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RUSH: Get this. If I’ve got this right, Rupert Murdoch, who is the founder, the CEO of News Corp, Fox News, if you will, Twentieth Century Fox and so forth, Rupert Murdoch just tweeted: “Senior intelligence people say certain that Hillary’s messages totally hacked by several foreign governments.” Now, Rupert Murdoch might be in a position to know this stuff. So Rupert Murdoch has put it out there in a tweet. We’ll see where this goes. Senior intelligence people, whoever they are, unnamed, telling Rupert that it is certain that Hillary’s messages were totally hacked by several foreign governments.

Monica Crowley has a column today in the Washington Times. Have you seen it, Snerdley? (interruption) Oh, you didn’t use the Washington Times in your show prep rotation? She’s got a piece claiming what this really was all about. She says the key to it is Sidney Blumenthal, that she can’t do anything without Blumenthal. Blumenthal is her consiglieri, enforcer, you name it, strategist, advisor, hatchet man, whatever dirt she needs done, Blumenthal does it, okay? And Obama would not allow him.

She wanted Blumenthal to be on the State Department payroll and the Regime nixed it. And now some people think, if Obama doesn’t want Blumenthal around, Blumenthal must really, really be bad news, ’cause normally a guy like Blumenthal, Obama would eat up. I mean, Obama doesn’t need him, he’s got Bill Ayers. But nevertheless denied Hillary her request to use Blumenthal on the State Department payroll.

So Monica Crowley’s theory is that this whole home server business was set up to keep things from Obama, in addition to everybody else, but actually to make sure what she was doing would not be known by Obama and to shield the fact that Blumenthal was out doing whatever dirty work she needed doing. Interesting theory. And now Rupert pipes in with a tweet: “Senior intelligence people say certain that Hillary’s messages totally hacked by several foreign governments.”

Well, we could speculate what that means. I mean, how many foreign governments would actually disagree with anything that they discovered Hillary to have written? So what kind of problem could there really be? This is continuing to effervesce, too, folks, continuing to bubble up out there.


RUSH: You know, and Mrs. Clinton and this home e-mail server of hers, I said Monica Crowley has a piece out today that she’s running her own basically rogue intel operation featuring Sidney Blumenthal because Obama did not grant permission for Blumenthal to be on the State Department payroll, which is interesting in and of itself. No love lost between Obama and the Clintons, and Blumenthal is the guy that the Clintons used to destroy people. It was Blumenthal that came up with all the techniques of going after Monica Lewinsky. It was Blumenthal that Hillary employed to help bimbo eruptions and he’s been at her side practically forever since the Clintons got to Washington.

But I also thought, you know, one of the reasons, and I said this at the time, Hillary Clinton had no experience being secretary of state. I mean she hadn’t the slightest idea what to do in that job. She had never done anything in her life that prepared her for that job. My theory, Obama puts her in that job because he’s basically gonna run it. He’s gonna run foreign policy. He knows that Mrs. Clinton, they don’t get along, he knows he doesn’t trust her and that she doesn’t trust him. It’s a keep year enemies closer, your friends close kind of thing.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign debt he was helping to retire. It was also the theory, you know, keep your enemies inside the tent rather than outside. Make it tougher for Mrs. Clinton to publicly rant against Obama if she’s a member of the administration. She almost had to take the gig because I think part and parcel of taking the gig — I am not sure she even wanted it. If she did want it, it’s a steppingstone kind of gig for her own run, but if she didn’t want it, it could have been a condition Obama laid out for helping her to retire her campaign debt.

Regardless, in addition to running her own intel operation and trying to hide it from Obama, I think that something else was going on. I think Mrs. Clinton set this thing up because she had no idea how to do this job, and she wanted to be able to seek advice or ask people questions without anybody knowing that that’s what she was doing. If she’s using a State Department server, well, that’s public record at some point, certain subject to public record requests, and there’s no way Mrs. Clinton ever wants e-mails being made public which show her consulting so-called foreign policy experts, think tanks, former secretaries themselves like Madeleine Albright or what have you, for advice on what to do issue by issue by issue.

That wouldn’t work, because Mrs. Clinton’s the smartest woman in the world. Mrs. Clinton is so qualified that whatever she wants to do it’s so easy for her because she’s the smartest woman in the world, and qualified to be president, that she couldn’t stand, she could not run the risk of e-mails being discovered where she is seeking advice on how to do something. So I think there are a lot of reasons why Mrs. Clinton went rogue on this. But at the top of whatever the other reasons are, the top reason, the number one reason, she doesn’t want anybody to know what she’s doing, for whatever reasons.

That’s a Clinton motto. It’s to hide everything that she was doing. It’s to hide the fundraising for their foundation and where that money was coming from, who was paying that money, who was donating that money, and what they expected for it. Mrs. Clinton is running an operation that she can’t dare to be exposed. They don’t want anybody to ever find out. They are breaking the rules every day. They are close to the line or over the line every day, and they don’t want this to ever be documented.

You know the old saw about, “Hey, got nothing to hide, let the sun shine. If you’re not doing anything wrong, don’t sweat all these new laws.” That’s one of the philosophies that people will throw at you. “Hey, if you’re not doing anything wrong, don’t worry about these new IRS powers.” They throw that at you. But in one sense it has some merit, just in the basic elements of it. “Hey, Mrs. Clinton, if you’re not doing anything wrong, why do you need all of this secrecy?” So I think there’s a whole host of reasons for it.

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