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RUSH: This e-mail scandal with Hillary, you know, everybody’s looking at the wrong thing again. Okay, so Hillary did not have an official State Department e-mail address. She used a private e-mail address, and everybody is saying, “My gosh, she might have broken the law. “

It’s not about breaking the law. Of course she broke the law, but when have they not? They don’t care. Obama breaks the law every day with every executive order that he does. The point of this is, Mrs. Clinton was trying to hide from the official federal record. All e-mails sent by government address, according to the Federal Records Act or whatever, and even prior to that, have to be preserved.

That’s why the Lois Lerner e-mails vanishing was such a story, because the law requires that they be backed up and backed up and backed up, and we find out that it didn’t get lost. The Lois Lerner e-mails were right where they were supposed to be. They just couldn’t find ’em until everybody had forgotten about that case.

Mrs. Clinton wanted to be able to send e-mails that nobody would see, folks. And some of those e-mails, by the way, have been released. One of them last week showed beyond a doubt that four minutes after the attack in Benghazi that Hillary Clinton knew it was a terror attack. It had nothing to do with a video, four minutes. That same night Mrs. Clinton knew exactly what was going on. Didn’t matter. She huddled with Obama and they settled on this lie that all of this was the result of a video made by some obscure American, and they ran with it for as long as they could get away with it. But Hillary was trying to hide official communications.

Now, you might be saying, “Well, how does she think she was gonna do that, because she’s sending e-mail.” Well, she’s trusting the people she’s sending the e-mails to, to keep them private, too. And, by the way, folks, you’ve gotta understand who these people are. They are constantly working behind everybody’s back. They’re constantly working in the shadows. They’re never up front. Everybody Hillary Clinton is sending an e-mail to doesn’t have to be told, “Now, don’t you dare let everybody see this.”

They work in secret. Everything they do is behind everybody’s back. They are never up front and they can’t be. They’re liberals. The idea she didn’t use a State Department e-mail address, legal or not, and it was illegal, but nothing’s gonna happen to her because of that. The biggest pitfall to Hillary is not legal. The biggest pitfall to Hillary as a result of this e-mail address discovery is that it may make other Democrats ask for an alternative to her, and that’s what did her in in 2008.

If you get down to brass tacks, I’m here to tell you, the only way Hillary Clinton will ever be elected president is if she gets the Democrat Party nomination, of course. And the only way she’s gonna get the Democrat Party nomination is if there is no other serious candidate running. And Joe Biden does not count as a serious candidate, but Elizabeth Warren would.

So this story that Mrs. Clinton sent all these e-mails from a personal address, which means they’re not protected, I mean, she thought they were, but that very idea — this weakens her in the eyes of a lot of people. This makes an alternative, like, we already have Ron Fournier, who is one of the intellectual guideposts for the Democrat Party. Ron Fournier today already with a piece (paraphrasing), “You know, maybe Mrs. Clinton ought to give it up. Maybe Mrs. Clinton really shouldn’t seek the presidency. Maybe Mrs. Clinton doesn’t even really want to,” he says.

The problem this story presents is that once again it’s another Clinton scandal, and we don’t forget the Clinton scandals. They’re out there and they’re numerous and they don’t go away. And here’s another one. It just opens the door for alternative candidates, like Obama, shows up out of nowhere and wins. It just proved that the Democrats really didn’t want Hillary, if you ask me, otherwise she’d have gotten the nomination. If all this folderol about she’s the best candidate, she’s the only candidate, she’s destined to be president, if that were true, Obama would not have gotten anywhere in the 2008 primaries. But what happened instead, she got defeated.

So I think the pitfall for Mrs. Clinton is that this opens the door for alternatives, and that does her in, alternative candidates. There’s also something else in these e-mails. It has been learned and discovered that among the people she was e-mailing and seeking advice from during such instances as Benghazi was the esteemed — ahem — Sidney Blumenthal, who is her fellow traveler partner in crime.

Sidney Blumenthal was at her right hand throughout her first ladyship and throughout her Senate days, but Obama hates the guy. Obama banned Sidney Blumenthal from having any official job in his administration, even over at State helping Hillary. And there she was e-mailing him and seeking his advice, and that is not gonna sit well with Obama and the Regime and the Democrat Party hierarchy.

There’s all kinds of problems here for her that have nothing to do with whether or not what she did was legal or illegal. When has illegal stopped these people anyway, if we can be honest about it.


RUSH: I’m gonna head to the phones here, but just one thing here on the Hillary e-mails: The Sidney Blumenthal e-mails were hacked. One of the things we know here is that Hillary’s e-mail account was hacked by a hacker that calls him- or herself Guccifer, as in Lucifer, but with a G. Guccifer. It’s spelled G-u-s-s-i-f-e-r. Gus-ih-fer, Goose-ih-fer, Lucifer, whatever. They hacked Blumenthal’s e-mails. This hacker, Guccifer (however you pronounce this) is a Romanian, and the hacker turned over the hacked Sidney Blumenthal’s e-mails to Vladimir Putin’s mouthpiece Russia Today.

Russia Today has access to Clinton’s State Department e-mails. So if this hacker could do it — and the hacker who did this is well known by this name in the hacking community. I just don’t know how to pronounce it. It looks like “Goose-ih-fer,” but who knows what it is. But this hacker… This hacker can hack Clinton. The domain is ClintonEmail.com. That was the e-mail domain. If the hacker can hack that domain, then it would be child’s place for the Russians or the ChiComs to hack Hillary’s e-mail.

So these e-mails are from Sidney Blumenthal, who Obama banned Hillary from using, and she went ahead and did it anyway. These e-mails from Sidney Blumenthal using the using the ClintonEmail.com neighbor were hacked by this Romanian hacker. He turned ’em all over to Putin’s media mouthpiece, Russia Today. So it’s not so much whether she broke the law or not. This is a huge, huge national security breach, by not using official government e-mail domains.

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