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RUSH: I want you to hear this Democrat member of Congress talking about the great benefit of Obamacare, meaning you can stay home to tuck in your kids at night. His name is Mark Pocan, P-o-c-a-n, and he is a Democrat from Wisconsin. This is during the Q&A. This is Wednesday of the Capitol Hill, the hearing, the budget committee hearing on the federal budget. This is when the CBO guy showed up and said Obamacare is destroying things, and it’s only gonna get worse. He had a back-and-forth with Doug Elmendorf, CBO director.

It starts off with Mr. Pocan, the Democrat congressman from Wisconsin.

POCAN: It was implied somehow that if fewer people had an opportunity to get in the middle class, you wouldn’t be better off. It could be someone on the lower end, uh, who now is working two part-time jobs instead of three part-time jobs. And what that means is instead they might be able to tuck their child in bed at night and read a bedtime story or go to an activity, which means they’re better off, right? At least, that’s how it is in my part of Wisconsin.

RUSH: So Obamacare will allow people to work two jobs instead of three and keep their health care and they’ll be able to stay home and tuck their kids in at night, and that makes ’em better off, right? It’s the way it works for my people in Wisconsin. Elmendorf is jus sitting there, “Uh, you…? U, daba…” doing an Elmer Fudd. (interruption) Now, Snerdley just said, “Do they really think that we’re stupid enough to believe this?” That’s not the question. The question is not whether we believe it or not.

They do!

This is the new tack.

It’s so hard not to laugh at this stuff. We used to laugh at everything these people did, and we… (interruption) This is not their new spin. This is an attempt to redefine what work is, what unemployment is. It’s no different than their attempt to redefine the relationship men and women, feminism. It’s no different than their attempt to divide the country however they do on climate change and science and all of that.

For the past 25 years, every time I’ve reacted to these people, we’ve laughed. We’ve had our Peace Updates. We’ve had our feminist updates. We’ve just laughed at these people left and right for saying things that were just outrageous, and here we are 25 years later, and they are in power and implementing these things. And we, for these past 25 years, have sat here saying, “Nobody’s gonna fall for this.

“Nobody’s gonna believe that it’s actually good to be ‘liberated’ from the punitive choice of having to work and keep your Obamacare benefits,” and New York Times said it’s a benefit. It’s great that 2.5 million people are losing their jobs because they’re no longer pressured to make a choice they didn’t want to make just to get health care. Now they can get health care without having to work! Pelosi is taking about this. There’s a new term for it: “Job lock.”

The Democrats are looking at it as liberating people from a capitalist enforcement mechanism called “the job.” It’s the job that made you get what you got in life, and the Democrats want government to be what you get in life and want you to think that they and government are responsible for what you have. Not your job. It all fits. This isn’t spin, and while we sit here, we think, “Nobody’s gonna believe this.”

Because it was just days ago that there’s Obama talking about the old American adage: “The harder you work, the better it’s gonna be! You work hard, it pays off as American.” I told you, he doesn’t believe that, remember? He doesn’t believe that. He’s simply saying that because he thinks you want to believe it. What they really believe is this. Ask yourself a question. It came up yesterday.

We are now into year six of this administration, are we not? Do we not have enough years to know that what is being done isn’t working and to make changes? We do. But what is happening? We are doubling down on the things causing the problems, at least from our perspective. So now as more and more people lose their jobs, we’re being told that this is better and better, because the truth all along has been that a job is a capitalist requirement.

You really didn’t have a choice. You had to get a job or you didn’t have anything, including health care. But now, here comes Obama and the compassionate Democrats, and you don’t have to stay in that job you hate. (summarized) “You don’t have to work for that evil boss that you hate. You don’t have to do any of those things that you don’t like just to get health care. Because now, because of us, you’re gonna have your health care and be home to tuck in your kids at night without having the punishment of a job.

“You have been liberated from it!”

Now, to those of us raised on the standard American tradition of a work ethic, this is a foreign language to us, and we can’t believe it’s happening our country. So these people are nuts and Looney Tunes and we laugh at them. I’m just telling you, I’ve been laughing at ’em for 25 years while they have been on the march. Now,

I’m not gonna stop laughing at them. Don’t misunderstand.

What I’m telling you is the mistake I made was assuming nobody would fall for it, but look at how many people have. Look at how many people fall for the War on Women. That’s as outrageously insulting and stupid as this is, and yet how many people vote on it and believe it? Now it seems they’ve decided to redefine the value of work, since their policies are killing work. See, here’s how this works.

They’ve decided to redefine the value of work since their policies are killing it. They’re good people. They do good things, they care more, and they do more for people anybody else. So people are losing their jobs. That has to be a good thing then because they’re doing it. What they do must be good things for good people. So how is it good? This is what they’ve arrived at to justify it.

“You’re home at night; you tuck in your kids. You have to work three jobs, only two, and some days not any jobs, and you don’t have to work at all now to have Obamacare. We have liberated you from that shackle!” Remember, folks, the modern liberal, there’s something about him that leads him to invariably and inevitably side with evil over good, wrong over right, lesser over better, the ugly over the beautiful, the profane over the profound, the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to us is.

Liberalism sides with and promotes everything that undermines.


RUSH: Now, here’s something else interesting. It’s a New York Times story, and it’s about the Democrats’ plan for 2014, the midterms. Let me just get to the nub of it. Their strategy for 2014 is not winning over public opinion to their side of anything. It is to shape the turnout: Pro-government turnout, pro-Democrat turnout. They are going to focus on voter registration, single women, minorities, immigrants, young voters. That’s who they’re gonna focus on.

They are not gonna have a campaign that’s issue oriented. They are not going to try to persuade people. They’re not gonna get into the arena of ideas. Their campaign is not going to be in the arena of ideas. They don’t care about the independents, by the way. They are going after the true dependent class, the demographics they know are most open to an argument of turning over your life to government: Single women, single women mothers, minorities, young voters, the unemployed.

The campaign is going to consist of how rotten and mean the Republicans are and how munificent government is. We’re getting, I think, maybe some test marketing of it right now with this idea that, “Hey, a job is something we are gonna liberate you from, a choice that you won’t have to make any longer. We know that health care is the most important thing in your life, and we are the ones who have arranged for you to be able to have it without having to get a job.”

That’s gonna be a pitch. It’s this guy, Mark Pocan, his little pitch. We’re in the midst of the test marketing of a campaign right now that has nothing to do with winning people’s minds or winning people over with ideas influence them, changing their minds or getting them on your side, or whatever the issues happen to be. This is pure statism. This is pure promotion of government, command-and-control economics.

This is turnover everything in your life that’s hard to government, and the Democrats, and they’ll take care of it for you. That’s what they’re gonna do, and they think that that is a big winner when stacked up against hard work, patience, virtue, because they’ve seen to it that the pie that everybody wants a piece of is much smaller. The economy is shrinking, the number of people working and producing is less, — and so, much less is being produced.

This is an all-out blitz, folks, on the capitalist roots of the country. It is an all-out blitz on creating value, and obviously this is actually a continuation of what they’ve been doing for 50 years, but it’s a full-court press now. This is a blitz, with no disguise, no camouflage, no hiding. They are just out in the open. They are now actually going to say, “There’s better things than a job. There are better things than work, and those things are us.

“You want your phone, you want your car, you want your TV? We have made it so you have those things without a job. A job is a choice that this country has forced you into, that you never really wanted. It was always somebody else’s rule that you gotta get a job and you gotta get a low paying job, and you gotta work hard in that job for 20 years before you have anything. We have a better way!”

That’s what we’re up against.

Don’t believe me at your peril.


RUSH: Here’s Joseph in Fort Lewis, Washington. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Good to finally talk to you.

RUSH: I’m glad you’re here, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: My point is that the American people, mostly, have become lethargic and lazy about the government and they just won’t let ’em unramp it, and I have examples of this because people don’t want to work! It’s because the government is gonna get everything that they want, so they’re not going to, and one example I have of that is I know somebody that the government gives them a home, gives them money for food, gives them a cell phone and everything — and then they turn around and go and buy drugs with these things. Example number two, is the government in our education symptom. I just came home from Afghanistan to find my child in kindergarten, failing kindergarten halfway through the school year.

RUSH: Sir, let me ask you —

CALLER: I’ve been working with him for a whole month —

RUSH: Joseph, let me ask you a question. I’ve got 30 seconds. “Why do you want to begrudge people an enjoyable life?” That’s what the Democrats would ask you. “Why are you so angry that people have education and phones and so forth? Why does it make you so mad? Why are you such a bigot?” That is what the media would ask you, this is what the Democrats would ask you.

And your answer is, “No, no, no! I’m not against any of that. I think you ought to have to work for it!”

“Well, you know, some people just can’t because this country isn’t fair.”

Now, I agree with you. I think there’s a rising percentage that are just as you describe. The question is: Have we reached the tipping point over 50%? I don’t think we have yet, otherwise this would all be pointless, and I don’t think it is. That’s why it’s worth hanging in there, Joseph, and not caving to what you know is wrong. I’m glad you’re out there.

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