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RUSH: I want you to hear Brit Hume. This was last night on The Kelly File. This is Brit Hume explaining why mainstream Republicans like him will not be with Ted Cruz. They just can’t see supporting Ted Cruz.

HUME: Ted Cruz has not won any friends among mainstream Republicans by his choice of tactics. There’s a significant number of Republicans out there who believe — and I’m not making this up — that the government shutdown did not hurt the Republican Party, but actually helped it win the majority. Now, obviously I don’t think that’s so, but those are the people that will be Ted Cruz’s people ’til the end. I don’t think there are that many of them. I don’t think, in the end, there are enough of ’em and enough people that have forgotten about that episode.

RUSH: So Brit Hume, who is the voice of the Republican establishment inside-the-Beltway, is saying, never, no way, no how for Ted Cruz because he shut down the government, and I don’t care what anybody says, that hurts the Republican Party, it did hurt the Republican Party, it didn’t help, there’s a lot of idiots out there he thinks that say it did help, but it didn’t. So can’t see my way to supporting Ted Cruz, ’cause this guy shuts down the government. He does things that damage the Republican Party, in no way no how we can support him.

Government shutdown stuff, huh? I’ll tell you, that packs so much fear. I don’t have time to get into much analysis. I just wanted you to hear that, because it explains why there is so much animosity, partially explains. There’s other reasons, too. But it partially explains why there is so much animosity for Cruz within the Republican establishment. You just don’t mess with government. Too many people depend on Washington. Too many people depend on Washington working, and Washington can’t work if it’s shut down, and that doesn’t help.

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