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RUSH: Here’s Carrie in Santa Maria, California. You know, Santa Maria, California, was one of the first places I went on the Rush to Excellence Tour when this show started 25 years ago. I’ll never forget. How are you doing, Carrie?

CALLER: I’m great.

RUSH: Well, thank you for calling.

CALLER: I delivered some books today to my daughter’s classroom. We received a class set from you of the Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims and I delivered that class set to my daughter’s class today, and I wanted to thank you for sending those to her.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad. You know what we did, folks? At the TwoIfByTea.com website is the Rush Revere portal, the adventures of Rush Revere, and I mentioned on the air a couple times that we were gonna donate a bunch of copies of the book with some American classics as well, and we asked people to send short little essays explaining why their school deserved it, and we were overwhelmed. It was impossible to pick a few, so we just tried to answer them all. So we ended up donating a tremendous number of books, and you happened to get some. So that’s great. I’m glad that you got through. I’m happy to hear that. How were they received by the school?

CALLER: Very well. My daughter’s teacher is conservative, and her husband is a big fan of yours, too, so when we took the books in it’s great because she’s in fifth grade and they study American history, and that’s right where they are in that unit. So it’s pretty exciting that the book will tie in with the curriculum that they’re working on right now.

RUSH: That’s awesome. That is just superb. Look, how old is your daughter?

CALLER: She’s 10.

RUSH: She’s 10. Okay. Now, when we finish here I want you to hold on because I want Mr. Snerdley to get an address. I want to send you — we’ve got this cute little thing that we call Ted-Tea Bear. It’s a white little teddy bear, but, since it’s part of Two If By Tea, we call it Ted-Tea Bear, and it’s outfitted the way Rush Revere is. It’s got a colonial blue jacket with a Tricorn hat and my signature is on the bottom of one paw and the American flag is on the bottom of the other. They’re just the cutest little things. They’re for sale, but I send one out to people that call. I’ll send out the audio version of the book, too. Do you have one of those?

CALLER: I do have the audio version.

RUSH: Okay, well, then we’ll save that for someone who doesn’t.

CALLER: My daughter actually listened to it and she wrote you a letter just before Thanksgiving and you read her letter on the air.

RUSH: Oh, wow. Cool!

CALLER: Yeah. She was really excited about that.

RUSH: Well, you guys are making my day — I have to tell you, the fact that people like your daughter like the book and that you do, too, actually. Yeah, I can’t tell you what an upper that is. That is just so cool. Look, Carrie, thanks very much, and hang on, ’cause Mr. Snerdley will pick up the phone here and find out where to send Ted-Tea Bear. You ought to go look at this, folks. We’ve got it at the Rush Revere portal at TwoIfByTea.com. You’ll find it if you go there. It’s the cutest little bear, colonial outfit just like Rush Revere, high quality, soft and fluffy.

I’ve got my signature on one paw, the American flag’s on the other paw. And it’s just the cutest little thing and it would make an ideal gift. Thanksgiving is long past, and Christmas, but Valentine’s Day is coming up and this would be something unique, or in addition to flowers. We have a special deal running. I’ll just take the occasion of her call to pass this on. It is $18.99 for Ted-Tea Bear if you order it before 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time tonight (Friday) while supplies last. It’s a real steal, and you can see the Ted-Tea Bear at TwoIfByTea.com.

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