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RUSH: I got an e-mail after that call from the doctor, and I’m sure that many of you are asking the same thing, “What’s the bottom line?” His point in all of that was we’ve got no business allowing people from known Ebola-producing countries into ours. That was his whole point. And his secondary point, which confirmed his primary point, was he’s a doctor. He said this idea that a patient has to be showing symptoms in order to infect people isn’t necessarily true.

The doctor’s point was that you can be infected by a patient who is not showing symptoms, and thus may not know that he or she has Ebola. There are instances of it. And because of that, his simple point was if the safety and security of America and her people is the primary concern, there’s no way you let Ebola patients or you allow flights from countries such as the three in Africa, into the country. The Filipinos are banning all flights. It can be done. Lesser countries than ours are instituting such protocols. It can be done.

I have to be honest here with you, folks. We’ve got a call coming up from a guy, an admitted low-information voter who voted for Obama. He’s been listening here for a couple of months, it says, and he’s starting to see things differently. And I appreciate that. But there’s some things I have to say here, and I have been saying them. I realize that to a low-information voter, say, somebody tuning into this program relatively new, maybe the first time, second time, first week or what have you, some of it may sound off-the-wall if they don’t have a lot of listening under their belt to establish context or understand context. And if they don’t have an understanding of prior Regime policies, the things that I may offer as analysis or opinion might shock them, which is not my intent.

But you remember when the doctor said common sense would say, given what we’re learning, that you shut down flights from the three countries in Africa. Common sense. If your objective is to protect the country and the health of the American people, that’s what you would do. That’s common sense. I said, well, if you have a different agenda, you can very well have common sense attached to that agenda that makes no sense in what the doctor pointed out.

Let’s say, for example, that there’s a political agenda at work, which there is. The political agenda, the political desire, the top of the heap political desire for the Inside-the-Beltway establishment today is granting amnesty to all of the illegal immigrants that are in the country now and future illegal immigrants. The number’s anywhere from 11 to 12 million, and it may be as high as 15 million. Both parties, for different reasons, want those people to be legalized by granting amnesty or some other status that would allow them to become citizens down the road and become voters down the road.

Now, for that to happen, you can’t close the borders. If you close the borders, if you shut down flights, say, from Liberia, Sierra Leon and Nigeria, then you’ve established a dangerous precedent for your other ideological policy desire, which is amnesty. To a new listener it might sound extreme or cynical that the regime would not shut down flights to this country because it would jeopardize another political objective they have. Now, for people to think that way, that’s pretty brazen to put the health and safety and security of the American people second to a political desire you have. And a lot of people frankly, folks, are just not going to believe that, particularly newly arrived low-information voters.

They’re not going to think of it that way. They don’t think of the presidency that way. They don’t think of the leaders of the country as doing things in a way that would subordinate the American people to danger, health risks and all that. Most people think instinctively that everybody in government’s out to protect them, from the military to the presidency, to members of Congress, that everybody’s looking out for them. Because that’s what they think the job is.

Here along comes some guy that says, “Well, maybe not in this case.” Maybe what’s more important is making sure that they get their amnesty legislation or their amnesty policy done by the end of the year. They can’t do anything that might jeopardize it and shutting down flights from Africa would clearly jeopardize it because it would clearly send a message that there are dangers to letting all kinds of people whom you don’t know into the country. So if they were to do that, that would open up questions. “Well, why are you letting the southern borders stay open to anybody that wants to come?” And they don’t want to deal with this.

This is a sad truth in reality. But it’s getting harder and harder, if I may complain to you. I don’t complain or whine much. But these are things that I don’t think are deniable. At the same time, in thinking about people that are new, listeners to the program, can you imagine what a shock hearing something like that would be to them? And I don’t want them running away. I want them to hang in and learn all they can. So it’s an ongoing challenge here to be honest and express opinions here in a way that’s not going to shock people.


RUSH: We go to Utica, Ohio and this is Darryl. Darryl, it says you voted for Obama the first time. You were a low-information voter, but you’ve now found this program. Welcome, sir, it’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, how are you today?

RUSH: Really good. Thank you.

CALLER: I was just listening to what you were saying. I haven’t made it past High School, but common sense tells me, shut the borders. I don’t understand any of this, why they do this stuff. It has to be political. You’re not going to scare me away. It’s sad and I don’t understand why more people can’t just say, “Why don’t we close the borders?” I mean, it’s like red flag, red flag, red flag. I don’t understand.

RUSH: Hold that thought. Your common sense is telling you, and you voted for Obama.

CALLER: Not the second time.

RUSH: Yeah, you wouldn’t again, and you are a self-described low-information voter. You’ve been working on not being one.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: So your common sense says, “Close the border!” yet they’re not closing the border. So what then do you tell yourself? I mean, in terms of why aren’t they? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind. Or, after you think about it, what is it that you think is inspiring them not to close the border when you think it’s the common sense thing to do?

CALLER: The first thing that pops into my head is, “This is dumb.” It does not make any sense at all. It has to be political and they’ve got to have some other thing that they want to do besides protect us. And like the reporters growing up, you just assume they’re doing their job. They’re out there working, they’re reporting, and you’re getting the facts and it’s not backed politically. But why aren’t we getting the truth all the time? If I was doing the job, I would try to report the truth. But they probably have a boss somewhere, his boss has a boss, “Oh no, you can’t say that. You’ve gotta say it like this.”

RUSH: But you used to think that reporters were telling you the truth, right?


RUSH: That’s part and parcel of being a low-information voter. Although, I have to tell you something, Darryl. You’re the first low-information voter I’ve ever found to admit it, and therefore I don’t think you really were. Because most low-information voters, by definition, don’t know that they’re low information. But you thought that you were. So I think you’re probably more informed and not as low information as you thought you were. I think you’re ahead of the game more than you realize here, is my point.

CALLER: Listening to you, you’ve pointed out a lot and it makes sense. It’s hard to argue with some of the stuff you say. And you’re actually pretty funny when you listen to your comments and the little noises you make when you’re cracking on people and stuff. It’s entertaining.

RUSH: I’m happy to hear that. I’m happy to hear that. Let me tell you why. It might be incorrect to say this is troubling me, but my objective here is to persuade. I’m not just commenting for the sake of commenting, folks. In fact, I think way too many commentators do that. They’re not really in the game. They’re not really in the fight. There’s just, “Here’s what I saw today. This is my analysis and see you at the bar later.”

I actually have a vested interested in outcomes, and I’m doing what little I can do behind a radio microphone to effect outcomes that I prefer. I would prefer that the left lose as often as possible. I would love for there to be an army of American citizens voting against the left every election. That’s what I’m attempting to do, and entertain people in the process, do a good radio show in the process, have it all be part of the mix. That’s the objective here, to create an army of informed people that understand the dangers posed by liberalism and the Democrats and the left.

That’s why I’m writing these children’s books, the Rush Revere Adventure series. By the way, a new one, preorder available, just announced last week: Rush Revere and the American Revolution. It’s hot. Folks, it’s so good. And, believe me, I wouldn’t say that if it weren’t. And the fact that I’m saying it, I’m so enthused about it. There’s an added message in this book, and that is the story is dedicated to the military and their families. It deals with the pain and the questions that the military kids have when dad or mom is deployed and they don’t understand why. They don’t understand why they’re gone so long. Why would they leave? We deal with that head on in Rush Revere and the American Revolution and tie it back to actual events in American history.

I can’t wait for this book to come out. The 28th is when it comes out. I can’t wait for you all to get this in your hands. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. But it’s all part of the effort here to persuade people. And I know that there are people tuning in each and every day for a host of reasons. I mean, even the far left media watchdog critics create curious people who tune in here wondering what the hell is going on on this show. And they tune in here every day.

So it’s a balancing act to continue to meet the expectations of the daily audience and to make sure that the newly arrived audience is intrigued enough to want to hang on. And I’m telling you, I have an opinion of low-information voters that I hope I’m wrong about. And it is that they just can’t conceive of their government not being focused on helping them first. We’ve got a president who really thinks this country is the problem in the world and I don’t know how many average Americans even can conceive of having elected somebody like that. Because most people hold the presidency in deep reverence.

They think people who hold office are special and they’re better than the rest of us and the first thing they’re going to do is defend and protect this country come hell or high water. And yet while they think that, this Ebola thing is happening and even low-information voters with a modicum of common sense are thinking, “Wait a second, why in the world are we not protecting the American people? Why do we have to let potentially infected people of a deadly disease into the country? Why?”

And when you supply the answer, “Well because they have another political agenda here that they’re not talking about called amnesty. If they shut the borders to Ebola patients then they’ve got a problem with their other thing they want to do.” That might confuse them.


RUSH: Jackie here in Paw Paw, Michigan, as we head back to the phones. Glad you waited. Welcome to the program, hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Dittos to you. Rush, I’m a retired United Airlines flight attendant. Last week when I saw that the nurse down in Texas came down with Ebola and she had all the protective covering on, I thought about the flight crews that are flying these trips from Africa. They’re doing beverage services. These people are drinking from plastic cups and they don’t have anything covering them. I don’t know if the airlines should say no more trips, or the flight attendants say, “I’m not going to work.” I don’t know. And another thing, too, our president a couple of weeks ago said it’s very hard to get Ebola. Well, now we know that’s a lie. And he lies. He lied about the IRS. He lied about Benghazi. He lied about Obamacare. So I really don’t believe him. I think this is a really big problem, especially since I heard that doctor that was talking to you.

RUSH: Yeah, the guy from Washington.

CALLER: Uh-huh. So that’s just my comment. I worry about the flight crews.

RUSH: I think everybody’s faith in all kinds of institutions is challenged right now. I think a lot of people are asking themselves what can we count on that we used to be able to count on? What can we depend on that we used to be able to depend on? Things like common sense. The prerequisite, the safety and health of the American people come first. If that’s not true anymore, then what’s replaced it? These are frightening things for people to ponder. Some people don’t know and don’t care to actually delve deeply into what those answers are.


RUSH: I’m not trying to be a downer here. You know me. I’m the mayor of Realville and I call them as I see them. I tell it as I see it.

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