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RUSH: You know some of the things the left is really worried about in America right now? I kid you not. We had a lot fun talking about the French president Francois Hollande who is in the middle of a love triangle. The mother of his children lives with him. No, he’s living with his mistress, and the French president is beginning to ditch liberal economic policies.

This is a guy kind of like de Blasio. He came into office and he was singing all these wonderful stories about all the great socialism he was gonna do. He was gonna soak it to the rich and he was gonna finally turn France into this great socialist utopia. It was always meant to be. And since his election about all he’s done is tax increases. That’s the extent of it. He’s raised taxes as a means of fixing France’s finances. But the French economy isn’t growing! It isn’t working.

The tax increases on the rich aren’t making the middle class richer, and they aren’t ramping up the French economy. And so the French president, Francois Hollande, is beginning to ditch his liberal economic policies. And the left in this country is upset about that and they’re upset about his love triangle. I’ve got it coming up in the audio sound bites. You’ll hear it. They say it’s giving socialism a bad — or could, it could give socialism bad name. I kid you not. You will hear the sound bite. Let me check. No, I’ll get to it in a minute. There’s too much to go through here. But I think they go ask Sally Quinn about it, as the official Washington hostess. I know I’ve got a Sally Quinn sound bite. I think that’s what it’s about. If not, I’ll find out soon enough.

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