody has to do it. I mean, they’re human beings. My question is, how many trees are we gonna have to plant to competent for the stupidity of these people on board the expedition?

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