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RUSH: Here’s Elaine, Grandville, Michigan, as we head back to the phones on Open Line Friday. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, thank you, Mr. Limbaugh, for taking my call. I am so excited. I had to call in. I was listening to Megan yesterday about waiting for her book today. Well, we received ours yesterday, but I wanted to refer back to your first book. Our daughter is a fifth grade teacher. She teaches social studies. She has made your first book part of her curriculum. She was just ecstatic over the book. She hopes you do a whole series. Her students are so enthused over it that they requested copies of it for their Christmas gifts. I am just so thrilled, and she is just right in your corner with your series of books, or what she’s hoping is a series of books anyway. She begged for your second book for her birthday present, so —

RUSH: When is her birthday?

CALLER: — I just had to call and tell you.

RUSH: When is her birthday?

CALLER: Her birthday is April, but she’s going to get it early.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: (laughing).

RUSH: You already got it for her, is that what you’re saying?

CALLER: Yes. Yep. It came in the mail yesterday. I also have to tell you, I am a convert to your side of the political aisle. I used to be one of those uninformed voters that I hear you mention.

RUSH: Low-information voters. Interesting group of people.

CALLER: My husband was after me constantly, “You need to listen to Rush Limbaugh. You need to listen to Rush Limbaugh.” So I finally did. Well, I’m fully in agreement with you. I am so sorry I placed all those votes beforehand. I feel like I was part of the problem that helped get us here, but you’ve straightened me out.

RUSH: You can never be part of the problem if you’re with us now. So you should not even think of yourself as that. You are now part of the solution. And so is your daughter, so is your daughter.

CALLER: Isn’t that fabulous?

RUSH: That is. I mean, you need to tell her how honored I am, seriously honored and flattered that she thinks the book has that kind of value.

CALLER: Absolutely. Well, she wants to get the truth out. She doesn’t want history changed.

RUSH: Well, I tell you, a lot of people think that I’m exaggerating what’s going on in elementary school. We had a woman that called the other day who said that — was this Thousand Oaks, California, where this woman’s daughter was in a play? Yeah, Thousand Oaks, California, which is not entirely a liberal enclave, either. This woman’s daughter was in some Christmas play or school play, 10 years old, and they were singing songs that were written specifically for the play, and the thrust of it was that the Pilgrims brought syphilis and smallpox, and they basically corrupted what was the Indians’ land and country.

And I said, “See, folks, this is exactly why I’m doing these books.” This is what’s being taught, that the Pilgrims or Christopher Columbus, you name it, the white Europeans came here and destroyed what was a great place, polluted it, corrupted it, brought racism, sexism, this is taught. And this woman had evidence of it. She said she was shocked that she was the only parent that seemed bothered by it. And I said she probably wasn’t; they’re just scared. They’re afraid if they complain to the school that they’re gonna hurt their kid and the grade.

So, look, Elaine, I want to send your daughter, the fifth grade teacher, a signed copy of the second book. You go ahead and give her yours ’cause I don’t want to take away from you the gift that you are giving her. But I want you to tell her that you called and you got through here and I want you to tell her that I was so appreciative of what she’s doing and how she’s using it that I wanted to send her one, too.

CALLER: Oh, Mr. Limbaugh, that is fantastic.

RUSH: So the one that you give her she can mark up and you know what else? I’m gonna send an audio copy of both of them. You never know, if she’s not feeling well one day teaching the class, she can put in the audio version for 20 minutes or 30 minutes, take a break. I’ll bet the students would love it and be captivated by it, so —

CALLER: Oh, my gosh, thank you so much. I am thanking you for her, ’cause I know she’s gonna be ecstatic.

RUSH: Where does she teach? Not the school, but where, what state?

CALLER: In Michigan.

RUSH: Lives near you?

CALLER: Not too far, uh-huh. She’s near the Indiana border, down that way.

RUSH: Oh, cool. Well, it’s nice to have her so close.

CALLER: Yes, it is.

RUSH: Well, good. You hang on here, Elaine, so that I can have Snerdley get your address, and we’ll get this stuff sent out to you quickly. Snerdley, on the note there make sure you write “autograph copy, new book,” so that we can keep all this straight.

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