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RUSH: The Senate committee report on the CIA’s post-9/11 detention and interrogation program is going to be released. The Democrats are insisting on releasing this CIA report now. You know what this is? This will be another catalog in how flawed and how mean and how extreme this country is because we tortured.

If you boil this down to its essence, the Democrats are gonna release another report via a Senate committee that they still run on how rotten the CIA was, how bad our interrogators were, how mean we are, and how this is not who we are. And they’re gonna once again release a document that catalogs all the torture and all of the abuse of all of these Al-Qaeda prisoners that we had captured on the battlefield.

Now, why would the Democrat Party want to do that? If there is anything that’s old news, it’s this. But as I mentioned to you the other day, ladies and gentlemen, I have watched, quite by accident, I mean, didn’t seek them out, two television shows, and the plot of both of these shows was all about torture and how reprehensible it is and how rotten the countries that do it are.

One show was Madam Secretary, which is a precursor to Hillary Clinton being elected president. Tea Leoni stars. She becomes the secretary of state when the existing secretary of state dies in a plane crash. Well, she used to be with the CIA and she used to be in Iraq, and while she didn’t do torture, she saw it, and she didn’t do anything to stop it. And her college-age daughter finds out about it.

We’re in 2014 and we’re talking about things that happened in 2006, 2007, seven, eight years ago, and on this show, these Hollywood writers and producers, the college age daughter, when she learns that her mom did not stop the CIA from torturing bad guys, leaves the house, moves out, totally disgusted with her mother. Her mother tries to say, character’s name is Stevie, “Stevie, there are things that you don’t know, and I’m not proud of it, Stevie.”

“I don’t care, Mom, torture, really, Mom, torture?” Leaves the house. I mean, politicizing this even now. There’s only one purpose for this, and that is to do damage to this country, and that is to harm somehow the image of this country.


RUSH: A bunch of Democrat staffers wrote this Senate committee report on the CIA and how bad we are and all the torture that we did, and the Democrats are hell-bent on getting this out while they still control the Senate. The thing about this is, it’s all old news, and very little of it is true. This is truly going to be damaging. There’s no other way to look at this.

Michael Hayden was on Face the Nation, General Michael Hayden, former CIA director was on Face the Nation yesterday, which nobody saw because I was on Fox News Sunday. He said that this Senate report is going to be used by our enemies to motivate people to attack Americans and American facilities overseas, which is the whole idea. When the Republicans are in control, the Democrats want as much chaos as they can manufacture. The Republicans are gonna control the Senate, they’re gonna control the House, and the Democrats want as much chaos going on here and around the world as they can get.

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