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RUSH: The New York Times. What is this, a tiny little paragraph? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 lines. National Briefing, Midwest. It’s page A14 of the New York Times today. Here’s the headline: “Wisconsin: Assembly Passes GovernorÂ’s Tax-Cut Plan — The Wisconsin Assembly has passed Gov. Scott WalkerÂ’s $504 million tax-cut plan. The chamber approved the bill on Tuesday by a vote of 61 to 35.” It wasn’t even close.

“The Senate passed it earlier this month. Assembly approval sends the bill on to Mr. Walker for his signature. The governor wants to use a portion of the stateÂ’s projected $977 million surplus to pay for cuts in property and income taxes.”

The solution to this country’s problems gets 10 lines in the New York Times. I’m amazed they even ran the story, but it gets 10 lines. I think this is one of the biggest and most under-commented on, including in conservative media, stories this year. This is simply huge, what Governor Walker has done.

No matter how you look at this, A, let’s look at Wisconsin. One of the bluest of blue states. One of the bluest of the blue universities. One of the headquarter states for malcontent state unions. One of the headquarter states for malcontent Democrat Party union activism. They did everything they could not just to destroy Walker’s political career; they tried to destroy his reputation and his political life. They attempted to recall him a couple of times. The Democrats in the Senate walked out.

He persevered. He overcame. He dominated, and he won. And in the bluest of blue states unemployment is around 3.5%. The schools have been reformed and so the unions do not control every aspect of it now. There is a surplus of nearly a billion dollars in this economy. There’s no oil fracking going on there like there is next door in the Dakotas. There is a near $1 billion surplus and he’s returning half of that to the residents of the state in the form of a property tax cut and income tax cut, and it rates 10 lines in the New York Times.

Elsewhere across the country we have economic decay, frustration, unemployment, no job prospects, certainly no career prospects. We’ve got the answer in practical and real political terms and real-life experience — and particularly for the Republican Party, the blueprint for how to win elections and the blueprint for how to govern after you win elections, the blueprint for economic revival, the blueprint for employment revival, the blueprint for budgetary solvency. It’s amazing! It is a huge story.

I interviewed Governor Walker for the Limbaugh Letter two issues ago, maybe the current issue. The upcoming interview, by the way, Bill Donohue, the Catholic League, and that is also fascinating. You’ve got to read that. You’ve got to read the upcoming issue of the Limbaugh Letter with Bill Donohue, the Catholic League. But this interview with Scott Walker in the preceding issue is just indescribably good. I just ask a couple questions and get out of the way.

The Democrats are living in mortal fear that this is gonna be discovered. The Democrats are living in mortal fear that this is gonna be uncovered, discovered, massively, widely reported. They’re living in mortal fear that the Republicans are gonna get their butts in gear and learn from this and try to replicate it. So far there’s no sign of that. This is Paul Ryan’s state as well, and there are presidential rumblings for him. There are also presidential rumblings for Walker. I have no feeling on that. But, man, I was surprised to see this story in the New York Times. Just 10 lines as printed, and every important detail is there.

“Walker introduced a bill in January that would send $406 million to technical colleges to reduce their property tax hit and cut income taxes by $98 million by reducing the lowest bracket to 4% from 4.4%.”

So the poor are getting a tax cut. Everybody is, actually, ’cause property taxes are being cut. “The end result would be a $131 reduction in a median homes tax bill this December and $46 in annual income tax savings for the average worker.” I look at this, and I wonder why conservative media is not glomming onto this, and why the Republican Party isn’t. But it’s worth paying a lot of attention to.

By the way, Walker? When you listen to him talk, when you listen him campaign, he doesn’t sound like any of these other Republican governors who wants to cross the aisle and work together and have bipartisanship. The Democrats didn’t offer him any of that. The Democrats offered no cooperation whatsoever. All they offered was personal destruction. They threatened; they intimidated.

They threatened harm against his family, these union people did, and he persevered. One of the reasons that so few people know about it is that he’s not out beating his chest over all of this and trying to get people to look at him and then say, “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” He’s just going about his business. I just want to take the occasion to congratulate him and to thank him again, by the way. Now, on the other side of this, what’s the alternative?

The alternative is what we’ve got going right now. The alternative is the Russians rebuilding the Soviet Union under Vladimir Putin, while Obama fills in his brackets for March Madness.

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