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RUSH: In Ferguson, Missouri, the attorney general’s touched down, ladies and gentlemen, and the news networks were on scene at the St. Louis airport to show Eric Holder arriving, touching down at the airport in a giant United States government Boeing 757. I’m wondering, did the waters of the Mississippi River part as Holder flew over the Mississippi en route to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport? Have the lions laid down with the lambs? Are the Crips making peace with the Bloods? Is it all better now because Eric Holder has touched down?

The attorney general, the top cop on the ground in St. Louis, and this has begot a debate in the media and at the White House on should or should not President Obama go? And Politico has a long story explaining why Obama can’t go, and the main thrust of it is, there’s nothing he can do. Now, stop and think about that for a minute. The first, the historical first African-American president cannot go to an area of racial strife because he couldn’t do anything. It would cause more problems than it would solve. It’s a fascinating piece, and I, of course, El Rushbo will eagerly share this story with you as the program unfolds.

TheHill.com today says the White House is undecided on whether to send the president. By the way, this is a classic example, classic, folks, of the Limbaugh Theorem, the way this story is written. Headline: “White House HasnÂ’t Ruled Out Sending Obama to Ferguson.” See? It isn’t even his decision to go. “The White House” is gonna decide whether or not the president’s gonna go to Ferguson, Missouri. And here’s the first paragraph.

“The White House has weighed sending President Obama to Ferguson, Mo., and has not ruled out a visit in upcoming weeks, according to sources familiar with the internal decision making. For now, the White House believes a trip by Obama to Ferguson would do more harm than good, by diverting resources on the ground at a pivotal time for law enforcement.”

So you see, ladies and gentlemen, Obama’s not calling the shots. He doesn’t even determine where he goes. This is why Bush didn’t go to New Orleans. The White House decided Bush wouldn’t go. The White House decided Bush was just gonna do a fly-by. Bush got the blame ’cause Bush was the White House, but Obama — this is a perfect example, Limbaugh Theorem.

What were we talking about yesterday?

This Obama appearance of being disengaged and bored and having checked out from the job — not challenged, not interested in it anymore — is the greatest cover for political activism that you can imagine. Here’s a country that is on the march to a transformation unlike any we’ve ever seen. We are on the march for the biggest transformation to socialism/whatever-ism that you want to call it.

And it’s happening while the leader of that movement is supposedly detached and doesn’t care and has checked out and is on never-ending vacations. Is that not a brilliant piece of positioning or is that not a brilliant piece of positioning? Here it is in TheHill.com: “White House Hasn’t Ruled Out Sending Obama,” and on top of that, by the way…

In addition to the article making it plain that Obama is so out of control — meaning so far removed from power — that he doesn’t even decide where he’s gonna go! On top of that, the article is trying to let Obama off the hook for not going to Ferguson and continuing his vacation, ’cause it’d be too much of a burden on the local authorities. They’ve already got their hands full dealing with the looters, you see.

But that’s funny.

That excuse didn’t fly when Bush didn’t break off his vacation soon enough to visit New Orleans, as Snerdley pointed. In fact, some of the very same people who ripped Bush are now trotting out the same excuse for Obama, like Claire McCaskill. That takes us to this idiotic… Well, ahem, ahem. It takes us to the governor. (laughing) Is this guy trying to…? The people on the ground in Ferguson, they want the prosecutor — the district attorney, prosecuting attorney, Bob McCullough.

They want him to quit. They want him to recuse himself, he not qualified. You know why? Well, I think… Let’s see. (interruption) Well, it doesn’t matter that he’s Democrat. Oh. “A police officer fatally shot…” No. (muttering) His police officer father was killed in the line of duty when he was a kid. And so because his father was a cop was killed in the line of duty, he can’t be fair. He was perfectly fine for this role up ’til this case.

Bob McCullough was perfectly fine as a prosecuting attorney. Now, all of a sudden, the fact that his dad was a cop killed in the line of duty means he cannot be fair. Of course, it’s not about “fairness;” it means he cannot find for the civil rights movement. That’s what it is. I mean, folks, you have to admit now, with everything going on. You know what this is all about. You know where this is gonna end up. (interruption) No… (interruption)

It doesn’t… (interruption) The fact that he’s a Democrat is not enough here. It’s not enough, and it may not be enough for Governor Nixon. I mean, why do you send Holder in there? The whole point of sending Holder in there is to say that none of the locals know what the hell they’re doing. The whole point of sending Eric Holder in there is that this town, Ferguson in St. Louis, can’t possibly do what the right thing is here.

They don’t know. “Everybody there’s a buffoon. Everybody there is an idiot. Everybody there doesn’t have the slightest idea how to do their jobs. We gotta send the big people in. We gotta send the adults in.” Why would you send Holder? I mean, create the impression the locals can’t handle it; the federal government is where you always have to go to get justice, to get the right thing, to get fairness, to get solution, to get closure, whatever

The federal government is the only place you can go. So many messages are behind sending Eric Holder in there. What’s he gonna do? Eric Holder is gonna be on the scene to make sure that no one’s civil rights have been violated. He’s gonna go in and make sure that everybody’s protected, that everybody’s civil rights are protected — except for some people’s civil rights who don’t count anymore.

Speaking of civil rights, the governor, Jay Nixon, has called for “the vigorous prosecution” of Darren Wilson. He didn’t mention him by name, but who else could be prosecuted? You know he’s not talking about the looters. (interruption) That’s the point. He has already proclaimed him guilty. Why do you think Nixon…? Nixon’s not stupid. I don’t care how he looks, he’s not stupid. This is pure pandering.

This is pure… (interruption)

Did I say “how he looks”? I meant to say “how it looks.” No matter how… He’s not stupid. This is pure pandering. Claire McCaskill! They’re all pandering to the black vote. They’re all pandering to the civil rights coalition. This call for vigorous prosecution is nothing more than to build a bridge with the civil rights movement, the black community in Ferguson and everywhere else throughout the state. Over in Kansas City, too.

That’s all this is. That’s what they’re saying. They want this cop prosecuted. They want him found guilty yesterday. So here comes the governor saying, “Yep, yep! I agree.” He doesn’t say, “I agree with you,” but he says it, in a sense, by calling for a vigorous prosecution. There haven’t even been any charges yet! Talking about grand juries. You know what we learned? The grand jury that indicted Rick Perry had a Democrat Party activist on it.

We know that because she’s out there bragging about it.

A female Democrat Party activist and party member was on the grand jury that indicted Rick Perry, and she’s out singing a sweet song and just bragging about it, how cool it is. So you can see the ducks are being lined up here. Eric Holder flies in, the waters of the Mississippi part, the plane lands. The cameras are there to document the giant 757 carrying the attorney general because nobody locally can handle this.

Nobody locally can keep the lid on, nobody locally can figure out how to handle this, and there’s nobody locally that can put their fist down and say, “This is how it’s gonna be!” So the attorney general will go in there and say, “This is how it’s gonna be! You, guilty. You, guilty. You…” No. There’s only one guilty person. “You, innocent. You, innocent.” There’s only one person guilty here and it’s gonna be the cop.

If they can get rid of McCullough, he’ll be guilty by association, the DA. But it’s all about… Meanwhile, the White House is still trying to figure out whether or not to “send” Obama. (laughing) This is just unreal.


RUSH: You know, I would think, ladies and gentlemen, that Obama has everything we need to stop what’s going on in St. Louis. Captain Ron Johnson, highway patrol, last Thursday he went in there. He was given control of the situation by the governor, Jay Nixon, because Nixon said the county cops were just bungling everything, bunch of Inspector Clouseau’s.

So he pulls them off the case, puts highway patrol on it, the state cops, and Ron Johnson goes in there and looks really good. He marches with the protesters and everything is looking fine. Thursday night last week this guy’s the next governor of Missouri, and then Friday, the looting begins, and Captain Johnson ordered the cops to let it happen, because it would be less tension, feel less provocative, less contentious if the cops just let the looters loot, take what they want, get it out of their system. And with that there went his chance at the gubernatorial shot.

He’ll still get a reality show, probably, but his chance at the governorship is blown in one day. So now they gotta send Holder in there, ’cause nobody in St. Louis, the governor, the DA, the local cops, keystone, can’t do anything right. And Obama can’t even go. And what is Obama, if not the greatest orator in the world? The guy is the most persuasive speaker, what Harry Reid said, and he said, “Yeah, Harry, it’s a gift.” If there’s one guy who could talk sense to these people, make ’em get peaceful, it’s Obama.


RUSH: You notice how often Obama says he’s powerless to do anything, even stop the rioting in Ferguson. Powerless to do anything about Benghazi. He’s just powerless to do anything. He told the Hispanic community (paraphrasing), “Hey, look, I can’t just do amnesty. I’m just the president, there’s this thing called the Constitution. I can’t do it myself. I’d like to, but I just can’t.” He loves telling people, and he loves having it said about him, how powerless he is.

This is the guy who had as his campaign slogan, “Yes, we can.” Now his new slogan is, “No, I can’t,” while he goes out and does everything he does.


RUSH: Now, I mentioned in the opening hour of the program that Politico has a story excusing the fact that Obama is not going to St. Louis. In fact, he can’t go there, and we had this story. I mean, this is just so perfect for the illustration of the Limbaugh Theorem. There’s a story from, I think, what did I say? It was TheHill.com? He can’t go! “The White House” is not letting Obama go.

“The White House” hasn’t decided yet whether Obama is gonna go to. See, he’s not even in charge of where he goes and when he goes. He’s not in charge of the White House, meaning not Obama. I mean, it was classic. But the Politico piece: “Why Obama Can’t Go There.” This actually written by Todd Purdum. Does the name ring a bell? Tom Purdum. Todd Purdum. (interruption)

Yeah, Mr. Dee Dee Myers. He used to work for the New York Times and is now married to Dee Dee Myers, who worked in the Clinton administration. She was the first White House press secretary for Clinton. “It’s a paradox of Barack Obama’s presidency: The first African-American to run the country finds himself in the tensest racial confrontation of his tenure but is constrained from addressing the nation’s original sin in anything but the loftiest, most dispassionate terms.”

Now, that paragraph, in terms of mythmaking, is a doozy.

Now what’s going on in Ferguson can remind everybody of America’s original sin. Yes siree bob! Slavery is now on the table. Slavery is actually what was going on in Ferguson. Slavery is what has continued to take place in America. So here he is: “The first African-American to run the country … is constrained from addressing the nation’s original sin in anything but the loftiest, most dispassionate terms.”

Then Purdum goes on to describe Obama’s statement as being “anodyne,” meaning the least provocative it could be. He quotes Obama saying, “We’ve made extraordinary progress … but we have not made enough progress.” Purdum says, “That observation is so obvious as to be anodyne, but Obama has good reason to confine himself to Joe Friday generalities in the face of the discordant street demonstrations, belligerent police tactics and unfinished official investigation in Ferguson.”

Belligerent police tactics!

What is that in reference to? Last Friday night, the police backed off and let the looting occur. Yeah, they’ve thrown some tear gas in there, and, yeah, they’ve appeared to be militarized. But that’s only because the federal government militarized police departments with leftover items and equipment from the Pentagon! I can’t… Look, folks, I’m sorry to keep hammering this, but it’s crucial.

I cannot get over how what a fraudulent news story this is. There’s no reason for wall-to-wall coverage like this. It is just stunning to me. It’s all based on a myth. Blacks are killed in this country by blacks. That’s what’s common. That is what happens way too much. That is something that these people involved in this myth do not even want raised! They don’t want it brought up.

Weekend death and wounded statistics from Chicago are so high every weekend that they have ceased being news. It’s become so common to get up on Monday and read the dramatic numbers of deaths and people wounded by gunfire in Chicago every weekend that people don’t even think about it anymore, which is my point. There’s no news there. There’s no story. I mean, it’s so common they don’t do any stand-up news reports.

They don’t worry about all the black kids dying in Chicago. If you’re really worried about African-American death, I mean, there are places you can go to highlight it, put it on the news, and portray it as a very, very bad problem. But that will not further either the Democrat Party agenda, it will not further the race industry agenda, and it will not further the civil rights coalition agenda, and therefore it will not further the myth.

It’s just mind-boggling, when you stop to think about this.

So back to, “Why Obama Can’t Go There — Ever since he first judged that the Cambridge, Massachusetts, police had ‘acted stupidly’ in 2009 by arresting [“Skip” Gates] in his own doorway, Obama’s most candid comments on race have been just as likely to inflame a significant segment of public opinion as to soothe it. Last year, when Obama made the indisputable observation that Trayvon Martin … ‘could have been me 35 years ago,’ many conservatives reacted with outrage (whether real or politically inspired).”

You see?

Whenever the myth is in full swing, anybody calling it out is illegitimate. (translated) “It’s not real criticism. That’s just the right wing! They’re just trying to advance policy. They’re just being political!” See? There’s no “politics” in this, you see. There’s no politics in this myth. The only politics is people like me criticizing it. Yeah. But there’s no politics going on here — and, of course, it’s all political.

Everything about this story in Ferguson is political. Everything.

The political far outweighs the racial in this story.

But, of course, those two are actually aligned and side by side in the Democrat Party.

So Mr. Purdum writes, “So there is now little practical percentage for Obama in doing anything but balancing his assertion that ‘in many communities, too many young men of color are left behind and seen only as objects of fear,’ as he did Monday with an even-handed warning that giving in to anger ‘by looting or carrying guns and even attacking the police only serves to raise tension and stir chaos.'”

So Purdum is saying (translated), “See, this guy, he can’t say anything! He’s trying to please both sides. He’s trying to satisfy people on both sides and get out of there without causing any controversy and without getting in any trouble.” So, you see, the analysts who tell us that Obama can’t go do so strictly on the basis of political analysis.

Will it hurt Obama or will it help Obama? And if it cannot help Obama, then he certainly has no reason to go. Really? Well, if the myth were true, and if a white cop were shooting innocent black kids routinely, do you think Obama would go to one of the locales? If the myth were true, if white cops every week were shooting innocent black kids, do you think Obama would go to one of those things? Do you think Obama would do something about it? Do you think Obama would speak up? Do you think he would go instead of sending Holder?

One of the reasons I’m telling you he doesn’t go is ’cause this is not common. But here it is right here in Politico. The main reason he’s not going is because the political calculation is, he can’t help himself. Stop and think about that, though. Here we have the greatest orator ever in the White House. I mean, the greatest speaker ever, the most powerful and the most influential. He’s just the best. He told Harry Reid he just has a gift. Here we have a man who was going to end these things in America. It was going to be an end to all this racial partisanship and strife.

We have the first black president who was elected, I maintain, by a large number of people hoping that this kind of stuff would never again happen. I know for a fact that there were a lot of white people that voted for Obama really thinking and hoping that it would mean, their vote, that if the black people of America could see that white America would elect a black president, that they would finally see that there is no racism and there’s no slavery and there’s no bigotry, this stuff needs to stop. You know as well as I do that a lot of people voted for Obama with that dream.

Speaking of dreams. You know that the Republican Party, the white majority has been on defense for I don’t know how long about this, trying to prove they’re not racist and that they’re not sexist and that they’re not bigots and that they’re not mean-spirited and that they’re not homophobes and that they’re not this or that. Practically everything the Republican Party and the white majority do in this country is a defensive posture trying to say, “No, we’re not! No, we’re not! No, we’re not!” And it was in that framework and frame of mind I think that a lot of white people voted for Obama, to show everyone, “No, we’re not what you say we are. We’re not racist.”

They thought that by voting and then by saying so and by openly, proudly, publicly supporting Obama, that they could display for the world that they were not racist, could finally convince the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons and the Trayvon Martins and their families, finally convince them for once and for all, don’t you see, we are not racists. We don’t hate you. We’re not afraid of you. That’s what was behind the vote, a desire to send that message. And now the truth is you can send that message all day, you can send that message all day, every day for a year, and it will be thrown right back at you. And the establishment of this myth is evidence of that.

I mean, if electing the first African-American president was in part to end racism or to show that a majority of white people are not racist and they’re not bigots and all that, that’s what the purpose was, and yet the events keep happening, and maybe even some would say, get worse. You have an event like this happen, purely mythical in its scope, and now we got president — stories left and right, the president cannot go, the first African-American president can’t win by going in to talk about this. It would cause more problems than he could solve. He just can’t come out on this one side or the other. But this is the guy who was the recipient of all of those votes which were intended to say, “We’re not, we don’t. Stop hating us. Stop judging us. Stop calling us racist. Stop calling us bigots. We’re not. Look. We voted for the first African-American presidential candidate, and we helped elect him.”

And those people today, six years later, are still being told they’re racist, still being told they’re bigots, still being told that they support white cops killing black kids. Nothing’s changed. In fact, as I say, it may have even gotten worse. So as Todd Purdum writes: “So it has fallen to an African-American man with a much smaller megaphone — Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson — to give personal voice to the feelings of so many black parents at the shooting of yet another unarmed black teenager.”

See? The myth, the shooting of yet another unarmed black teenager. I’m not denying that it happens, but it doesn’t happen regularly, and the vast majority of black deaths in this country are the result of black perpetrators, and those are the stats. They don’t lie.


RUSH: By the way, folks, it’s not just President Obama who’s not going in there. Mrs. Clinton isn’t anywhere near. You know, Al Sharpton is asking for Hillary to come in. Even some people have asked for Jeb Bush to show up and talk about this, but there’s a Politico story that references how few Democrats have answered the call or spoken up much on this. You’ve got people on MSNBC demanding to the president, “Get on a plane! These are your people!” He stays in Martha’s Vineyard.

See, the politics just isn’t right. There’s something not right about the politics for the national Democrats to get involved. There’s something about this that just isn’t right and the reason it isn’t right is ’cause it’s a myth. It’s not working.

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