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RUSH: Last night on Hannity on the Fox News Channel James Carville showed up and they were talking about Ted Cruz. I’m jumping to this because while all of this is going on, there is still the world of electoral politics, and I’ve been talking to some people about that FCC effort to have monitors, hall monitors and so forth in the newsrooms. There’s a growing body of people who really believe that “Steak” Clyburn is really only interested in minority ownership. I don’t care that it’s not necessarily the Fairness Doctrine. What it is, folks, is the same thing they’ve been doing. They are progressing along the path of eliminating all opposition. That’s Obama’s modus operandi.

Take a look his campaigns, from state senator to United States senator to president. The objective is to eliminate the opposition. Not debate them. Not beat them in the arena of ideas. Not have an engaging debate to see which ideas are more acceptable or triumph. The idea is to eliminate the opposition. I took the blame yesterday on this very program. I asked you a question: When did the whole idea of “hate crimes” begin?

When did the whole notion of “hate speech” begin? It began in August of 1988 with this program, and the beginning of this program in 1988 really was the beginning of the end of the monopoly the left had in national media. That monopoly has now been broken. They want to put it back together, they want the monopoly back, and that’s why they want to eliminate the opposition. Whether steak… Mignon Clyburn.

Whether it’s about minority ownership or whether it’s actually about politics, the broadcast networks don’t need any monitors. They’re already on board. (interruption) “How does putting hall monitors in a newsroom help minority ownership?” Because you document that the community interests of minorities are not being met. You document that a story’s relevant, say, to the African-American community, and that’s really what Mignon Clyburn’s concerned is not being met.

That community’s not being served well by the news media in town after town after town. The networks are already all-in on this. In documenting that, then you have laid the foundation for the federal government to come in and change the rules and make preferential treatment to people that want to buy broadcast outlets who are minorities. (interruption) No, no. (interruption) No. They have… (interruption)

Well, they may have done it but they’re not satisfied with the results because there isn’t enough minority ownership of individual radio and TV outlets. They’re not talking about networks. Individual… (interruption) Well, you can tell me they’ve been at it for a long time, but I’m telling you: They have lost their monopoly, and they want to put their monopoly back together. They can’t go the Fairness Doctrine route. That way is blocked.

So they’re trying to get it in any other number of ways: Minority ownership, hall monitors in the newsrooms, or whatever. But the bottom line is that what they’re attempting to do here is to simply reclaim their media monopoly, eliminate the opposition. That’s Obama’s modus operandi, and that’s why the left is all-in. I mean, who was it that lost the monopoly? The media. So the media is, of course, gonna be all-in with the group that wants to give them their monopoly back.

So that’s pretty much that.

Now, back to Carville. Despite all of this going on, they still have to win elections. Until such time as there aren’t any, they still have to win elections, and they’re gonna take a bloodbath this November in terms of party. But like we talked about yesterday. It’s one thing to beat Democrats, but what kind of Republicans are going to then… Let’s say the Republicans win the Senate. Let’s say they get the six seats that they need.

Well, you’re gonna have senators like Ted Cruz, or you’re gonna have a bunch of new John McCains? If you have a bunch of new John McCains in a Republican majority, you’re not gonna have that much of a difference from what you have now. The same thing in the House of Representatives. That’s why they are scared to death of Cruz. That’s why they were scared to death of Sarah Palin. Both parties. So last night on Hannity, James Carville shows up to talk about this.

This bite will give you indication that they’re worried about Ted Cruz. They will always tell us what they fear. Always will. So Hannity said, “I think Rush hit it with Cruz. Cruz is fighting for the soul of the Republican Party. You have to be, James, pretty happy when Republicans are afraid of their own shadow, unwilling to fight and afraid people like you are gonna go out there and blame him for kicking granny over the cliff. That fear seems to have overtaken ’em. Rush is right about this, and here comes Cruz, and he doesn’t seem to be afraid.”

Here’s Carville…

CARVILLE: A lot of people say, “Look, we went along with people. We went with Bob Dole. We went with John McCain. We went with Mitt Romney. We went down this road.” Some people in Main Street love him, and you think he’s inspirational; some people think that he scares some people. And that’s a choice —

HANNITY: Well, some people think you’re scary, too.

CARVILLE: — that Republican primary voters have got to make. I just think this guy’s skilled enough that he’s gonna do very well. I think he’s gonna cause a lot of angst, and I think he’s very good on his feet. If I were a conservative, if I was Rush Limbaugh, I would like him because he makes the case that I want somebody to make to the American people.

RUSH: Whoa! Ladies and gentlemen, did you hear that? So Carville is saying that Ted Cruz makes the case that I would like made to the American people, and they’re worried about the that. That bite tells you that, and Carville here is cautioning the Washington establishment that Ted Cruz is gonna cause them a lot of angst in 2014 and maybe 2016. Again, this also happens to throw me in the mix.

If Cruz is gonna make the case that I would like made to the American people, if I’m the guy they hold responsible for busting up their media monopoly, and now we’re gonna have hall monitors in the FCC… Even though they’ve said they’re gonna pull back, they’re not gonna pull back on the goal. Maybe we set it back a period of time, but they’re not gonna stop this, ’cause they want their monopoly back, and they’ve been trying for 25 years. You know it as well as I do.

They’ve thrown everything at this program and others that they can for 25 years, and they haven’t been able to do it because they can’t break the bond that I have with you. So they gotta go a different route. They gotta make what happens here illegal. They gotta make what happens here out of proportion. They have to make what happens here so out of balance that we gotta “rebalance” it by maybe getting rid of the people that own the stations that carry this show.

And then replacing them with minorities who will then get rid of this show. That’s the way they think. That’s the thinking. Since they haven’t been able to break the bond that exists between you and me, well, then go after the delivery system, and that’s what the minority ownership angle is all about. Now does it make sense? You throw Ted Cruz in there and the fact that Ted Cruz is making the case I would make, and, folks, it is bunker time.

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