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RUSH: There’s a piece in The Politico today. It is a hit piece aimed at conservatives. But you knew that. It’s a hit piece aimed at conservatives in The Politico sourced by members of the so-called Republican establishment. The headline of the piece is: “Mainstream GOP Sees Tipping Point vs. Insurgent Candidates.” Insurgent candidates are conservatives. The insurgent candidates, for the purposes of this story, are Tea Party candidates. And here are the first couple of paragraphs of this piece.

“For the Republican PartyÂ’s leadership, taking control of the US Senate might not even be the sweetest part of a victory in 2014.” Now, stop on that for just a second. For the Republican Party leadership, winning the Senate might not even be the sweetest part of a win tomorrow. Well, if the purpose that they’ve all told us we should vote for them is to win back the Senate, if that’s not the real thing to celebrate, then what would it be? I mean, the Republicans are sending fundraising e-mails all over the place. I get them; you get them. Some are panic-filled. Others are confident to one degree or another.

But the objective is clear: We’ve got to get rid of Harry Reid. We have got to get control of the Senate. We have got to get control of the chairmanships, the committees in the Senate. To any casual observer, it would appear that the Republican motivation is to literally win the Senate so that we would have a Senate majority with a House majority and therefore have a united bloc against Obama and the Democrats in all of Congress.

But the Politico story says no, the real celebration in a victory over Tuesday would not be taking control of the Senate. No. And of course you know what’s next. “With growing confidence as Election Day approaches, Republican leaders are preparing to argue that broad GOP gains in the House and Senate would represent a top-to-bottom validation of their partyÂ’s mainline wing.” And what that means is that Republican leaders are preparing to argue that a broad Republican gain in the Senate, a broad Republican gain in the House, would represent a total repudiation of the Tea Party. And that, ladies and, is what these people — this is a Politico story, but the Politico wouldn’t have a story if it weren’t for sources talking to them. And I don’t think these particular sources are Democrats here.

Now, I’ve gotta walk a very fine line in explaining this to you, because none of this should be new to you. Now, it may be just as upsetting or it might make you just as angry as always, but it shouldn’t be new. This is not a new attitude the Republican leadership has adopted. The Politico says the real celebration, the real popping of the champagne corks will come as the Republican moderate leadership, described here as mainline wing, the mainline wing is the moderates in the Republican Party, but they are preparing to go out and say that this huge wave, landslide win also repudiates the Tea Party, along with the Democrat Party.

“Having taken a newly heavy-handed approach to the primary season this year, the top strategists of the Republican coalition say capturing the majority would set a powerful precedent for similar actions in the future — not just in Senate and congressional races, but in the presidential primary season as well.” Meaning we better not mess around with any conservative candidates in the Republican primary because we’re going to demonstrate here that it is moderate Republicans that win landslides, as will be evidenced, they say, by the results tomorrow.

Then the next paragraph. “National Republicans managed this year to snuff out every bomb-throwing insurgent who tried to wrest a Senate nod away from one of their favored candidates. They spent millions against baggage-laden activists such as Matt Bevin, the Louisville investor who mounted a ham-fisted challenge to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel, the conservative upstart who imperiled a safe seat by nearly ousting longtime Sen. Thad Cochran.”

The people they Politico are as happy to write about this kind of Republican win as they are to write about a Democrat win. It’s amazing to read this. The Politico sounds here as excited over a Tea Party defeat as they do of a Democrat win. This Republican win, moderate, mainstream, has got the writers at The Politico as happy as if the Democrats win. Never seen it before. Folks, this is a new one, this is over the top. This is the day before the election, and the Republican Party providing sources to The Politico telling everybody how much they’re gonna celebrate what they think will be a repudiation of the Tea Party.

The Republican Party apparently doesn’t see any problem having their buddies at The Politico write a story detailing how ecstatically happy the Republicans will be at their own base theoretically losing. I don’t think I would ever see this about a Democrat race. I don’t think the Democrat establishment would ever attempt to undermine an element of its base. They do quite the opposite. “National Republicans managed this year to snuff out every bomb-throwing insurgent who tried to wrest a Senate nod away from,” the leadership.

“The confrontational approach — by both party committees and outside super PACs — represented a sharp departure from the GOPÂ’s cautious strategy in the 2010 and 2012 cycles, when cartoonishly inept nominees aligned with the Tea Party lost the party as many as five Senate seats.” Oh, yeah. And they’re talking about Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell and rubes and amateurs like that that the Tea Party championed. So the Tea Party was responsible for all of these Republican losses. Not the moderates in the Republican Party. Not the establishment. Nope. The Tea Party’s the reason the Republicans were losing everything, and now they’re gonna get rid of the Tea Party in one wave election, and they’re already celebrating and Politico has all the details.

Now, there is a companion story here, John Podhoretz yesterday in the New York Post. And the headline: “Why the GOP Needs a Stampede in the Midterms.” He’s got some good points in here. I will give him that. But he’s missing something at the same time. Let me read the first couple of paragraphs before getting into the analysis.

“For a year, the big question in political circles has been whether TuesdayÂ’s midterm elections will be a Republican ‘wave.’ Optimistic conservatives and GOP operatives say (and hope) yes; concerned Democrats and annoyed liberals say (and hope) no. These are terrible conditions for Democrats. The presidentÂ’s approval rating hovers in the low 40s. … Taken together, these should be like boulders tied to the legs of Democratic candidates, weighing them down and effectively drowning their hopes.” And they are. But in fewer cases than most people expected.

And that’s the point. In the real world it ought not be — Mr. Snerdley, would you agree with me that if everything were operating in a sane way, there wouldn’t be any doubt about tomorrow being a wave. If we were living in the real world, what would be talked about would be, will the Democrat Party win enough to survive and continue? That’s how bad the Democrat defeat should be. With every bit of damage the Democrat Party and its president have wreaked on this country for six years, and it is damage that people are living. It’s not damage they have to be told about. It’s not damage predicted. They are living it.

The number of Americans who want to work and can’t find a job is close to 20 million, 92 million are not working total. I mean, the percentage is around 18%, not 18 million. You’ve got the destruction of a health care system. We’ve got a president purposely dwindling the influence of the United States all over the world. The Democrat Party has destroyed the mainstream economy by stealing from it to grow the government. There are fewer and fewer opportunities for people to, quote, reach the American dream, all brought about by Democrat policy.

This ought to not even be a question. We ought to not have to ask ourselves, “Do you think it’s gonna be a wave? Do you think the Republicans are gonna win? It’s gonna be close.” The Republicans ought to be smoking. Everything that’s up for grabs tomorrow, and then take away 10% for California and New York. But instead it remains — well, even Mr. Podhoretz is not sure what’s gonna happen. It might be a wave. It might not be a wave. We might get the Senate. We might not. There ought to be no question about it, folks, in the real world.

If the Republican Party had embraced the most amazing political event of our lifetime, and that’s the rise of the Tea Party — ah, you might want to say the fall of the Berlin Wall, but that also had foreign policy connotations. But out of nowhere this massive political movement rises. Out of nowhere in 2010 it arises precisely because of its opposition to the Democrat president, the Democrat Party, and what they are doing to the country, and to this day the Republican Party has refused to embrace it. In fact, it’s the opposite.

They’ve attempted to diminish and impugn the Tea Party to the point now we’ve got a Politico story, which says that the real thing the Republicans are gonna celebrate if they take the Senate is not taking the Senate but vanquishing the idea that the Tea Party is needed for Republicans to win.

Now, folks, I want to be very careful. I am not and I’m not going to tell you to stay home. I am not and I don’t believe in that, and I will talk to anybody today who wants to argue with me about it. These two things are not related. You’re not gonna teach anybody a lesson by not showing up. You’re not gonna show anybody anything by not voting. That’s not gonna accomplish anything.

I don’t want anybody — although I can’t control the people that take me out of context, known as the Democrat Party — but there is in no way, shape, manner, or form that I am suggesting that because of all of this you stay home and not vote, because that’s not the answer. And I’ll explain. I don’t think I need to with all of you, but I will anyway, ’cause that’s what the show is for.


RUSH: So Mr. Snerdley tells me that he just had a caller. Was it a woman that was mad? (interruption) He did not clear her through, and he now regrets it based on what he just heard me say. But she was mad at me. She said I was sabotaging Republicans by reading to you what’s in The Politico piece. Now, that could only be the case if she thinks The Politico piece is untrue.

But in The Politico piece I just read to you, the sources there are Republican sources, they claim. It’s not Democrat sources reporting this story for Politico, and it’s not news that the Tea Party is feared by both Democrats and Republicans. I just sit here and think what would happen if the Republican Party had embraced the Tea Party. Every election would be a wave election, if that had happened.

But instead, what’s…? Hey, this is inarguable, folks. All you have to do is listen to Republican ads and listen to Republican consultants on TV. The Republican leadership is missing their absolute best and easiest core vote, the Tea Party. They’d be invincible! The Republican Party would be invincible embracing the Tea Party, but instead what they’re doing is wasting time and money wooing Hispanics and blacks.

Make no mistake about that. I mean, that’s not even arguable. The Republicans think that they are expanding their base by doing this, and they believe that those demos are needed to win presidential elections. Liberals and establishment Republicans, they are… If Pat Roberts wins, if Mitch McConnell wins, they’re gonna say… You don’t even need The Politico story to tell you this.

They are going to say, “The Tea Party’s dead!” They’re gonna say, “The Tea Party was never that big a deal. The Tea Party’s never had that kind of influence. We were wise to spot that.” That’s what they’re gonna say. But if there’s a wave election tomorrow, it will be because the Tea Party people sucked if up and voted like grown-ups and voted to stop Obama’s authoritarian take over the country.

If there is a wave election tomorrow, it’s gonna be because the Tea Party shows up. If there is a wave, it’s not gonna be because the Republicans are gonna succeed in getting black and Hispanic voters. They might get a few more than usual, but if there’s a big wave tomorrow, it’s gonna be because of the Tea Party.

And if the Tea Party shows up in enough strength for the Republicans to win in a wave, it’s gonna be because the Tea Party is doing whatever it can to stop Obama, which is what this election is about. It’s not about stopping the Tea Party, for crying out loud! It’s about stopping Obama. That’s why the Tea Party is gonna show up, ’cause of their character and their sense of concern about the future.


RUSH: One more time: This election’s not about the Tea Party. This election’s not about the Republican Party. The Republican Party is not saying anything! This election is about the repudiation of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. That’s what it is about.

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