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RUSH: I tell you, folks, out there in the highest ranks of the leftist foreign policy circuit, I’ve concluded today there’s some real fear. Now, you and I have had this fear for a long time, but the leftists, this crowd that bought into this so-called intellectual superiority, this cultivated sophistication of Barack Obama, I mean, it’s really coming on ’em now. And all it took was this little incident in Paris where he didn’t go. And they have flipped.

Now, up first, Roger Simon. Roger Simon, PJ Media. He’s not a leftist, but I’m gonna start with him. “Is the White House a ‘Sleeper Cell’?” I saw that and I said, “My God, are they gonna suggest this? Does this website have a death wish?” So of course I read it, curiosity. This is how Mr. Simon begins.

“IÂ’m still trying to figure out why Obama — or any high-level US government official other than Eric Holder, who was in Paris but evidently had better things to do — didnÂ’t join the nearly 4 million people who marched throughout France protesting the terror killings at #CharlieHebdo and the Hyper Cacher market. White House press secretary Josh Earnest has admitted the mistake and apologized (perhaps a little wishy-washily, but weÂ’ll give him a pass), informing us that, unfortunately, there just wasnÂ’t enough time to arrange presidential security for the trip.

“ThatÂ’s interesting. Somehow there was time for security for 40 or so other world leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel (arguably the most highly regarded politician on the planet at the moment and the de facto president of the EU), the UKÂ’s David Cameron, SpainÂ’s Mariano Rajoy and even IsraelÂ’s Benjamin Netanyahu (probably a considerably bigger target than Obama these days and not exactly welcomed by FranceÂ’s President Hollande, if reports are correct). Of course, the ‘American president’ is supposedly more important but — correct me if IÂ’m wrong — Obama was not originally so gung-ho on American exceptionalism, equating it with British exceptionalism and Greek exceptionalism, etc., etc. All countries, after all, feel they are exceptional.”

The American president is more important. His point here is, in this world, still today, no matter Obama’s efforts to transform this country and to cut it down to size, the fact remains that America is still more important. Obvious reasons. Not that we’re better. We’re more important because of the ability we have to project power and to defend people, which we’ve always done. But, you see, Obama doesn’t believe in that. Obama doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. When he was asked about it (imitating Obama), “Well, yeah, I know what it is, but I’m sure the Brits feel that they’re pretty exceptional, too, and the Greeks.”

What that means is there’s nothing special about us and there never has been anything special about us. In fact, we’ve never deserved all the accolades we’ve got. Look at our past, look at our history, we don’t deserve any of this stuff, and Obama’s acting on it, so he doesn’t show up. And I think probably a number of reasons why he didn’t show up, and there’s not enough time for security is the last of ’em. He just didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to be part of 40 guys. He didn’t wanna get lost in that crowd. He’s above that. Photo-ops, it’s Obama in one photo, and everybody else in the other photo.

“Well, heÂ’s changed his mind on this several times, so whoÂ’s to say? And there was a game on. IÂ’m a sports fan, too, tennis more than football (wimpy, huh?), so I understand,” Obama might not want to leave the TV set to go to Paris because there were football games on. “YouÂ’d have trouble prying me away from the Australian Open when it starts next week. But still, in the event of one of the biggest and ugliest terror events in recent years, if I were president, I hope IÂ’d TiVo a couple of rounds. Just yesterday I theorized the real reason Obama didnÂ’t go is he just couldnÂ’t put the words ‘Islamic’ and ‘terrorism’ together in one sentence even if, forgive the tired image, it hit him in the face.” He doesn’t want to hang around with people who look at Islam that way.

Anyway, Mr. Simon continues to write and speculate about why Obama ultimately didn’t go. And then he gets to this: “Is there a ‘sleeper cell’ in the White House? It would certainly explain ObamaÂ’s not going to France, which was a decision that hurt the USA, hurt the effort against Islamic terror and hurt the presidentÂ’s already tarnished reputation into the bargain. There are so many other things that the existence of a White House ‘sleeper cell’ would explain that I couldnÂ’t even begin to count them. And as you know, a cell doesnÂ’t have to be violent to be active. There are many ways to do damage. But who would be a member of this cell? Is it one or all of them? Well that, I am sorry to say, I cannot tell you. I do not have the proper clearance. You are, however, free to guess,” who in the White House is part of the sleeper cell.

He cites Alger Hiss, who was a member of a sleeper cell. Alger Hiss was a communist spy in the US government. So he’s raising the question about Obama because nobody can understand why Obama didn’t go, and no offered explanation has come anywhere near sufficing.

Jim Patterson at TheHill.com: “Congress Must Lead on Security as Obama is Irrelevant.”

This is TheHill.com. Do you remember when I called Clinton irrelevant back in 1994? Shortly after the Republicans took over the House, a massive victory, Contract with America, I was joking on the radio and then TV about Clinton being irrelevant. He actually went on television in a press conference and denied that he was irrelevant. (imitating Clinton) “I’m still relevant. I don’t care what anybody says, I’m still president. I’m still relevant. People running around saying I’m irrelevant, they don’t understand what’s going on.” He actually did. He actually responded to it.

Well, now it’s not me calling a Democrat president irrelevant, it is TheHill.com, which is part of State-Run Media. Jim Patterson is the writer’s name. “The utter failure of the Obama administration can be measures in so many ways, from the number of beheaded American journalists, to embarrassing heads of state by spying on German Chancellor Angela MerkleÂ’s personal mobile phone, to callously calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a war hero, ‘chicken shit’ and a ‘coward.’

“Secretary of State John F. Kerry, a longtime member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, suggests Israel is an apartheid state. By supporting Hamas and its ally the Palestinian Authority, Obama and Kerry have threatened the lives of Jews around the world in the name of human rights for terrorists. He doesnÂ’t realize Gaza is occupied by terrorist Hamas intent on killing Israeli children until they destroy the Jewish state. Kerry thinks Tweeting will stop the Russian war on the Ukraine. America is without a foreign policy at a dangerous time.”

And here are a couple of pull quotes from Mr. Patterson, again in TheHill.com. “Americans, including this writer, symbolically voted for an African American president in hopes he could lead our country nationally and internationally and that he could put to rest lingering racial issues. Racial tensions are greater today than in the 1960Â’s. The world is on the brink of disaster. The Obama administration is asleep. The president doesnÂ’t want to wake up until his term is over so he can proclaim his great single accomplishment: Being the nationÂ’s first African American president. His record is void of any substantive accomplishments.”

Another pull quote. “Congress must realize Obama is no longer relevant. He has wasted his opportunity to lead. He has lost the confidence of the American people and world leaders. It is Congress that must lead. … Congress must act immediately to secure our country from further cyberattacks and threats to Americans and assets at home and abroad. But real security will not be restored until Obama loses his security badge to enter the White House. That day cannot come too soon.”

Who’s Jim Patterson, you’re asking? Jim Patterson, a former Washington diplomat. He is a San Francisco-based writer and speaker. He is not the mystery author. That’s James Patterson. This is Jim Patterson. What an indictment. You haven’t had this kind of pointed criticism from conservatives about Obama. They’re afraid to say these things about Obama. This is astounding. And here this guy admits, he’s one of the millions that voted for Obama for pure symbolic reasons. Yeah, I wanted to say good things about me by saying I voted for a black guy, first black guy. Look what it would save on America, and this guy was uniquely qualified to make us safer again, restore foreign policy.

It’s been an outright disaster. Racial tensions greater today than in the sixties, the world’s on the brink of disaster, and real security will not be restored until Obama loses his security badge to enter the White House? And then Leslie Gelb is next. And he’s really worried. I mean, these people are scared to death. They are afraid of militant Islamism. They are scared to death, folks, people on the left, all of them who thought they were electing the smartest guy in the world six years ago.


RUSH: One more little reference here on Jim Patterson, San Francisco diplomat, former diplomat. He said, “Our country is leaderless on security. … Due to Obama’s total inaction, the US is great risk of a crippling cyber doomsday, a day when there is no Internet. The president gets tough on nuclear enabled North Korea for hacking a worthless Hollywood film, while he does nothing to prevent such attacks on the national security of our nation and military, diplomatic and industrial assets abroad.”

This guy is really down on Obama, and, by the way, this is important: He voted for him for all of the right reasons. He was smarter than anybody else, especially Bush. Well spoken, so sophisticated, so articulate, so black. Wow, first African-American president? Oh, and he was gonna rebuild foreign policy! He was gonna make America strong again.” I know it’s easy to say, but what is this…? I didn’t fall for any of it. At no time was I dazzled. At no time did I buy into any of Obama being real.

That’s because I understand liberalism and how it operates and how it sells itself. It’s just a shame that it’s taking all of this time for the supposed smartest people in the room to figure all this out. They may be figuring it out too late, because now there’s nothing stopping Obama these next two years. Now, Leslie Gelb is a foreign policy writer at the New York Times and somehow he ended up over at Council on Foreign Relations and Foreign Policy magazine or whatever.

He’s the top of the walk at the CFR and like places. He is considered the top of the pyramid when it comes to the American foreign policy. Not as part of government. He’s never been part of government. He’s always been outside of it, influencing it, writing about it. And he had a piece published in The Daily Beast recently. “This Is Obama’s Last Foreign Policy Chance.” He says, “Before I continue, I have to tell you that I’ve never made such extreme and far-reaching proposals in all my years in this business.

“I’ve never proposed such a drastic overhaul” of the US foreign policy establishment. “But if you think hard about how Mr. Obama and his team handled this weekend in Paris, I think you’ll see I’m not enjoying a foreign policy neurological breakdown. It was an absolute no-brainer for either Mr. Obama or Mr. Biden personally to show the American flag on the streets of Paris.” Anyway, cutting on the chase, Leslie Gelb goes on to criticize Obama and to highlight his incompetence and to suggest that everybody in his inner circle is incompetent.

Valerie Jarrett doesn’t know what she’s doing. I mean, this is… It’s stunning, folks, and the people in left-wing Drive-By circles who read this stuff, I guarantee you are huddling in the corners and talking about it amongst themselves. You’ll never see this in the New York Times. You’ll never see this discussed on Fox News or anywhere else. It’s being closely held. “Here’s why America’s failure to be represented at the Paris unity march was so profoundly disturbing.

“It wasn’t just because President Obama’s or Vice President Biden’s absence was a horrendous gaffe. More than this, it demonstrated beyond argument that the Obama team lacks the basic instincts and judgment necessary to conduct US national security policy in the next two years. It’s simply too dangerous to let Mr. Obama continue as is — with his current team and his way of making decisions. America, its allies, and friends could be heading into one of the most dangerous periods since the height of the Cold War.”

Next, he writes, “Before I continue, I have to tell you that I’ve never made such extreme and far-reaching proposals,” and he goes on. His proposals are for Obama to get rid of everybody. Fire Valerie Jarrett. But not just that. He wants them replaced with Republicans. Now, you may not even know who Leslie Gelb is, but just trust me. In this egghead group, this guy’s god. So to give this kind of dissent and publicly write about it at The Daily Beast, Tina Brown’s old place?

I don’t know who runs it now. Does Barry Diller run it now? I don’t know who runs it. But it’s a publicly accessed website, obviously. Now, the Republicans he wants Obama to hire… He knows it’s not gonna happen. He’s illustrating the point here. He wants the most moderate Republicans you could ever name: Thomas Pickering, Milquetoast kind of guys. But at least he’s confident they know what they’re doing. It really boils down to this uprising in the deepest pits of the left-wing national security/foreign policy apparatus that folks are scared to death that Obama is clueless and has no idea what he’s doing.

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