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RUSH: You gotta hear this, Mark Potter, NBC Nightly News last night, they’re all excited about the embargo being lifted because now finally all those 1957 Chevy’s and Fords are gonna be able to be repaired.

POTTER: Our tour guide is Armando Pruna, who makes his living driving tourists around Havana in his fully restored 1956 Chevy Bel Air. Around the bend along the harbor we come upon Havana’s Central Park where the owners of these vintage American cars have used Cuban ingenuity for years to keep them running. The trade embargo has kept them from buying American parts since 1961. They all hope that changes soon. Buying American parts in Cuba, would that be a good day for you? Would you like that?

MAN: Yes, I’d like to very much.

RUSH: (imitating reporter/tour guide) “And would you say President Obama is very much responsible for you being able to drive?” “Yes, we love President Obama here in Havana. We live for Obama. We wish Obama would come and get rid of Castro or join Castro, but we love him.” These people don’t stop. So they haven’t been able, other than using Cuban ingenuity, to repair their ’57 Chevy’s because of the embargo.

You can’t find a part for a ’57 Chevy anywhere in the world because of the US embargo. I mean, that’s the idiocy that attaches. It’s our fault. Folks, it’s our fault, that’s why the Cubans are just backwards people still driving 1957 cars because of us. Not a communist Regime, not lack of freedom, nah, it’s our fault. Same story, never ends.

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