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RUSH: The Chelsea story’s in the New York Daily News: Hillary Clinton insists she isnÂ’t ‘well-off’ and now daughter Chelsea says she couldn’t care less about money. ‘I was curious if I could care about (money) on some fundamental level, and I couldnÂ’t,’ she told UKÂ’s The Telegraph, explaining why she gave up lucrative gigs to join her familyÂ’s philanthropic foundation. Comparing her experience to the average millennial, the 34-year-old former first daughter defended jumping around to different careers — from consulting to a hedge fund to academia to journalism — before finding her true calling working with her parents.”

Aw. Her true calling working with her parents is going to guarantee her a lot of money without having to work for it. Who are they trying to kid here? But this point (imitating Hillary), “You know, we tried to make Chelsea care about money, but she’s so good, Chelsea’s such a decent person, Chelsea’s such a good person, we couldn’t make her care. Chelsea doesn’t need a dime. She is happy if she’s penniless. Chelsea couldn’t care less about money.” And it’s phony, folks. These people are obsessed with it. They’re obsessed with being rich, and they have been for I don’t know how long, and that’s why Hillary is stepping in it.

But I can’t emphasize enough, when she says that we’re not well-off, she’s talking about a world that 99% of people on the planet don’t understand and can’t relate to. And that’s the big mistake. She thinks that she is establishing a bond of commonality with the middle class. “We’re not well-off. Who are you kidding? We pay ordinary income taxes like everybody.” No. Everybody doesn’t pay ordinary income taxes on income of a hundred million dollars.

And, by the way, Chelsea Clinton, that gig at NBC that she had, she never had any experience being on television. She had so little experience with the media to begin with because her parents had shielded her. They didn’t want any media of her as she was growing up and the media complied with that request. Because the media is a bunch of sycophants and they always wanted to stay tight and close to the Clintons for access. So the Clintons said, “You leave Chelsea alone.” And they did. They never once, there wasn’t a profile, there wasn’t a story, there was zilch, zero, nada on Chelsea.

So out of the blue, Chelsea gets this gig at NBC on Dateline or some magazine show. And Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News in announcing it talks about how he has never seen anybody take to television so quickly with no experience. We now have learned that she was paid $600,000 for this. Quite a lot of money to a woman who doesn’t care about money. And then the $600,000 was amortized, if you will. People compared how much time, how many minutes she was actually on camera doing news reports and stuff against how much she made. It turns out she was being paid $26,000 a minute.

Now, there are ramifications to this. The ramifications to the image the Clintons are trying to put forth is clear. (imitating Hillary) “We tried to make her care about money, we tried, but she’s a such a good person, she doesn’t care about it. We tried so hard, but all she wants to do is help people. All she wants to do is really give of herself and give of her time to people that have so little. She’s just such a good person. She doesn’t care about money. We tried to make her care. We tried to teach her the value but she doesn’t care. She doesn’t need a dime.”

That’s not gonna fly with everything else Hillary was saying. Plus Chelsea making 26 grand a minute. The other ramifications are, you work at NBC, you’ve been working there for how many years, you’re nowhere close to 600 grand and here comes somebody with no experience, never done it before, a pure political hire. There’s no question NBC hired Chelsea for access to Bill and Hillary or insurance. These people are fully aware that these people are statists. The people that run NBC are fully aware these are statist authoritarians. If they ever end up back in power, they want the Clintons loving NBC. They’re not overregulated, penalized, what have you, Comcast owns NBC now. It’s a tight little world.

You work at NBC and you’ve been there in a long time, and here comes Chelsea Clinton who’s never done anything and she’s on the air prime time after having never worked anywhere at 26 grand a minute? Unreal. Yeah. Her segments were called “Making a Difference,” because Chelsea (imitating Hillary), “We really tried making her care about money. I mean, she didn’t care, that’s why she didn’t care about a big hedge fund job. And she wasn’t worried about Wall Street and she didn’t want to make a lot of money in the fashion world and so forth. We really, really tried. She’s such a wonderful, good person. She doesn’t care about anything except other people.”

It makes me want to throw up. This is such phony drivel. And it’s coming back to bite ’em now when Mrs. Clinton says, “We’re not well-off. We were dead broke.”


RUSH: These people are such phonies. They’re just such phonies, and they get away with it because they are perceived to have really good intentions. They just care so much about people. Greetings, and welcome back. El Rushbo, feeling stressed and pressured, trying to get everything I’ve got in here. I’ve still got beaucoup things to do. I like to spend time on each thing, though.

Making sure when I finish that I have been as explanatory, informative, educational as I can be, and make the complex understandable. We’re just loaded today. Let me just get right to it. Back to this idea on the Clintons and their wealth and Mrs. Clinton saying first that they were dead broke when they get out of the White House; then that didn’t fly. She had to walk that back, now she stepped back in it again.

You put a bucket of excrement in front of her, she’s going to step in it. It’s the most amazing thing, and yet she’s “the Smartest Woman in the World.” Why we can barely stand the aura if we’re in her presence, blinded by the light of her brilliance. But you put a bag of excrement in front of her and she’s guaranteed to step in it, and she stepped in it again by saying, “Well, we’re not wealthy! We pay ordinary income taxes.”

Since I’ve already explained that I’m not gonna waste time on that.

Then we had this New York Daily News story: “Chelsea Clinton Tried to Care About Money But Couldn’t.” What this story is about is that Chelsea’s so selfless. (paraphrased) “She so cares about others. She doesn’t care about money! They tried to make her care! (sobs) They really tried to make her care about money and its importance and earning it and all that, but she didn’t care! She just wants to help people.”

Right. Okay. So this little story here. I remembered it so we looked it up and got it. It’s a month or so ago, maybe a little longer. “So much for any doubt that Chelsea Clinton and her husband of three years, Marc Mezvinsky, arenÂ’t in it for the long haul. … The daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton and her financier husband have signed a contract for a marvelous 4-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom apartment in the Flatiron District of Manhattan.

“The 4,967-square-foot condo is in a building on East 26th Street that was built in 1924 … was listed for $10.5 million…” They couldn’t get Chelsea interested in money, see? (sobbing) “She doesn’t care about money! It doesn’t matter to her! She wants to do things for other people. She’s just sees there’s so much suffering in the world. If — if she could, she would donate every kidney and she would donate her liver and her pancreas!

“She would donate her brain if she could and still live! She just wants to help people. She would donate her brain if she could but she can’t, sadly. (sob) She just doesn’t care about money!” She moved into a $10.5 million pad in the Flatiron District with her financier husband! She doesn’t care about money? But, see, they get away it because of the good intentions.

(interruption) Who is gonna rip…? (interruption) Of… (interruption) Oh, of course they’re gonna rip me, but it’s not because Chelsea’s pregnant. They’re gonna rip me because I dare not swallow this for-public-consumption PR campaign. That’s why they’re gonna rip me. I don’t care! I really don’t care. (sigh) I ran into something over the weekend, a fascinating website. I think it’s for young people, actually.

I’ll get the name of it. I can’t think of it off the top of my head. But it was sent to me by a friend who said, “You know, you can relate to this.” It was an explanation for kids about the prison you put yourself in when all you do is worry about what other people think of you,” and it was really right on. I bookmarked it, in fact, and whoever does this — it was two guys.

Whoever they are, they have a bunch of topics like that one for kids. I’ll get the name of it here in just a second. I wasn’t even gonna mention it. It just crossed my mind here. ‘Cause it’s right. It is the biggest prison in the world, being concerned whether other people like you. It’s the reason most people do everything they do: What other people will think. It actually is. Well, I’m not in that prison. (snorts) Obviously.

So you can tell me all day that they’re gonna rip me, and especially ’cause Chelsea’s pregnant. It doesn’t surprise me she’s pregnant. Money doesn’t matter. Not a big deal. She only wants to help people. Oh, and the Clintons aren’t really rich ’cause they pay ordinary income tax. They have a $100 million net worth, but that’s not well off. They pay ordinary income tax. My point is, they care so much about people.

They really care about the Haitians.

Oh. Wow. So cool.


RUSH: Victoria in Suwannee, Georgia, 19 years old. Great to have you with us on the program. Hi, Victoria.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. How are you?

RUSH: Good. Good, good. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: Yeah. No problem. I heard you talking about the Clintons and especially Chelsea Clinton saying that she wasn’t worried about money. And I think that’s kind of amusing, because I’m a college student majoring in music performance and early childhood education.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I would feel free to say that I’m actually someone that doesn’t care about money. I mean, she’s had everything given to her by her very wealthy parents her whole life. I guess it’s easy to say that you’re not worried about money when you have plenty of it.

RUSH: Well, let me be clear. The story is not about anything Chelsea said. It is the Clintons, mother and father, speaking about her. “Oh, we tried to make Chelsea care about money, but she just doesn’t.” Well, actually, let’s see, Chelsea is quoted here. “I was curious if I could care about money on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,” she told The UK Telegraph. And so your point is well taken. She’d never had to worry about it.

CALLER: No. And I don’t think most politicians in Washington understand at all how to worry about money, because in order to even get elected you have to have millions and millions of dollars at your disposal. And I don’t think they’re in touch with reality, the reality of the American people they’re supposed to be representing. They don’t understand money problems, and that’s probably why nothing gets done in Washington, ’cause they don’t understand the effect it has on their constituents.

RUSH: I think it’s an excellent point. I think a lot of them talk about it as though they do. Some get it. I mean, not everybody in Congress is wealthy.

CALLER: No, not everybody, but the majority, the vast majority.

RUSH: Something else, you know, you talk about their campaign, how much it costs to get elected. Here’s something that not everybody, a lot of people don’t know this. When they retire, every unspent campaign dollar is convertible to personal use.


RUSH: Or it used to be. I don’t know if that’s still the law. There were some limits on it, but if you know you’ve got millions of dollars potentially at your disposal, it does change your perspective, and you lose relatability with people living paycheck to paycheck real fast. Your point is really well taken. I think that’s one of the biggest problems in that town, is that it’s its whole universe now.

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