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RUSH: Why should Obama even bother going to the border — when you have a news agency that will actually lie and say that you have gone? I am holding in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a printout of a post by Michelle Malkin at Twitchy. Reuters has actually posted an out-and-out lie. There is a picture of Obama standing on the edge of a wooded area, also known as a forest. There is a giant American flag in the background. In the lower right-hand corner there’s a group of starstruck young people watching the president speak from the presidential podium.

And the headline is: “President Obama Visits the Border.” Well, why bother going to the border when you have news agencies that will lie for you and tell their readers that you’ve been when you haven’t been? “Reuters, Yahoo Busted for Bogus Headline About Obama at Border,” complete with pictures. The picture was taken in Denver. The picture was taken in Denver, which is landlocked. We do not have a national border anywhere near Colorado. Colorado is not a border state.

But if you scroll through the Reuters slideshow posted at Yahoo News you’re gonna see pictures of Obama in several places, none of which could remotely be considered the border, and this slideshow is headlined with, “President Obama Visits the Border.” I kid you not. So why even bother going, if you’re Obama, when you’ve got suck-up, sycophant lying news agencies that will tell their idiot, stupid readers that you were there? Why bother going?


RUSH: So I just saw another picture that is running at Yahoo News via Reuters with the headline, “President Obama Visits the Border.” This picture is Obama deplaning, just walking down the steps, getting off of Air Force One, and the headline of the picture — not a caption, the headline of the picture as though it’s a news story — is: “President Obama Visits the Border.” It’s an out-and-out lie. Both pictures are from Colorado. Well, one may be from Texas when he getting off the plane in Texas.

But the other, in front of a wooded area with a big American flag and the presidential podium and a little audience off to the right? It’s a picture taken in Denver! Obama hasn’t been to the border, and yet Yahoo News and Reuters are running two different photos with the headline: “President Obama Visits the Border.” Okay, well, two can play this game. So Obama visits the border when he isn’t there?

Well, let’s just say that Obama has recorded a commercial that runs in Mexico and in Central America. It would go like this… (playing of parody ad) Yeah, it’s a radio commercial. Obama’s running it in Central America, saying, “Don’t come, but do.” Right along with Reuters’ and Yahoo’s: “President Obama Visits the Border.”

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