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RUSH: But what happened to Stewart? I mean, I almost look at the Stewart resignation the way I look at prominent Democrats resigning as they assess the future and determine they don’t want to be part of it. For example, Henry “Nostrilitis” Waxman, or pick your favorite Democrat. Go back to 1994 after the Republicans won that year or any big Republican year since, and you’ll see some famous big-name Democrats who only knew being in power, resigning, deciding not to run anymore. They don’t want to be in the minority. What’s that?

Henry “Nostrilitis” Waxman, he’s had enough years being in the minority now since 1994. He doesn’t want to be part of that anymore, so he’s resigning. It’s the majority or nothing. You can always look at these resignations, and you can always tell from those resignations what the real thinking at the deepest levels inside the Democrat Party really was about their future. Well, I’m sort of looking at the Stewart resignation in the same way. If you look at the Democrat Party right now, you pay attention to what the cognoscenti in the Democrat Party are talking about, it’s Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, maybe Elizabeth Warren, maybe, but Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton.

Maybe the thinking in certain circles is that the Democrats are not gonna win the White House again. Maybe the thinking in certain circles is that the damage done by Obama is real, they have not succeeded in papering it over, the 2010, the 2014 midterms are clear evidence the American voter, those who care enough to show up and vote, are not all-in for the Democrat Party agenda. That is abundantly clear. It is abundantly clear the Democrat Party agenda is advanced against the will of the people.

The Barack Obama agenda does not enjoy majority popular support of the people in this country, and it hasn’t for a long time. And there’s no dispute. I mean, you can argue with me if you want, but you will lose, because it is inarguable. Over half the people, I would guess, that voted for Barack Obama regret it now, although they might not say so because of the racial component. They regret it because this is last thing they thought was gonna happen. They thought it was gonna be unity and love and no more racism and no more sexism and everybody getting along and no more terrorism because Obama was so wonderful and so great. He was gonna end all that, but now all of that is worse than ever.

People are working 30 hours maximum a week as they’re converted to part time because of Obamacare. People can’t afford Obamacare unless they can get subsidies, and that’s becoming a hassle. None of this was what was promised to them. None of this. Student loan debt is skyrocketing. Junior college, community college, is now gonna be given away, ostensibly, but people are smart enough to understand that’s gonna cost ’em. What’s happening on American college campuses is not education; it’s indoctrination or what have you.

There’s not an overwhelming happiness blanketing the country. There’s not even a good vibe. Everybody’s worried about something. Something doesn’t seem right. A lot of somethings don’t seem right. Much seems really wrong. To some people it is a failure of the American system. Many Millennials, sadly, think the American system is failing. Not that it’s the fault of the Democrat Party and its agenda or its president, which it is. The vast majority of problems in this country are traceable to policy implementations of the Obama administration and, by extension, the Republican Party sitting idly by and not doing much to stop them other than Obamacare.

The American Constitution’s not failed anybody. The American dream has not failed anybody. The American system has not failed anybody. The current implementation of policy has failed people. Of course, those who are responsible for implementing this policy are not blaming themselves. They’re trying to blame Republicans or racism or sexism or bigotry or capitalism or freedom or what have you, but the last thing they’ll do is blame themselves. So in the news business, in the pop culture, and in the Drive-By Media, the truth of what’s gone wrong in this country is hard to find. And so people are left to stew in a sense of malaise, unhappiness, whatever, people know this isn’t right. This is not how it’s supposed to be.

This is not what growing up was supposed to be like, people are saying now as they hit their thirties and forties. And I think that if you happen to be a leftist, there are those brief flashes of reality that permeate, and you realize all this is true. You realize that the implementation of every policy you hold dear is an abject failure. You realize that everything you believe in that has come to pass, become law, been implemented, national health care is not what it was gonna be. It’s not anywhere close to what you thought it was gonna be. There isn’t a utopia. There isn’t overwhelming happiness.

If you are an honest leftist, and maybe even a dishonest leftist that gets hit with honesty in a split second or two, three, four times a day, you may realize that it isn’t what I thought it was gonna be. So if you’re in the media, and your job is to make the news and the stuff going on in the country fun, but you don’t see anything, you just you see misery and you see unhappiness and you see people that are in various stages of disquiet, you might think, I don’t even want to try to crack jokes about this anymore. And, by the way, after 16 years, what is there left for Jon Stewart to blame on the Republicans? What’s new?

For 16 years Jon Stewart’s blamed everything gone wrong on the Republicans. What’s left to blame on them? Particularly the last six years when they haven’t been in power, haven’t been able to stop anything. Jon Stewart was all-in for Barack Obama. The man who lied about Obamacare. The man who turned careers into part-time jobs. The man who took smiles off of people’s faces, Barack Obama. Jon Stewart was all-in for Barack Obama. The man who made health insurance unaffordable with sky-high deductibles and out-of-pockets. Jon Stewart was all-in for that guy. The man who’s made it next to impossible to pay back unaffordable student loans in his part-time economy, Barack Obama. Jon Stewart was all-in for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama was the answer, Barack Obama was the hero, Barack Obama was gonna fix everything, and while all this has been going on, Jon Stewart has lampooned and impugned and destroyed and taken out as many Republicans as he can when they haven’t had a thing to do with this, except now and then standing aside and letting it happen. Jon Stewart has helped to polarize the country by poisoning the Republican brand. Oh, yes, he’s had a very clear role in that. He’s not the only one. They poisoned the Republican brand at ABC. They poisoned the Republican brand at NBC. They poisoned the Republican brand and conservative brand at NBC and CBS and the Washington Post and the New York Times and at Comedy Central. They have all done it.

They’ve ignored scandal after scandal because Jon Stewart, ABC, NBC, CBS, are liberals first and in his case a comedian second. This is right, it’s fine and dandy. But look where his candidates and look where his party have taken the country. There’s nothing worth bragging about out there. There’s not one policy that if you’re a Democrat and you elected Obama and you supported Obama, there’s nothing going on in America you feel like bragging about, is there? Except maybe if you think conservatives are running around all miserable and unhappy, if that makes you happy, then, yeah, you can brag about that.

But aside from what you think you’ve done to destroy conservatives, where is there anything to brag about? Unless you actually believe this country needs to be torn apart and transformed. Unless you actually hate capitalism and you think that there have been great inroads made in destroying it, maybe, but that’s not something you could run around brag about because you’re in the minority. Most people do not want the country destroyed. Most people don’t want capitalism destroyed. Most people think capitalism is where the American dream lives. So you can’t run around and brag about that so what are you gonna brag about?

There isn’t anything to brag about. Stewart’s a funny guy, but he lacks an appreciation of federalism and he lacks an understanding of the harm caused by Obama’s cult of personality that also sucked him in. Stewart fell hard for it just like David Brooks did, and still has, and any number of people. Jon Stewart is not alone, but Jon Stewart helped grease the tracks for the most destructive presidency in many of our lifetimes. And because he was able to make some people laugh while all this destruction took place, he’s hailed as a political genius and a great journalist and said to be eminently qualified to host Meet the Press. Fine, but that says more about NBC than it does Jon Stewart.

Now, the Democrats love Jon Stewart. He was an immense help to them. Except Jon Stewart’s party got landslided twice when Barack Obama had nothing to do with the ticket. If you’re a liberal Democrat and you’re the Drive-By Media, if you’re a comedian, you’re getting shellacked by people that should be in your audience. Even though you may laugh and make fun of people in the Midwest and the South, you still don’t mind if they’re in your audience even though you won’t admit it ’cause you want the bodies.

But when these people finally speak up the only way they can right now in elections, you’re side is taking it on the chin. The Democrat side’s getting shellacked. It’s just too bad the Republican Party benefiting from these elections doesn’t know what to do with the victories. But that doesn’t change the fact that your party, the Democrats, are getting shellacked. Despite your best efforts in making Republicans look like fools, they’re still winning landslide elections.

It’s been a bad six years for America. It’s been a very good six years for Jon Stewart and the left wingers, but maybe they’re thinking, “I don’t want to carry Hillary Clinton’s water. If that’s what this job is gonna make me do, I don’t want to do it. Hillary Clinton, are you kidding me? I can’t get rid of Hillary Clinton, it’s been 1992 since she’s been on the scene and she’s the front-runner and she’s what everybody’s saying we gotta elect, she’s gonna be the next president? I can’t sit here and ignore Hillary Clinton every night and not make jokes about her and that’s gonna be the job ’cause I can’t make jokes about Democrats.” That may be the way Stewart’s thinking. I don’t know. But one thing I’m relatively sure of, folks, as is the case in most anything, things are not what they seem, particularly in the areas of conventional wisdom and pop culture.


RUSH: Time to get started on the phones, and we go to Apple Valley, Minnesota. This is Joan. Thank you for waiting. I appreciate your patience, and hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I listen almost every day.

RUSH: What do you mean, almost?

CALLER: (laughing) Well, you know, sometimes I can’t.

RUSH: No excuse.

CALLER: Then I read it on your Web page.

RUSH: Well, okay, then you don’t miss. You could get the podcast. There’s no excuse for missing a day’s broadcast.

CALLER: That’s very true. Back a few years ago, and I don’t remember what exactly it was in reference to, but you talked about there’s going to be some small thing that comes along that maybe exposes, I don’t know if it was bias in the media or whatever, you said it wasn’t gonna be any big catastrophe, you know, colossal —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — event or anything. I’m wondering if you think this NBC problem and the Jon Stewart thing, is that maybe the small thing that’s maybe going to —

RUSH: No, I don’t. This is not enough to cause an earthquake to befall the Democrat Party. I remember, it wasn’t that long ago, either. It was in the midst of a series of phone calls that were coming in, people very frustrated thinking it was over, that we’ve lost too much ground. I remember people saying, “Rush, okay, so we stop ’em today. We gotta stop ’em 10 more times tomorrow and then the next day after that because they’re relentless and never stop. And we’re never gonna be doing anything but stopping. We’re never gonna be advancing.”

And that’s when I said, “I understand the sentiment, but I think it’s all gonna end up okay. Maybe not in my lifetime. It’s just I’ve got faith that the country is gonna hang on. The people of the country are gonna rally at some point.” I mentioned that what you’re talking about is that some small thing that nobody can possibly predict. It isn’t gonna be a major earthquake. It’s gonna be a little, tiny thing, like the assassination of King Ferdinand led to World War I, nobody would have ever — I don’t mean an assassination, but that triggering world war, nobody foresaw it. I’m thinking that something small and tiny in proportion is going to happen to shake people’s faith in what they have grown totally dependent on.

CALLER: Don’t you think that this might cause —

RUSH: Tell me how.

CALLER: — the low-information crowd to actually start questioning a little bit about what they’re listening to?

RUSH: Let’s take Brian Williams. The low-information crowd might now be saying, “Wait a minute. Is everybody lying to us? Should we start distrusting everybody?” Is that what you’re thinking this might make happen?

CALLER: Yeah, or just, you know, maybe take into account if they hear little snippets of something from Fox News or from you, that they don’t just automatically discard it as, “Oh, well, that’s the right wing, but maybe there’s some truth to what they’re talking about on there.”

RUSH: I have been waiting for that, I wish that happened every day, that exact thing you’re talking about, because I know that every day — well, maybe not every day, but let’s say I say something and the Drive-Bys find it intriguing, or they think it’s explosive, so they put it out there in a manner designed to harm me and my integrity and credibility. I’ve been longing for the day where that doesn’t work anymore, that people actually tune in and hear it for themselves and find out they’re being lied to about it. I don’t foresee that happening in this instance.

You know, the thing about the low-information crowd is I don’t think the low-information crowd’s watching NBC Nightly News. The low-information crowd is that far removed from the traditional old standard journalism presentation. The low-information crowd’s watching TMZ and E! Entertainment TV, Entertainment Tonight, and they’re getting their news online from who knows where. Facebook, you know, the news digest on Facebook, you would not believe the number of people who think that’s news. And it’s just what other people are telling everybody and each other.

So no, I don’t think this is gonna be the tipping point, but I do think that it is a small, little example of left-wing media experiencing a little implosion. Because there is now attention, a lot of attention in certain quarters to how things are made up, lied about, and can be. For your theory to actually be usable here, Williams would have had to have been telling lies about conservatives that have been revealed as lies. What he did was lie about himself and insert himself into stories. His transgressions could not be said to be ideological in nature, other than he’s a lib and this is what libs do. But I think this is one of many things that will add up over time and have an impact. But this, as the tipping point, I don’t think is it. But I appreciate the call.

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