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RUSH: The Drive-Bys, the Democrat Party, the Republican establishment salivating, excited and happy over their belief that the Tea Party is no more. The Tea Party is gone. The Tea Party has been vanquished, and what they really mean by that is that they think they’ve finally ended the day where conservative Republicans, slash, Tea Party nominate wackos in primaries who will then go on to lose. However, Democrat pollster Doug Schoen is saying that the Tea Party ain’t dead, quote, unquote.

“Huge victories by tea party-backed Republicans in the top two runoff contests in Texas on Tuesday proved that ‘the tea party ain’t dead,’ Democratic pollster and analyst Doug Schoen told Newsmax. ‘This is a clear, unambiguous sign that activist conservatives in the Republican Party have a strong position that is not going away,’ Schoen said. ‘This is a very clear sign that reports of the demise of the tea party are grossly exaggerated. These are blowout landslides — and the Republican establishment needs to take heed.’ Julie Turner, president of the Texas Patriots PAC, told Newsmax: ‘We’re just delighted with tonight’s results. It was huge tea party win.’

“Tea party-backed Republicans won the Lone Star State’s top two races on Tuesday. Two-term state Sen. Dan Patrick trounced incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst — denying him a fourth term — while state Sen. Ken Paxton defeated state Rep. Dan Branch in the attorney general’s contest.” Dan Patrick, 65%, to David Dewhurst’s 35%.

The Tea Party isn’t dead. It’s nothing more than a fervent desire on the part of the Washington establishment in both parties. The Tea Party is never going to die. The Tea Party’s made up of average, ordinary Americans who are all of a sudden becoming activist because of a combination of they are outraged, insulted, and frightened by what has become of Washington. It’s out of control. The spending, amnesty, everything being contemplated is simply antithetical to the founding of this country.

You know, I spent some time discussing amnesty yesterday. It’s one of those things, some people really revved up about it still. Others get a little bored by it. I mean, it runs the gamut. But I want to remind everybody again — and maybe some of you have arrived at this understanding or conclusion on your own. If so, great. But a lot of people look at amnesty in economic terms, and some cultural, in terms of lack of assimilation. But depending on how you look at it, there’s a second or third aspect to it which is really hideous, which is purely partisan politics, beneficial only to the Democrat Party and no one else.

The Democrat Party believes in the politics of grievance. The Democrat Party and its supporters is a collection of miserable, unhappy malcontents. Now, I’m talking about rank-and-file voters. I’m not talking about the leadership, although I don’t think they’re happy, but at least they’re economically secure, and they have power, and they have leadership. I’m thinking of Harry Reid, Pelosi, Obama. I mean, I don’t see them as ebullient. I don’t see them really happy. I don’t think they’re capable of it. Their mind-set is constantly negative and pessimist.

They’re angry all the time, and they’re angry at the country. They’re angry at their opponents. And no matter what they get, no matter how much of their agenda they get, they’re never happy. It’s never enough so they’re never satisfied. So they never get to a point where they just want to leave well enough alone. No matter how much they get, everything’s still out of whack, everything’s wrong, everything’s bad, everybody else is a threat. In fact, one of the requirements for the Democrat Party to advance is to undermine — sabotage, if you will — elements of this nation’s founding, both political and cultural. And that’s where affirmative action comes in.

Affirmative action is a never-ending grievance. It is a solution to a problem that can never be solved, by definition. The Democrats will tell you. There is no end to affirmative action, because there’s no end to the problem of discrimination. Because that’s what America is. America is discriminatory. It is racist. It is bigoted. It has been since its founding. Now, if you’re gonna make that argument and if that argument is what you use to justify all of your socialist policies, i.e., we gotta do this to make it fair for people. We gotta do this to balance the scales. We gotta do this to level the playing field.

What do you need? You need a never-ending supply of minorities, about whom you can say America is to blame for their plight. So, in addition to cheap labor, and in addition to unregistered Democrats who come into the country and become voting Democrats after a while, in addition to those two characteristics, what amnesty and a never-ending flow of poor, very poorly educated people provides them is a never-ending supply of people they can point to and say, “Look at these poor people. Look what this country has done to them.” Or, “Look how this country is discriminating against them.” It is a way to have, in perpetuity, the allegation of the charge that this is a racist, sexist, bigoted country that needs to be reformed, that needs to be fixed.

Just like they need a permanent underclass of dependent people who can’t take care of themselves, they need a permanent, large group of people who are of color, poorly educated, that they can, in time, blame America for. Which allows them to continue in perpetuity their policies that undermine the whole premise of the founding of this country. It is really insidious. It is, in fact, a requirement for them. And when you look at it that way, in addition to the fact that it’s automatic Democrats that are being legalized and registered, and cheap labor, when you realize that what it also is is a way to forever convince people this place is rotten, unfair, capitalism is bad, discriminatory, then why would any Republican ever be in favor of it?

There simply is no evidence that people who will benefit from amnesty make up what is so-called the natural constituency of conservatism for the Republican Party. There’s no evidence. The evidence in the polling data is just the opposite. They are, by 75-25, believers in Big Government, believers in socialism, believers in command-and-control government when it comes health care and economic matters. Why would any Republican, knowing that this is one of the primary reasons for the never-ending inflow and one of the primary reasons for amnesty, why would any Republican — And so, because of that question, there’s always gonna be a Tea Party.

There is always gonna be a Tea Party opposing this. Because what the Tea Party is is average, ordinary Americans trying to save their country. The Washington establishment might dream and hope that they can vanquish the Tea Party, but they’re never gonna vanquish the Tea Party as long as they are on this course. Because there are always going to be people, and I fervently believe it’s a majority people, who do not like the direction that we are going; who do not want socialized single payer medicine; who do not want a country made up and populated increasingly by poor and under-educated people. They’re not gonna accept it. They don’t want it, it doesn’t make sense.

Why in the world would you want the majority population to be poor and uneducated? The Democrats would love it, but why would anybody else? It just doesn’t make sense. And so there will always be people standing up against that. Whatever you call ’em, the Tea Party this, or the Tea Party that, or just straight out patriots, but there are always going to be citizens. And I predict that they’re gonna come from all walks of life. They’re gonna come from all kinds of different political parties. You’re gonna get some liberals and Democrats. Democrats are gonna be fed up with this at some point.

They’re trying to stereotype who the Tea Party is, and they will fail at that because they’re just patriots. They’re just people who want to save the country from the direction that it’s going. And not even for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren. I was talking to a guy recently — and I love to ask people for short versions of their life history, particularly people who have achieved a lot, very successful. Ask ’em where they started. It’s amazing.

It’s amazing how common the story is. The elements of the story are pretty common. Came from nothing, parents really didn’t have grandiose visions because they’d come from the Depression and World War II, and those two things beat them down. Their definition of success… Like my father. When I quit radio and went to work for the baseball team, he was finally happy. He thought I’d finally made a good decision.

He told me, “If you stay there 40 years, you could become a vice president and get a company car.” That was nirvana. I’m talking to this guy and listening to him describe how his life turned out, the decisions he had made, the work he had put in. And then he said, “What scares me is I’m worried that my two sons aren’t even gonna have the opportunity. They’re already in so much debt.

“The government has already spent the taxes of their whole lifetime and their kids’ lifetimes. I don’t see where they’re gonna have to opportunity to acquire the kind of wealth that I did,” he said. That’s what has a lot of people scared, because everybody wants their kids to do better than they did, and it’s always been — if not an expectation — one of the promises and one of the opportunities that this country provided.

You had to work for it. It wasn’t guaranteed to anybody. But if you did it, the odds are you were gonna be much better off following the old rules of hard work, self-reliance, responsibility and all that. You’d be rewarded more often than not. And when examined over an entire lifetime, there’s no question that that kind of ethic would result in a certain degree of success. However, it’s defined by the individual.

This is what people fear is being lost now. As long as they fear it, there’s going to be a Tea Party trying to save it and recapture it, with the belief that getting hold of what’s happening in Washington and reversing direction can make it possible. Frankly, I’d rather be on the side of that kind of optimism than be enmeshed with a bunch of people who are fatalistically pessimistic, who think all is lost.

That’s not the Tea Party.

So they can dream that the Tea Party’s dead, and they can dream that the Tea Party’s been vanquished, and they can dream that the Tea Party’s gone away. They see the Tea Party as just extreme conservatism. They don’t even know what it is. They don’t even know what the Tea Party is. They don’t even know what primary factors of that mind-set are. They just think it’s extreme conservatism. But regardless, it hasn’t gone anywhere. It isn’t going anywhere.

I think this November, everybody is gonna see overwhelming evidence of just how many of these people there are.

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