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Here are a series of screen shots to illustrate the Notification Center bug I was describing at the end of today’s show. (Please note: This is not the battery explanation.)

Okay, here is a screenshot of my Notification Center from Tuesday afternoon. There is an element missing, that which tells me in text what is next up on my calendar.

The next two screenshots show me tapping to the Auto Time Zone setting in General settings:

This next step is what fixes the problem. Toggling off the Auto Time Zone feature:

And now a return to a screenshot of the Notification Center with the missing element now appearing:

The next sequence of screenshots displays how to restore a calendar event of less than one hour counting down by minute until your next event:


It is less than an hour until daylight savings time so the above screenshot should be showing me how many minutes are remaining. But it doesn’t. Here’s how to make it work. Again toggle off the Auto Time Zone setting:

And voilà:

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