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Listen to it Button RUSH: Let me grab sound bite number three. Scott Walker weighed in on the David Jolly race in Florida. He was on Fox & Friends this morning. Brian Kilmeade said, “What do you take away from that victory down in Florida with David Jolly?”

WALKER: This is a big deal. For anybody who thought Obamacare wasn’t gonna be front and center in the 2014 election, this election a day ago in Florida shows that that’s exactly what the election’s gonna be about. And it’s not just about Obamacare; it’s about the failure of Big Government. People, particularly young people are seeing the failure, but it crosses the age spectrum out there. And I think if you’re in Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, or Alaska, those Democrat senators are probably looking at these election results and sweating bullets right now because they know the same thing’s gonna be true this November.

RUSH: It is, there’s no question, but they’re also learning that they too might be able to win running against Obamacare. The media, they’re reporting what happened, but they’re not (as usual) reporting full bore on what really happened and what it really means. They’re trying to downplay the Obamacare aspect. I don’t expect that they could, but I’m just warning people not to be surprised.

You’ve got a bunch of Democrat senators who voted for it, but they’re doing everything they can to distance themselves from the vote. I’m just telling you, politics is copycat, it’s emulative — and these guys want to be reelected. So they’re running away from Obama as fast as they can, and they’re trying to distance themselves from Obamacare. So here is a district that Barack Obama won twice.

And, believe me, Governor Walker’s right. The Democrats are gonna see this and they’re quaking in their boots, and they’re gonna conclude, maybe, that an option open to them is to also run against Obamacare even though they voted for it. These people are gonna be desperate, and these people are shameless. I mean, I wouldn’t expect them to admit they made a mistake.

The way they could do it is say, it hasn’t been implemented the way they thought it was, that they were misled, that this is not at all what they voted for — and they’re right. Throw Obama under the bus. They don’t have to mention his name. Just, say, blame it on the exchanges. Blame it on anybody else. “It’s not what I voted for! I don’t like it the way it is,” and don’t be surprised if they try it. That’s all I’m saying.

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