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RUSH: You remember when Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize on the come? I don’t want to add to the promotional fanfare of this, but there’s a new kid that just got a TV show on MSNBC. He’s been doing the show for three days. He’s a daughter of Mia Farrow and somebody. It’s not known if it’s Frank Sinatra or Woody Allen. This kid had been on television for three days.

Wednesday night he got the Cronkite Award for excellence in Exploration and Journalism. (laughing) I mean, these people are so eager… You talk about people that are corrupting their own institutions, in addition to ours? A kid who doesn’t shave yet, it looks like, is on the air for three days, and gets the Cronkite award. Can you imagine…? Well, Cronkite, hell, he’d probably support it.

So much that the Democrats are doing is on the come.


RUSH: A kid three days on TV gets the Walter Cronkite Award for Exploration and Journalism — three days! — all because he might be Frank Sinatra’s kid. (interruption)

Well, they sure as hell aren’t giving him an award because he might be Woody Allen’s. The kid can barely spell “TelePrompTer.” (interruption) I know he’s a Rhodes Scholar and all that, but… I don’t even know. Look, again, I’m not criticizing him. Good for him, if he can get… Well, I don’t know it’s good for anybody being hired by MSNBC, but, I mean, the guy wants to be on TV, found a job, good for him.

I’m talking about the liberals. What are they doing when they give an award to someone with no experience? What was Nobel doing giving Obama a peace prize when he hadn’t done anything yet? They were giving him an award on the come. They were falling for PR. They were advancing the agenda. What does it say about the Cronkite award if anybody on TV for three days reading a prompter can win it?

And, by the way, if you happen to be Mika Brzezinski or if you happen to be Rachel Maddow — if you happen to be somebody who has been working at MSNBC for 15 years in the basement — and here comes the kid getting the award after three days, how do you feel? You probably think, “Good, good, this is advancing the cause. This is good for the agenda.” (interruption) I know, the blue eyes. Just look at the a picture and you understand why this is happening, do you not?

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