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RUSH: You know, I’ve been noting lately how crazy everything is, how upside down, nothing makes sense, it’s all surreal. I mean, what’s next? Is Obama gonna start talking about the need to bomb Iraq? Oh, wait.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Uhhh, he did that. You ought to see it, too. The Drive-Bys, man, they’re so upset. It might not look good to go on vacation. Poor Obama. The damn Yazidis or whatever they are in Iraq, they’re screwing up Martha’s Vineyard. It’s amazing, poor Obama, he’s just trying so hard but he may not be able to go on vacation because of this, and if he does, it may not look good. Oh, well.


RUSH: I got one more sound bite I want to play, just to give you an illustration of something I mentioned early in the program. This is the media fretting over all of this happening right when Obama is supposed to go to Martha’s Vineyard. This stupid stuff in Iraq, damn it, it just puts Obama in a really tough spot, damn it.

Nothing’s easy for the poor guy. He’s working hard, trying hard, really on the golf course a lot doing everything he can, and all these events are conspiring against him. If he could just stop the hatin’ over there at least ’til after the end of August ’cause he’s got this Martha’s Vineyard thing. Ah, so sad. This example is Jim Acosta on CNN last night with Wolf Blitzer after Obama addressed the nation about how the military action he’s taking isn’t gonna matter.

ACOSTA: What they did not anticipate is this humanitarian crisis that is unfolding and potentially getting much, much worse by the hour in northern Iraqi. The Yazidis taking shelter in those mountains with absolutely no protection from those ISIS militants, Wolf. It is a very dire situation, and it puts the president in a very tough spot as he’s about to go on a vacation to Martha’s Vineyard in a few days, Wolf.

BLITZER: Yeah, it certainly does.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s a tough spot for Obama. You’ve got people dying! You’ve got people being bombed to smithereens in northern Iraq. It’s such a tough situation for poor old Barack. B. Hussein O. is really in a tight spot here. He wants to get away to Martha’s Vineyard and these damn ISIS guys decide to attack the Yazidi. Why couldn’t they have stuck with the Christians? They had to move on the Yazidi, and now the Yazidi, it may be a genocide.

(imitating Obama) And I thought the Iraq war was over and we won the Iraq war, and America can’t fix these things anyway. So I’m gonna send a couple of bombs over there with a couple of fighter jets, but that’s it. It isn’t gonna matter. America still turns to us, but there’s no victory possible here because we’re not gonna really secure one. But I gotta make people think that I care about the Yazidi being wiped out, but the real important thing is Martha’s Vineyard and how am I gonna get there?

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