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RUSH: I want to now go to the audio sound bites. This morning on Fox, Martha MacCallum played an audio sound bite of me, your beloved host. It was from, it could have been yesterday or the day before — I talked about it both days — as I watched it, I actually looked like I was beside myself talking about, “What do we do?” We’ve never encountered this kind of lawlessness before. We’ve never encountered a president who just makes the law up as he goes, and specifically for his own political benefit, ignoring Congress, ignoring the Constitution. Nobody knows what to do. I mean, we haven’t been confronted with this. I mean, there are people, like Levin has his idea of the Article V Convention with the state legislatures convening a constitutional convention.

It’s a great idea, but that’s not gonna stop Obama next week from doing what he’s doing. It’s a great long-term solution, but I’m looking at it in the context of how do you stop this? This guy’s got three years here and he’s openly taunting everybody. He’s making the law up as he goes, whatever he wants it to be is what it is. The Democrats in Congress are in total support. Our Constitution doesn’t matter. Anyway, they play this sound bite then they bring in Juan Williams to respond to it. And Martha MacCallum said, “So, Juan, what do you think of that?”

WILLIAMS: I can’t even understand why Mr. Limbaugh’s so upset, because when I look at the actual numbers, you see that President Obama has used an executive order to go around the Congress, I think it’s less than half of the time of Bill Clinton, and just over half of the time of President George W. Bush. So it just doesn’t make sense to me, I mean, unless you’re trying to demonize President Obama and say he’s lawless and he’s a bad guy.

RUSH: How lame was that? Seriously. Juan, you know as well as anybody that nobody here is talking about executive orders. He’s not using an executive order to change Obamacare every day. He wakes up and he decides he’s going to delay the employer mandate for businesses up to 99 employees, between 50 and 99, for three years. He didn’t even use an executive order. He just stood up and announced it. He may not even have announced it. They issued a statement, send Carney out there, whoever, to say it. He can’t do it. The law is the law. He is fundamentally ignoring and altering the text of the law, and for the express benefit of himself and his party politically.

I still have to tell you something about that. I hope I express this right. I think the motivation for Obama doing it, I’m not that interested in it. It is the actual commission of the act that just floors me. I have never, in my life, had a president do what Obama’s doing, repeatedly. Simply delay a portion of a law, or change a portion of a law, or add something to the law. Never seen it.

I’ve seen executive orders, but I’ve never seen what Obama’s doing. Now, the other half of it is the motivation, and this is what kind of surprises me. The inside-the-Beltway intelligentsia seems to be more upset at the motivation than the actual commission of the act. To me, the president arbitrarily delaying portions of a law is all I need to know it’s not right. And it’s not only not right, it’s seriously wrong. It’s institutionally threatening. I mean, it’s really serious.

The inside-the-Beltway crowd, though, seems to think that the reason Obama’s doing is what makes it bad, and the reason he’s doing it is to help himself politically. And I’ve heard a number of the commentariat inside the Beltway say, “You know, that just isn’t fair. You can’t go changing a law to help yourself politically.” And I’ve heard other intelligentsia members, “You know, when you put it like that, I totally agree with you.” Ron Fournier saw nothing wrong with what Obama was doing until Dr. Krauthammer pointed out to him, “But wait a minute, he’s only doing this to help himself politically. If he wanted to help himself politically he should have to change policy or whatever and change the minds of the voters, but you can’t just –” And Fournier, “You know what, when you put it that way, I agree with you.”

And I’m sitting here scratching my head, ’cause it sounds kind of sophomoric to me. What do you mean, it isn’t fair to change the law to help yourself politically? Why does the motivation even matter? We have a president who’s acting as though the Constitution doesn’t matter. He’s king. He’s playing dictator. Now, granted the motivation’s not good. I’m not trying to diminish the motivation. I think the motivation adds to it, but if Obama were delaying the mandate for three years but not trying to help himself politically, would it be okay then? No. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I will take the inside-the-Beltway commentariat’s opposition to this. The motivation is this little area of side interest to me.

So, anyway, Juan Williams, in trying to defend this, “Well, look at the executive orders. I mean, Bush signed more.” This is not about executive orders, and they know. This is about the substance of what Obama is doing, and that’s one of the lamest attempts at defending what Obama is doing and then to say it just doesn’t make any sense unless you’re trying to demonize Obama and say he’s lawless, that he’s a bad guy. I don’t know why else you would say this, ’cause he’s not doing any more executive orders than anybody else. This is not about executive orders. When’s the last executive order Obama issued to change Obamacare? And how many waivers? There were 2,500 waivers.

Everything Obama has done after this law was signed has been to limit its impact because it doesn’t work. It’s devastating. The news on HealthCare.gov and how many people have signed up and how many people have paid. It’s an abject mess and it’s a mess about something that is crucially important to a lot of people. And don’t forget, let’s go back, March 31st, 2008, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I mentioned this yesterday and a lot of people have cited this. I think it’s not worth much, but it still is interesting. Here’s Obama as a senator, campaigning in 2008.

OBAMA: I take the Constitution very seriously. The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m president of the United States of America.

RUSH: So what do we do with that? Obviously he’s lying through his teeth. Obviously he’s just saying what people wanted to hear back then. He didn’t want Bush to have that kind of power. He’ll be glad to usurp it and take it for himself. But how many members of the Obama cult who voted for him are going to change their mind about him if you play them that sound bite? You know how many? Zero. Zip, zero, nada. None of them. And even if they’re not cult followers, how is this supposed to work?

Obama’s out there violating the Constitution. He’s grabbing power, tyrannical, dictatorial power. He’s eliminating areas of the law that harm him. He adding punitive parts of the law. And then we play a sound bite, hey, wait a minute, he said that he disagreed with this. We play the sound bite for people, and they’re supposed to go, “Oh, wow, you mean he’s lying? Okay. I’m through with Obama.” Is that how it’s supposed to work on? ‘Cause it’s not gonna work that way. Still interesting to play the bite. Don’t misunderstand. But it isn’t gonna change anything.


RUSH: Besides, Juan Williams, it’s not the quantity of executive orders that matter; it’s the substance of them. It’s what’s in them! It’s the quality of the executive orders. These are serious changes in the law of the land, like doing away with the immigration laws, or not enforcing the immigration laws. This is serious stuff that he’s doing. These are not executive orders to cut down 10 more trees than they were gonna cut down at Jellystone National Park.

I’ll tell you what the scary thing is, folks: He’s not even using executive orders anymore! He’s beyond that. Executive orders now don’t even matter. He’s just pointing his finger at something and saying, “Do it.” Did he use an executive order to sick the IRS on the Tea Party? Guess what else we’ve learned? We’ve learned and the White House lied through their teeth about Obama not knowing the status of HealthCare.gov before it launched.

We now know that Sebelius visited the White House and told Obama about this 13 or 14 times. Another question about that is: Who believed in the first place he didn’t know the status of the website? Who in the world would believe that? But we were asked to. We are asked to believe that Obama doesn’t know anything. “He’s too busy being smart. He’s too busy being a leader. He’s too busy focused on jobs and the economy and the recovery.

“He can’t be bothered with the minutia of the status of a mere website! That’s so beneath him. He didn’t know,” and they ask us to believe that? This is the issue that arguably Obama personally cares more about anything else because this issue is really what succeeds in transforming this country away from its founding. The commandeering of 20% of the US economy — the health care industry — and putting it under federal control, gives him so much control over every individual citizen and life, that that alone succeeds in his objective of transforming this country.

To say that he didn’t care how it was going, that he didn’t know what the status of the website was? Now, I will admit, there are elements of this that he doesn’t want to be bothered with. He doesn’t care whether it’s working or not. The idea that he knew it wasn’t working? I don’t believe he didn’t. I can’t believe that he didn’t know that. He knew, but he doesn’t care. He’s looking 20 years down the road when we’re at single payer, which is really where he wants to go.

The more chaos now the better, as far as that objective is concerned. He doesn’t care about individual stories of pain and suffering. He doesn’t care about people losing their health care. He doesn’t care about that, because sadly, those are the things that are gonna have to happen for this transformation to take place. There’s gonna have to be some pain.

I mean, there’s already been 200 years of pain because of the way this country was founded. It’s only understandable gonna some pain while we, quote/unquote “fix it.” So if Mr. and Mrs. Enos Slobodnik don’t have health care for a year? Tough toenails. We’ll get it fixed down the road. It’s no big deal. We’re not gonna worry about that.

But I don’t believe that he didn’t know about the website not working, and now we know that he did, ’cause Sebelius is in there all these times. But there were even news reports that Sebelius didn’t even tell him. “Oh, of course not!” And we’re supposed to just blanketly, blindly accept that. “Why would she tell him? He’s so busy doing other things! He’s delegated that. He trusts her.

“He doesn’t need hourly, daily reports on the status. There’s no reason Obama would know.” Right. Every day, multiple times a day, is an assault on our common sense and intelligence. Obama had talks with Sebelius 18 times before Obamacare went live. That is from TheHill.com. Sebelius met with or attended calls and events with Obama at least 18 times between October 27th, 2012 and October 6th, 2013.

That’s a year, for those of you in Rio Linda.

Brian in Tampa. I’m gonna get a phone call in ’cause I promised we would, and you’re it, Brian. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Great to be on the show, Rush. Thanks for letting me call it.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to talk to you about the root problem. Look, I agree with you 100%, we have a dictator as president. But I think the real problem is, where’s the money coming from? Where does the money come from all this massive expansion of government? You’ve gotta follow it. You know, my dad always told me, “Follow where the money goes.”

So I look at Bernanke leaving office and Yellen stepping in, and here we have another Keynesian economist coming in for print, print, print. So I guess I just wanted to hear some of your input on what people can do to educate themselves, to learn about our economic system and learn about the Federal Reserve and central banking in general, because you’re not gonna be able to squash this whole concept of growth of government from the ground up.

RUSH: Educating people on the central banking system, that would be a massive undertaking, and there’s also an agenda attached to that. I would prefer to focus on something that’s elementary about this. We don’t have the money. The answer, Brian, is, we don’t have the money. Where’s the money coming from? We don’t have it. They’re printing it or they’re borrowing it.

But we’ve got a national debt of $17 trillion, approaching $18 trillion. We don’t have the money. The Federal Reserve is printing money and essentially sending it over to Wall Street in the form of bonds and the purchase of securities, and it’s propping up the markets, ’cause those are the people that the Regime wants to take care of.

Those are the moneyed donors, those are the moneyed supporters, and the stock market is a way to create an illusion of a solid economy, a solid country and growth. To hell with Main Street anymore. But we don’t have the money. You can ask, ‘Where’s Obama getting this money to raise the minimum wage?” He’s making it up! We’re going into debt. We don’t have it. We’re nowhere near having it. It’s outrageous.

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