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RUSH: What? What book? Well, I tried not to overdo that. The new book went available for pre-order a week ago today, and I’ve talked about it three times since last Friday. Maybe four. That’s plenty, and now I’m talking about it again. You just brought it up. Rush Revere and the First Patriots, the second in our children’s history book series featuring Rush Revere and his time-traveling horse, Liberty, coming on the heels of the first inaugural effort, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. And it’s out, pre-order now, comes out on March the 11th, it’s at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and I read some review e-mails yesterday that we’re getting.

It’s all really exciting. It’s going gangbusters. People are eating it up. And there’s a mission to these books. We’re not just doing it to do it for some career exercise or whatever. There’s actually a mission here to teach young Americans the truth of the greatness of this country and history in a truthful manner, to counter what they’re gonna be told or are being taught in the public school system. And it’s so much fun to do. And this next book is, you know, you hope every effort is better than the previous one, but you don’t want to be diminish the previous one by saying the second one or the third one is better, ’cause the first one was great, but this one’s got some things in it that I just loved doing. The device we have with the time-traveling talking horse being able to go anywhere in American history and take students. Rush Revere is a substitute teacher, middle school, takes his students with him, takes his iPhone, it’s just so fun to do.
The feedback has been tremendous. It’s written for 10- to 13-year-olds, but it’s for everybody. Audio version, by the way, I did that for the second book, too, and it’s available for pre-order, and it is the segment where Rush Revere is in a debate with the king over how he’s treating the colonists, ho, I rewound that and listened to myself do it. (interruption) What’s the question? Another question in there. Yeah. We go back anywhere. If Rush Revere and Liberty want to time travel back to Bill Clinton’s presidency, “Don’t take that pizza from her.” We can do anything we want. That’s the point.
This horse, the device that we’ve created, Liberty, the time-traveling talking horse can go anywhere in American history, and Rush Revere, of course, is in the saddle, time traveling. Sometimes they take some students. It’s fun. But, yeah, we could do that.

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