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RUSH: We’ve got a number, again, of devastating stories about what is happening to people — in this case, their premiums — and cancer patients with Obamacare. The short version of this is Obamacare premiums are skyrocketing all over the place.

The second phase is that people are beginning to learn that fewer and fewer hospitals that treat cancer patients are part of their network. This touches on people who believe that they are being covered with a pre-existing condition. They are learning that there is a very big out for the Regime and for insurance companies on pre-existing conditions.

It is that if you’ve got, let’s say, cancer, and you are to be covered because you are covered under the pre-existing condition clause of Obamacare. Well, if they discover that you have a heart ailment, for example, that will disqualify your coverage for cancer. We told you that story yesterday. Well, it’s just in the law. It’s just in there.

It’s as though, “Yeah, we grant you pre-existing condition coverage for cancer, but you didn’t tell us you had a heart problem, and that nullifies it.” It’s an out built in so that the Regime doesn’t have to cover pre-existing conditions, is essentially what it is. Point is, people are now learning this. The Regime is permitting it. The Regime not only is acting as an evil insurance company, they are enabling insurance companies to be more evil.

While all this is going on, it has been learned that because of various clauses peppered and scattered throughout the Obamacare law, insurance companies — evil insurance companies — are allowed to profit even more while all of this hardship is going on for patients. Yes. And then our Morning Update today is about a college that’s having to downsize 600 professors so that they will not have to cover them of Obamacare.

These are all left-wing, liberal professors that are card-carrying supporters of the Regime that are being aced out with that 30-hour-a-week rule.


RUSH: There is another way, ladies and gentlemen, that the Regime is allowing — and it’s important that people understand that. The insurance companies are not acting on their own here anymore. The insurance companies are totally under the auspices now of Obamacare, and there is another way that the Regime and their buddies in the insurance industry are getting out of this demand that people with pre-existing conditions be covered.

You know what it is? In addition to you maybe having a disease or an illness that they didn’t know about which cancels your pre-existing coverage for what you had, they also in many cases are not covering the drugs necessary to treat whatever your condition is. Not even a pain pill. If you have pre-existing condition and if, because of Obamacare, you have managed to get coverage…

You know, I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but that’s not insurance. You know, I’m a stickler for the language, which is why I oppose same-sex marriage. I very much appreciate the language. Words mean things, and “marriage” does not equal a union of two people of the same sex. It just doesn’t. Words mean things. The Regime is engaging in sort of a trick here.

They will allow you to be covered if you have a pre-existing condition, but then the medicine you need to treat it might not be covered — in which case, you’re not covered. Your doctor visit may be covered, but the actual treatment, the medicine, won’t be. But pre-existing coverage is not insurance. Insurance is something you buy, taking a risk or making a bet.

If you have homeowners insurance, you buy insurance to cover yourself in case there is a fire that either burns the house down or damages it. If you live in Hurricane Alley, you go out and hopefully they’ll sell you wind insurance at a decent price, so you buy it. But if you can go get an insurance policy after the house fire is started? Let’s say you’ve got a house, and it’s all of a sudden on fire, and you call the insurance company.

“Hey, I need some homeowners insurance right now — like in the next five minutes!” Well, if they cover you, that’s not insurance. I don’t care what anybody thinks; that’s welfare. But because politicians want to be thought of as compassionate, and they want to win elections based on their compassion and their love and devotion to people, they call this insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. But the point is, they’re finding ways out of not actually covering you.

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