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RUSH: I got e-mails: “I’m getting tired of hearing all these kids. You’re just putting these kids on so you can brag about your book. Stick to the issues! I listen here for politics. I don’t care to hear kids.”

And the same thing about golf. I even got it about the Malaysian airline: “I don’t care about the Malaysian airline. If you want to talk about the Malaysian airline, go work for CNN. Stick to the issues!” And half of them are just trying to irritate me now ’cause they know that if they put “stick to the issues” in the e-mail I’ll probably read it or talk about it. But it’s all fun because we’re all one big happy familia.

Telephone number here if you want to be on the program is 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Now, I did get an e-mail, a couple of them. A snark is always out there. You people should know that there are people that join RushLimbaugh.com who are not fans, who are not supporters. They just want the e-mail access, or they want to keep up with what they think the enemy is doing. And so my recent dissertations on the problems in Venezuela, since I said, while all that’s going on, while Putin is expanding the Soviet empire, Obama’s filling out his brackets. So they send these e-mails, “Well, what would you do? What would you do? You’ve got all the answers. What would you do? What should Obama be doing?”

Let me first take you back to last year. You know, there’s one thing that Apple has that’s really great on Safari, the website. It’s called Reader. And it strips out everything but the text. And then you print it. But it doesn’t print the link. So I don’t have the website on this damn thing, and it doesn’t print who wrote it, so hang on. Let me find this. It’s the Wall Street Journal. It’s a blog from the Wall Street Journal. The date is November 18th of last year. “Kerry Makes It Official: ‘Era of Monroe Doctrine Is Over.'”

Depending on your age, you may not have been taught the Monroe Doctrine, because I guarantee you, the leftists in charge of education today hate it. They thought it was arrogant and we don’t have any right to the Monroe Doctrine, who are we? We don’t have any right to tell people that. So they don’t even teach it, or if they do teach it, they teach it as an element of what’s wrong with America, our arrogance and our superiority.

The Monroe Doctrine was meant to keep Europeans out of Latin America in the wake of regional independence movements from Spain. It was later amplified by Teddy Roosevelt with an eye toward making the US the dominant player in the whole region, in this hemisphere. It essentially was a doctrine which said you just can’t come in here and colonize without dealing with us, because anything you do in this hemisphere threatens us, and you don’t have carte blanche to do that. Well, the left says, who the hell do we think we are? We can’t tell people that. Screw you. I mean, we go all over the world, and we conquer and we take what we want. This is what’s taught.

They have no concept that we’re the good guys. They have no concept that we are liberators, not conquerors. They have no concept that we spread freedom and self-dependence, self-reliance, self-determination. We liberate people from tyranny. They don’t see that.

So this is last November, now. “At a time when the Middle East, Afghanistan and China monopolize US foreign-policy, Latin America hasnÂ’t received much attention. Until today, that is, when Secretary of State John Kerry declared the expiration of the nearly 200-year old,” Monroe Doctrine. Kerry said in a speech at the Organization of American States in Washington, “The era of the Monroe Doctrine is over.”

Well, that is powerful. When you have the secretary of state, you essentially have the president, saying the Monroe Doctrine is defunct, it’s not applicable any longer. Which means, ladies and gentlemen, in the real world our hemisphere is wide open to anybody who wants to move in, and the ChiComs are. Do you recall all during the debate on the Keystone pipeline and not long after Obama was immaculated, the stories that he wouldn’t allow any domestic oil exploration. He wouldn’t permit it. He was making more and more off-limits, that we were nevertheless helping and paying Brazil to find oil. That we were helping the ChiComs drill for oil with the Mexicans.

There was even a report that the ChiComs were gonna get in bed with the Cubans and drill for oil 90 miles away from the Keys, all the while we are shutting ours down. So even before Kerry made it official, this administration had sent the signal that this hemisphere’s wide open. If you want to come in, come on in. You don’t need to go to the Roman Empire to find out what happens and why societies dissipate. You just need to look at Cuba. You just need to look at the Venezuela. You don’t need to go back and understand what happened to the Roman Empire.

Now, one of the reasons, besides the Malaysian airliner, one of the reasons the Drive-Bys are ignoring what’s going on in Venezuela is because it is students who are leading the protests against the Regime there. The Drive-Bys do not want students here or any of the rest of us to see college kids preaching the virtues of the free market over socialism, or freedom over one-party rule. We might get some crazy ideas.

In this country, the students are the precious ones. The SDS, the Students for a Democrats Society. The students that blow up bank buildings. The students in the old days that protested the Vietnam War. Oh, we love the students. The students, contrary to being rebellious, Midge Decter once said — she’s the wife of Norman Podhoretz — she once said of the SDS and the rabble-rousing protesters of the sixties — when she said this, by the way, it didn’t compute with me. She said they were obedient. They weren’t ragtag protesters. They were obedient.

I said, “Obedient?” I was obedient. I didn’t protest against my parents. I wasn’t out blowing up bank buildings. I wasn’t destroying things. I wasn’t marching and setting things on fire. No, but they were, and they were doing their parents’ bidding. They were obedient. They were doing what their professors told them to do. In other words, they were not original thinkers. They were not individuals who were really outraged personally over all that was happening. They were cajoled. They were manipulated into that by professors and in some cases their parents, but it was the machinery of the left that inspired them. That’s what she meant by obedient. They were not independent and free thinkers and everything that they were characterized as being.

Well, in Venezuela there’s a protest movement that you don’t see. The Drive-Bys don’t want you to see ’cause it’s students. Students here are gold. Students protesting the government, Republicans, conservatives, like Occupy, gold. If students ever rose up in opposition to Obama, you’d never see that, either, and you might even see open criticism of them. Which leads me to answer the question, “Then what you would you do?” Well, it’s real simple. This is what used to happen when we had responsible people concerned about our national security and our sovereignty. When we had adults in both parties, by the way, this happened.

When we had adults — and to include the Democrats in this you gotta go back at least 30 years. The Democrats of 30 years ago to the present do not fit this. They are part of the Blame America Crowd. They always blame America first. Jeane Kirkpatrick popularized that, “the San Francisco Democrats” at the ’84 convention. Erick Erickson at RedState.com has a great piece today reviewing and recapturing what Jeane Kirkpatrick said about the San Francisco Democrats.

And they are now running the show. John Kerry’s a San Francisco Democrat. (summarized) “Monroe Doctrine? To hell with it! Kick it out. It’s gone. Our hemisphere’s wide open! We’re no better than anybody else. Nobody’s gonna attack us. They love us! We’re one of them. They are one of us.” It’s this kind of convoluted thinking. “They blame America and we agree with ’em. America is to blame.”

The San Francisco Democrats, they always blame America first. But in the old days, back in the days of Robert Strauss… Remember him, Snerdley? He may be the last adult. Jack Valenti, the motion picture guy. These were the last adults, and even Strauss is a partisan guy. But if we had a legitimate adult-run foreign policy. What we would be doing right now, is we would have the CIA all over Caracas.

We would have the CIA and other agents, if you will, propping up that revolution in Venezuela, encouraging them, funding them, protecting them, infiltrating the enemy and the opposition. We would be, essentially, cultivating Venezuela as an ally, in this moment of unrest. It wouldn’t have made sense for a concentrated effort when Hugo Chavez was alive. He ruled the country with an iron fist and the protesters were killed so they didn’t protest.

Now the same thing could have happened in Iran, and we didn’t do anything. The protesters in Venezuela are in large part people that used to support Hugo Chavez. And they are much like people who have called here today who used to think Obama was the end the of the world and now they realize he’s not. The same thing has happened in Venezuela.

We would also, in addition to supporting the revolution down there, be aiding it however we could. We’d be attempting to make that country an ally in this hemisphere, and thereby keep the Russians and the ChiComs out of it, ’cause it is a lot of oil. They are a top-10 producer; it matters. The free flow of oil at market prices matters to your freedom and liberty and the cost of things in this country.

It matters. You don’t want the ChiComs and the Russians in charge of it. Consequently, we would be increasing our gas and oil production so that we could help Cuba! If we were serious, we would think seriously about doing something with this embargo. We’ve got Cuba and Venezuela. They’re both on the ropes economically.

We would be doing things designed to capture the minds and hearts of the people of those countries so that they would accept us as allies. Now, you’ve got a lot of people in this country who think that it’s passe to have this embargo with Cuba, that it’s JFK policy from way back, and nobody wants to touch it because it’s his. He’s martyred, he was assassinated, and it’s his policy, and so we can’t undo it.

But, you know, the Cuban exile community (which has long opposed any normalization of relations with Cuba) is itself transforming now, because the children of that group are growing up and they’re not nearly as strident. They are, but not nearly as. The point is in the old days, the United States would attempt to forge relationships with these malcontent protesters who want freedom.

We’d demonstrate we’re the good guys. We would help them however we could. We would kick up our oil and gas production so that we could help others with it. And, by the same token, we would shore up our European allies so they didn’t have to totally depend on Putin for their natural gas. These are the kind of things administrations in the past used to be oriented toward without having to think about it.

It was called US national security. It was called spreading freedom. This is what we did. Even during these periods, you had leftists who mischaracterized what we were doing and who accused us of toppling regimes and installing our puppets. I mean, it was not smooth sailing; don’t misunderstand. ‘Cause we have always had leftist opposition to the existence of this country.

There has always been the Blame America First Crowd.

But we don’t even stand for any of that anymore is the point. We’re not even trying to forge relationships with these countries that could be hemispherical allies. We’re not even trying to. We’re filling out our NCAA brackets, and we’re sending vans into the streets of Miami promising free Obamacare and all that stuff. This is how America used to spread freedom, essentially.

But that’s not a mission that resonates with this leadership ’cause they don’t think that was ever legitimate. They don’t think that’s what we did. They think we went out, conquered people, and stole their resources. We made them poor, made them slaves to our foreign aid, and all that stuff. I’m actually getting a little sad thinking about how it used to be in that regard, in terms of foreign policy.


RUSH: John Kerry’s a San Francisco Democrat. He got elected to the Senate after that convention. The first thing he did was go down and visit the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Now, John Kerry and the Monroe Doctrine. Okay, so you happen to be part of a Regime that thinks America is the problem in the world. So you’re gonna make a big deal out of canceling the Monroe Doctrine.

Why advertise it?

Okay, get rid of it if you don’t want to defend it anymore, but why go out and advertise? It’s an engraved invitation to people to swarm into this hemisphere. You know, Mrs. Clinton? I thought for a moment, for a while, that she might have been on the Malaysian airliner ’cause we hadn’t heard from her in 10 days, but I was wrong. She surfaced in Canada. You know what she said?

I kid you not. Mrs. Clinton — in all of her learned existence — said (paraphrased), “We have to keep an eye on Putin because he might do it again.” I was thinking, “How can that happen? You did that reset button.” What she meant was, “Hey, they may not stop with Crimea and Ukraine. They may go to Estonia next. We gotta keep an eye on Putin. I’m really worried that we might be restarting the Cold War.”

Well, what the hell have you been doing as secretary of state?

That’s one of the things you’re supposed to do!

We are so screwed, folks.


RUSH: Okay, I just answered some e-mails. I just ‘splained what, in the old days, a responsible US foreign policy would be and what would be happening in the midst of these revolutions in Venezuela and the continued dilapidation of Cuba. So what is happening? Well we got John Kerry, who last November announced publicly worldwide that the Monroe Doctrine is (raspberry) and extended an open invitation to the bad guys.

“Come on into our hemisphere and take whatever you want! We’re not gonna stop you.” What are we doing? Aside from promoting gay marriage and bakery shops and whatever the hell else we’re doing, and opening up our borders to anybody wants to show up (and calling it amnesty), what else are we doing? Well, yesterday afternoon at the State Department, the Secretary of State, John “No More Monroe Doctrine” Kerry, held a town meeting with university students from around the fruited plain.

During the Q&A, the moderator, BuzzFeed foreign editor Miriam Elder, had a question for Kerry.

ELDER: Can you outline some of the principles that the administration is ready to apply to aid to countries like Uganda that have passed anti-LGBT legislation?

KERRY: Uganda, uh, I talked personally to President [Yoweri] Museveni just a few weeks ago. And, uh, he committed to meet with, uh, some of our experts so that we could engage in a dialogue as to why what he did could not be based on any kind of science or fact, which is what he was alleging. And he welcomed that and said, “I’m happy to receive them and we can engage in that conversation,” and that’s what we’re gonna do. That’s a sort of tailored approach to that particular place, and maybe we can reach a point of reconsideration.

RUSH: Reconsideration? What the…? Do you know what this is about, folks? The president of Uganda went out and said that homosexuality is a sin or whatever it was he said about it. So this editor at BuzzFeed asks, “What are you gonna do about this guy, Mr. Kerry? What are you gonna do about this president of Uganda?”

Kerry says, “Well, we’re gonna send our experts over there to teach this guy about homosexuality, and we’re gonna show him that his science is not right, and this is how we do a tailored message in foreign policy. This is exactly how we do it! We’re gonna have a tailored approach to that particular place. We’re gonna send some experts over to tell this guy he’s a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe.”


That’s what we have become. That’s what we’ve been reduced to.

“Mr. Limbaugh, are you saying that’s not important?”

No, no. Don’t play that game with me. But that is not foreign policy. That’s pandering. That’s pure pandering. That’s fundraising, is what the secretary of state’s doing with that answer. Pure fundraising! That isn’t foreign policy. It’s incompetence is what is. It’s dangerous incompetence from a horse-faced… Ach! These people are dangerous, folks.


RUSH: You know, Uganda’s the only Christian country that has homosexuality laws, but there are 10 Muslim countries that are worse. Why doesn’t John Kerry send his experts on homosexuality to any of the Muslim countries to get reversals or get their minds right, hmm?

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