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Can I tell you something, folks, before we get into all this maddening, depressing, just inexplicable stuff that’s happening in Washington, did you see the news that a time capsule was discovered someplace in Boston from the 1700s? A time capsule that was hidden away by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams.

Folks, you’ll have to forgive me for feeling immense pride here, but if you go to the Rush Revere Facebook page, you will see parents sending little notes that their five-year-olds and 10-year-olds were all excited when they heard that on the news.

Now, stop and think about that. A five-year-old and 10-year-old being excited that a time capsule involving Paul Revere and Samuel Adams was found in Boston. I mean, that is just so wonderful, I can’t tell you. And they know about it because of the Rush Revere books, if I do say so myself. What an amazing thing, these parents are writing, and they’re saying their kids are all excited when they heard about this time capsule and wondering what it means and what’s in it, they’re curious. The fact that they even know who Paul Revere and Samuel Adams are at age five and 10.

Anyway, it’s a little oasis of hopefulness for me and all of us that work on the Revere series. It’s a huge little oasis of hopefulness, because I’ll tell you, when you turn to Washington, this is just mind-boggling.

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