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RUSH: Let me go to the Lesley Stahl sound bites. We’ll start at number three here. This is a little review. How long ago was it TIME Magazine actually ran a cover story: Shocking News: Men and women are actually born different! Now, that’s 20 years ago, 18 years ago. For those of you that are not that old, let me give you a little history of this. You might be scratching your head. “What do you mean, boys and girls, men and women are different? Everybody knows that!”


See, the modern era of feminism began in the late sixties, the modern era. Feminism has been around for decades, but the modern era began in the late sixties, and it manifested itself in a number of different ways. One of the ways was to basically say that there weren’t any differences between men and women. Women could do anything men could do. They could be firemen, they could be police, they could serve in combat. Never mind we have to change the — lower, ahem — some of the full requirements.

Never mind that.

There were leftists, parents, who really believed that the only reason girls ended up being feminine is because they played with dolls and had pink bedrooms. So they let their baby girls play with GI Joe and painted the bedroom blue, and they were shocked that their little girls grew up to be feminine. By the same token, they put their little boy babies with Barbie dolls and pink bedrooms.

And they were shocked when the little boy babies started having war between Barbie and Barbiette, ’cause there was no GI Joe; the sisters had ’em. There was this effort to basically say that the only thing that made men and women different was the masculine, sexist culture of the United States, of Western Civilization. I’m not lying! There are many of those people who think that to this day, which is why this news that men and women are different is so shocking to them.

So TIME Magazine learned this, and it was such a shock! Can you imagine you’re on the editorial board TIME Magazine, and you are so stunned at the scientific revelation that men and women are different that you stop everything and do a cover story? It should have been a learnable moment. We’ve been laughing. We’re laughing now at these leftists and the way they’re talking about work and unemployment and being liberated from bad choices that you made.

We make a mistake laughing. I mean, all you can do sometimes is laugh at ’em, but we make a mistake laughing at them, because they’re dead serious, and they end up picking up a lot of low-information followers. So all that’s happening now that we’re laughing about… “The unemployment rate? That’s no big deal anymore, Rush! We’re just liberating people from the maddening choice of having to work.”

And now we’ve actually got a member of Congress, a Democrat, who said the great thing about Obamacare is that people can still get their health benefits without having to work, meaning they can be home at night tuck in the kids. Obamacare is promoting family togetherness and families sticking together by eliminating the rotten choice of parents having to work. Now, you and I, we look around at each other, and we’re in shocked disbelief. We start laughing, “Well, how nutty, how loony.”
They believe it, folks, is the thing.

And then they grow up and they get elected themselves or get themselves into bureaucracy, and they start making policy based on this lunacy. It’s the same with this “men and women are different” stuff. It was Western Civ that made men and women different, not biology, not physiology. The only differences that they recognized were gynecological. But beyond that, the only thing that made men tough guys was the way they were raised.

We could turn women into tough guys if we raise them the same way. What do you think the effort to have women take over the corporate world was? That wasn’t about finding the unique differences of women. It was about women saying they could do everything a man could do and they could do it better. So they started dressing like men, same career paths as men.

They started replacing men, and now where are men, and where’s our culture? It’s been chickified in many, many places. So that is how people that believe that can literally end up being surprised that men and women are different — and the latest example is Lesley Stahl who’s got, I guess, a 60 Minutes report on this coming up.

She promoted it on CBS This Morning today. I’ll let you hear that when we get back from this.


RUSH: Now, just for those of you out there thinking I’m making this up, there is a UK Independent story published just today. Want to hear the headline of this thing? “Why Dressing Your Daughter in Pink ‘Damages the Future of Our Economy.'” No, I’m not kidding you, and I offer this up as backup evidence of what I’m talking about. Here we are in 2014, and still debating this pink-versus-blue thing, which I’m telling you, goes back to the seventies.

Now, here’s Lesley Stahl, CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes correspondent. They’re talking about her report on medication and the differences between men and women. Charlie Rose asks, “What surprised you most of all of the things that you found out?”

STAHL: I guess what the big thing is, how pervasive the differences between men and women are. It’s not just that we metabolize medicine differently. Our lungs are different, our cells are different, our skin is different. We think it was just, y’know, the gynecology, “the bikini medicine” —

ROSE: Yes.

STAHL: — as we called it be with but now we’re learning that we are pervasively different at every level.

RUSH: Now we are learning that we are different? They didn’t know that men and women skin is different? They didn’t know that the lungs were different? Now, Gayle King, Oprah’s best friend, follows this immediately… I want you to hear the first question. It’s the first words that you will hear in this sound bite coming up. You just heard Lesley Stahl. “We didn’t know how pervasive the differences between men and women are, but now we’re learn, we are pervasively different at every level,” and Gayle King said…

KING: Why didn’t we know this before?

STAHL: You know, that’s a great question. Because research is done originally on animals, and they use only male animals!

KING: Mmm-mm. Mmm-hmm.

STAHL: To this day!

KING: Mmm-mm.

STAHL: Now, they used to only have male in the human studies, but now they have females in the human studies. However, instead of seeing how women react versus how men react in the study, they put they will all together and take the average.

RUSH: Remember what we talked about yesterday: How is it that the mainstream media get everything wrong. Not just slightly wrong, but major, profound wrong? How is this possible to be this stupid, this ignorant? How is it possible to not know instinctively that men and women are different? Why is that such shocking news that Gayle King says, “Why didn’t we know this before?” Norah O’Donnell, who is a CBS infobabe, and Lesley Stahl wrapped it up with this exchange…

O’DONNELL: Lesley, if we metabolize Ambien differently, do we metabolize statins differently? I mean, the list could go on and on, because men and women are taking the same amount when it comes to Lipitor and other pills.

STAHL: We. Don’t. Know.

RUSH: We don’t know! No, no! You mean we don’t know? Oh, no, you mean we could be dying? Oh-ho noooo! We don’t know! (Gasp!) Folks, this is simply… I don’t know how to describe it. This is just… We’re in trouble. We’re in big trouble. Because these people are the primary source of news for most people the country. We’re in big trouble.

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