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RUSH: Geraldo Rivera has been brought in on Fox to talk about the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. That means… When you bring in the Grim Reaper, that means somebody somewhere thinks that we’re going to be talking about factual death, ’cause that’s when Geraldo shows up. Somebody’s died or been in a bad accident or will die or something.

So he was on Fox & Friends today with Brian Kilmeade, who said, “[Reaper], are you surprised that we walked away without anything and yet…” Because yesterday everybody got all excited about the debris. Those two pieces of debris found four hours outside of Perth, Australia. They were found by a satellite. Everybody said, “A-ha, we’ve got wreckage! We may have the answer.”

Then they got out there and they didn’t find it. Again, I never thought of this: I’m told wreckage sinks. I hadn’t thought of that. So I’m happy to have the newspeople inform us that the wreckage may not be there ’cause it sank. Imagine that. Anyway, here was Geraldo’s answer to the question, “Are you surprised that we walked away without anything?”

There was “breaking news” all day yesterday. What do you mean, there’s nothing? I mean, every network you are looking at, it’s, “BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS!” but there was nothing. As F. Chuck Todd says, “when did nothing happening become breaking news?” Yeah. That is actually a good question, and answer sums up what’s become of the news. Here’s Geraldo’s answer…

RIVERA: My favorite theory, the 5% theory, is that because of some secret passenger OR some secret cargo, the aircraft was hijacked and landed someplace. Not to take off again to be used as a weapon, but just to get it someplace so they could get to the secret passenger or the secret cargo.

RUSH: Now, this sounds strangely/vaguely similar to what I’m holding formerly nicotine-stained fingers. the ChiComs have prepared a summary, and this is what the Kremlin has, and it is that the US Navy… Let me just read the first two paragraphs this to you. I mean, why not? I mean, it’s as worthwhile as anything else the networks are saying. “Decrypting the Puzzle Over Malaysia Airliner’s Capture and Disappearance by US Navy.”

This actually dated a week ago, folks. “A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU),” the sister organization to the KGB, “states that Aerospace Defense Forces (VKO) experts remain ‘puzzled’ as to why the United States Navy ‘captured and then diverted’ a Malaysia Airlines civilian aircraft from its intended flight-path to their vast and highly-secretive Indian Ocean base located on the Diego Garcia atoll.

“According to this report,” circulating in the Kremlin, “Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 … was a scheduled passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China, when on 8 March,” blah, blah, blah, blah. “Interesting to note, this report says, was that Flight 370 was already under GRU ‘surveillance’ after it received a ‘highly suspicious’ cargo…” Ah ha! Geraldo! He thinks it was the cargo.

The Russian and Chinese had it under “‘surveillance’ after it received a ‘highly suspicious’ cargo load that had been traced to the Indian Ocean nation Republic of Seychelles, and where [the cargo] had previously been aboard the US-flagged container ship MV Maersk Alabama.” (Gasp!) So an American cargo ship, the Maersk Alabama, was off-loaded on the republic of Seychelles and put on the Malaysia airliner.

Now, “What first aroused [Russia and ChiCom] suspicions regarding the MV Maersk Alabama, this report continues, was that within 24-hours of off-loading this ‘highly suspicious’ cargo load bound for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the two highly-trained US Navy Seals assigned to protect it, Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44, were found dead under ‘suspicious circumstances.'”

Now, I have not watched any of the TV coverage. So I don’t know if this… (interruption) Have you seen this on TV? (interruption) But you haven’t been watching, so you don’t know. So you have not heard of the Maersk being involved? You’ve not heard that two Navy SEALs guarding the cargo from the Maersk that ended up on the jet were found dead? (interruption) You’ve not heard that? (interruption)

Both the Navy SEALs, “this report says, were employed by the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based maritime security firm The Trident Group which was founded by US Navy Special Operations Personnel (SEALs) and Senior US Naval Surface Warfare Officers and has long been known by the GRU to protect vital transfers of both atomic and biological materials throughout the world.”

So what we ought to conclude is that aboard the Maersk Alabama there was biological/atomic cargo intended for this Malaysia airliner. It was transferred from the Maersk to the airliner. Two SEALs assigned to guard it had been found dead. The jet takes off and is diverted by the Navy to Diego Garcia where it supposedly remains hidden. No word on the passengers. Geraldo’s theory is that it has been taken because of the cargo and the secret passenger.

I happen to know, by the way, some of the cargo on board the airplane. There was a huge stash of lithium-ion batteries, the kind of batteries that are used in your cell phone and your iPad. I mean, a bunch of ’em, a major cargo load of lithium-ion batteries. Now, what’s interesting about that is in a dormant state, those have been known to explode. It’s very rare, but you’ve seen stories of some guy walking around with his iPhone in the back pocketed and all of a sudden he’s on fire.

The phone explodes; nobody can explain it. These things, it just happens. So somebody said, “Well, what if maybe one of them blew up in there and started chain reaction?” Smoke in the cockpit, which goes back to one of the original theories by a former pilot named Chris Goodfellow that the front tire caught fire, made smoke, and so forth and so on. So that’s Geraldo’s theory, and this is what the Kremlin has.

We now skip number eight, come back to that. Let’s go to sound bites nine and 10. Headline News, CNN. What? (interruption) Little truth to what story? (interruption) Okay. Drugs near two ex-SEALs found dead on Captain Phillips’ ship. Okay, what’s the date here? Well, it’s February 21st. By the way, the Maersk Alabama is the Captain Phillips’ ship. That’s true. I have a story here, an AP story.

It’s about drugs that were in the room where two former Navy SEALs were found dead aboard the Maersk Alabama. It’s the focus of the Captain Phillips movie. Police from the African island nation of Seychelles have given no cause of death. So the report circulating in the Kremlin contains this data, that the cargo from the Maersk Alabama was transferred to the jet — and the two Navy SEALs guarding it were dead — that’s true.

But the deaths of the SEALs goes back to February 21st. That’s when this story ran, so it gets murkier and murkier. We’re gonna have to turn to CNN to clear this up, folks. It’s the only way we can do this. Actually, CNN Headline News. Headline News talked to a psychic about this. I’m not kidding you.


RUSH: Thanks to everybody with their pronunciation guidance. Seychelles is how the nation is pronounced. Jay Carney, White House press secretary, said, “No way that the jet landed at our base at Diego Garcia.” So we’ve ruled that out. Of course, I don’t think Jay Carney would admit it if the jet had landed there, but he’s ruled it out. So the ChiCom-Kremlin theory is all wet. Last night, Headline News: Dr. Drew On Call. He wasn’t there. He was on call.

Fill-in host Lynn Berry spoke with psychic Lisa Williams about the missing jet. CNN, Headline News. Your theory is the plane landed somewhere. The passengers are still alive, but the copilot’s involved, but there are people at home that’ll shake their head at that, that’ll be disappointed you would take that leap. You don’t have any evidence. What would you say to people criticizing you because you don’t have any evidence of this?

WILLIAMS: Naturally I don’t actually have hard, concrete evidence. Any psychic who has hard, concrete evidence can’t do their job correctly because they get misinformed. They get interpreted. They’ll just work on what they know. So I tend to work off what I don’t know.

RUSH: Perfect guest for CNN, absolutely perfect guest. Go out and get somebody who works off what they don’t know. In fact, let’s make it even better. Go out and get a guest who says any psychic who has hard, concrete evidence can’t do their job. Perfect guest. So we’re gonna get somebody… No evidence, because if you have evidence as a psychic, you’re not a psychic, and therefore you can’t be trusted as a psychic. So if you’re gonna trust a psychic, you’ve got to trust and believe that they don’t know anything. So the host, Lynn Berry says, “Wait a minute. You believe the plane was hijacked and some of the passengers are still alive? You have any evidence passengers are being held, if this is true?”

WILLIAMS: This is actually an interesting question, because I do believe that it actually crashed, and I see a lot of trees. I saw them landing in a lot of overhang of — of trees. I kept seeing it. And so, yes, there are some people that have passed away, because it’s only natural after these amount of days someone is going to cross (sic) with no food, no water. But I also believe there was a hijacking, and I think there is also a larger organization behind all of this that is leading us off track with this debris. I think they’re leading us off track. So, therefore, it’s all kept hush-hush.

RUSH: Man, folks, I’ll tell you. CNN, they find the most amazing people. Do you realize only a psychic could see the plane landing in a jungle? Why, I would never have thought of that. A crash land in the jungle. That’s right. Lots of trees, a lot of overhang of trees. It takes psychics. And in a plane crash, some people might have passed away. Hard to believe, I know, but the psychic saw it. Now, if I were the host and the psychic said look, “I’m seeing a lot of trees. I would have said, what kind, pine trees, palm trees, coconut, palm trees, fig trees? What kind of trees?” That could have been a big lead. But the anchor just kind of let it flit away. This is what it’s come to, folks. Breaking news: psychic. If I know something, don’t believe me.

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