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RUSH: Total vindication for Darren Wilson, the police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The Department of Justice has released a massive report on this, and it is just devastating to the witnesses who lied about “Hands up, don’t shoot.” We knew at the time it didn’t happen, and now none other than Eric Holder has made it official. “Hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen. Darren Wilson was entirely, totally justified in taking the action he took against the Gentle Giant. It is just overwhelming.

And even with this, the attorney general still, after this massive admission of truth, and it must have been really true for this to be written the way it’s written. This is unambiguous. This is unequivocal. This is no doubt whatsoever. There was never anything to this story, white cop shoots innocent black kid. There was nothing to it. There was never anything to it. If there was, this report wouldn’t be written the way it is.

But even with that, Eric Holder in this report says that the protestors in Ferguson were nevertheless justified. This is one of the greatest travesties and dichotomies, contradictions.


RUSH: Before we get to the Eric Holder stuff on Ferguson and the just-released report… (sigh) That report totally exonerates Police Officer Darren Wilson. This report verifies, acknowledges, establishes, proves that there was not a single viable, legitimate reason for protesters in St. Louis and in Ferguson to be engaging in their activities, based on the belief that the Gentle Giant had his hands up and was surrendering. It’s been totally obliterated.

It didn’t happen.

It was totally manufactured, and none other than the Justice Department and Eric Holder made it official yesterday. But that doesn’t mean that Holder didn’t throw the protesters a few bones, ’cause he certainly did. He said (paraphrased), “Despite all of this, they are perfectly warranted and justified in their protests.” But keep in mind, “hands up, don’t shoot” was a bogus claim. It never happened. The witnesses who lied have been identified by number. The witnesses who lied have been refuted.

It’s been confirmed how they tried to intimidate other witnesses who are telling the truth. This was a full-fledged, left-wing operation on the ground from the get-go, and it has been totally sold out and undercut by none other than Eric Holder at the Department of Justice. And, believe me: If there were just the slightest bit of evidence that would allow the DOJ to write this report other than the way they did, they would have been.

But it was so clear-cut. So for how many months was this country operating under a bogus theme? For how many months were the people of this country worked up into a frenzy over an out-and-out lie — and, in fact, series of lies — that were known at the time, highly suspected at the time to be lies? That didn’t matter. They had to push the agenda forward. Didn’t matter. Now, where does Officer Wilson go to get his life back? He’s still under threat.

His life, his family, everybody is still living under viable threat. Where does he go to get his life back? Where does he go to get his reputation back? He did his job. He did his job. He executed his job flawlessly. That’s in the DOJ report! But Holder had to give ’em something, so he came out in the same report (paraphrased), “Yes, maybe the officer was not guilty of anything, but the department is as racist as it can be at traffic stops.”


RUSH: Time to move on to the Justice Department and the report on Ferguson, Missouri. It happened late yesterday afternoon at the Department of Justice. The Attorney General Eric Holder held a press conference, and the real news is in this bite right here.

HOLDER: This morning, the Justice Department announced the conclusion of our investigation and released a comprehensive 87-page report documenting our findings and our conclusions that the facts do not support the filing of criminal charges against Officer Darren Wilson in this case. I recognize that the findings in our report may leave some to wonder how the department’s findings can differ so sharply from some of the initial widely reported accounts of what transpired.

RUSH: Well, let me help you. Let me explain. Those widely reported accounts were out-and-out lies, and the investigation proved that. The Department of Justice investigation illustrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that exactly what the officer said happened, happened.

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts. Eric Holder admitted “Hands up, don’t shoot” was a bogus claim, and that whole thing was a strategy used by Democrat activists since August of 2013, and it is a total lie, it was a complete lie, and the attorney general admitted it. He acknowledged it was a fake story. The whole thing was made up. And if you read the actual report, folks, it’s devastating. I have sections of it right here. Here’s page 82. He said it’s an 87-page report. Listen to some of this stuff.

“WilsonÂ’s version is further supported by disinterested eyewitnesses Witness 102, Witness 104. Witness 105. Witness 108. and Witness 109. among others. Those witnesses all agree that Brown ran or charged toward Wilson and that Wilson shot at Brown only as Brown moved toward him. Although some of the witnesses stated that Brown briefly had his hands up or out at about waist-level, none of these witnesses perceived Brown to be attempting to surrender at any point when Wilson fired upon him.”

This is in the report. This is a total, total smackdown of the entire Democrat Party activist attempt here. In fact, the report says, “To the contrary, several of these witnesses stated that they would have felt threatened by Brown and would have responded in the same way Wilson did. For example. Witness 104 stated that as Wilson ran after Brown yelling ‘stop, stop. stop.’ Brown finally turned around and raised his hands ‘for a second.’ However. Brown then immediately balled his hands into fists and ‘charged’ at Wilson in a ‘tackle run.’

“Witness 104 stated that Wilson fired only when Brown moved toward him and that she ‘would have fired sooner.’ Likewise. Witness 105 stated that Brown turned around and put his hands up ‘for a brief moment.’ then refused a command from Wilson to ‘get down’ and instead put his hands ‘in running position’ and maned running toward Wilson. Witness 105 stated that Wilson shot at Brown only when Brown was moving toward him. These witnessesÂ’ accounts are consistent with prior statements they have given, consistent with the forensic and physical evidence, and consistent with each otherÂ’s accounts. Accordingly. we conclude that these accounts arc credible.”

Several of these witnesses said they would have felt threatened by Brown and would have responded the same way Wilson did. Meanwhile, what’s the reality? The reality is that Darren Wilson now lives the rest of his life in fear that one of these outside, angry, lying agitators is gonna gun him down, or somebody in his family, because they’ve got too much invested in the lie they tried to tell: “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

This report is literally, I mean, it is profoundly, totally devastating to everything the Brown family attorneys tried to construct, everything the media tried to report, it’s outrageous what happened here. The original reports we had from this thing were totally true, the media, the Democrat Party activists attempting to rewrite history in the midst of its making, building on a mantra that doesn’t exist and a theory that doesn’t exist and that theory or that belief is that white cops are shooting innocent black kids every day, all the time, and that was the last straw.

It doesn’t happen every day, it doesn’t happen very often, and it did not happen here. And these activists and the Brown family attorneys are just livid over what Eric Holder has reported today. In fact, there’s additional news out of St. Louis. Prosecutors are considering charging the Gentle Giant’s mom and other members of his family because they ended up raiding and damaging and stealing T-shirts and so forth, and it is said that the local prosecutors probably will not actually end up charging the Brown family, the mother, because the Department of Justice has also said, in order to cover their bases with the left-wing activists, that the police department at large is indeed racist and engages in bias and racism during traffic stops.

Now, this has nothing to do with Officer Wilson, nothing to do with this case, nothing to do with the Gentle Giant. Nevertheless, because they knew they were gonna totally exonerate the cop and totally exonerate everything that the left was trying to indict in this case, they had to come out and throw a bone to the civil rights coalition activists by claiming that the police department at large is racist and biased within the community as a whole, particularly as they deal with traffic stops. And now prosecutors think they have a legitimate case against the stepfather and the mother, I think it is, who were stealing and vandalizing makeshift T-shirt shops and so forth, and they’re holding back on charging because of this report claiming that it’s all racist.

And, by the way, that’s not the only thing the DOJ did to try to give some solace to the left-wing activists, because in the midst of this report, in the midst of total exoneration for Officer Wilson, in the midst of saying “Hands up, don’t shoot” never happened, in the midst of pointing out that all the witnesses who lied, the lies could not be supported, I mean, it was obvious witnesses were lying. It makes clear what happened here, that this is a political attempt that could not be sustained. The facts of the case were easily confirmed, and the politics were unable to refute those facts. Nevertheless the DOJ had to throw those people a bone, and the way they did it was this. Audio sound bite 13, the same attorney general you just heard also said this.

HOLDER: These findings and others included in the report demonstrate that although some community perception of Michael Brown’s tragic death may not have been accurate, the widespread conditions that these perceptions were based upon and the climate that gave rise to them were all too real. Some of those protesters were right.

RUSH: How can that be? How in the hell can that be? So the payoff, the protesters were right, even though they were inaccurate. The protesters were right because the overall atmosphere in that town is one of racism and bias. And so the protestors were totally justified. Except everything they were protesting didn’t happen. And our report says so. This is gutless. This has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of courage whosoever.

I mean, these 87 pages are just incredible in the way they indict the Gentle Giant and his family and exonerate the cop and blow wide open the lies that were told left and right day by day by the media and Democrat Party activists and had that town worked up into a frenzy and had the police officer targeted for death and anybody who knew him targeted for death and his fiancee targeted for death and his family targeted, and still is. And it was all bogus.

But even at that, even at that the protestors were justified because what did Holder say? “Well, these findings and others included in the report demonstrate that although some community perception of Michael Brown’s tragic death may not have been accurate, the widespread conditions that these perceptions were based on were all too real.” How can that be? The widespread perception was that we had a racist cop that couldn’t wait to gun down an innocent teenage black kid who was just walking down the middle of the street dreaming of his first day at college.

None of that was factual, none of that happened, but there was an atmosphere nevertheless that warranted the protestors protesting and justified their actions. And what does that lead to? Well, here’s sound bite number 14, the esteemed Jeffrey Toobin, who is the legal analyst at CNN.

TOOBIN: The scope of the racism and appalling behavior is worse than I expected. And I think what really needs to happen is that the Ferguson police department needs to be shut down. They could be absorbed into other police districts, and somebody needs to have some accountability here, and given the scope, it seems like the entire police department should pay a price, and the citizens of Ferguson will probably be better off as a result.

RUSH: If you’re shaking your head, join the club. We’ve just had the police officer totally exonerated. We have just had every element of this that the Drive-Bys told us was true proven false. Every bit of it, every bit of it, the witnesses lied, there was no “Hands up, don’t shoot,” and here’s Jeff Toobin, because of this reference that the protestors, they had a reason to protest, now we shut down the Ferguson police department? After being told the officer was entirely innocent, not guilty, not even close to it, now we gotta shut down the Ferguson police department? This is the Drive-By Media, the Democrat left over the top and never giving up.


RUSH: The way I see it, Eric Holder is afraid to have a straight conversation about race. I think the attorney general’s a little afraid to have an honest conversation about race. A coward on race. How in the world can you totally exonerate this officer…? This case was the only reason anybody’s protesting there. How in the world can you totally, in 87 pages, exonerate the officer and at the same time claim the protesters were justified because of an overall atmosphere, when this shooting is the only thing that caused the protests!

There were no protests going on in Ferguson before this. That’s what I call “ducking the issue.” That’s what I call being afraid to stand up and tell the community there, “Sorry, but there wasn’t any racism here. The perp did it. The perp deserved to be shot. Our investigation shows that that’s what everybody involved who saw it said. It’s what they would have done, the same thing the officer did.

“And in fact, the officer was more restrained than most of the witnesses said they would have been. The officer gave the Gentle Giant more of a chance to do it right than any of these witnesses said they would have because they were scared to death based on what they saw.” I think it’s cowardice, the inability to tell the truth about race, to feel the need to still throw the community a bone.

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