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RUSH: Half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair. Rush Limbaugh, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. It’s our 26th anniversary, busy broadcast service day, folks. It’s a long time. Starting year No. 27. It’s a long time. But it doesn’t seem like it. Seems like all these things just happened yesterday. Seems like I was just doing Rush Limbaugh, the Television Show, yesterday. But it was 20 years ago. The concept of time is a fascinating thing, because at the same time something seems like it’s dragging and taking forever, it just zips by. Twenty-six years is just — I don’t know, it’s unbelievable, especially in broadcasting. It just doesn’t happen.

But it has here, and it’s because of you. It really is. Your loyalty and you’ve hung in there during all of the efforts that the left has engaged in to try to make you think I’m not worth it. All the effort the left, the media has engaged in to make you think that I lie to you or that I don’t believe what I say, or that I’m a reprobate or whatever and you hang in there. And that’s why, whenever these moments arise, I always endeavor to thank you people first, because I know I’m here doing it, but if you weren’t, it would all be academic. So I thank you again.

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