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RUSH: So Alyssa Marino is an infobabe reporterette for ABC Eyeball News 57 in South Bend, Indiana. And she went shopping the other day. She got her crew and she went shopping for bigots. She wanted to find racists. She wanted to find anti-gay Christian zealots. She didn’t have any evidence that there were any. There had been no news made about any anti-gay discrimination in Indiana. None. But that didn’t matter. Because the news in Indiana is not real; it’s fake, as was the news out of Ferguson, Missouri. As was the news at the University Virginia and the frat house supposed rape and so-called Duke lacrosse case. The news that makes it big in America today is all fake.

So Alyssa Marino, hoping to make an impression on big-time TV news executives, goes shopping for bigotry, because there isn’t any. There isn’t any on the surface. She can’t find any. She can’t find any bake shops, clothing stores, or photography studios that refuse to serve homosexuals. So she literally goes knocking on doors of various businesses, and she finds a little pizzeria that’s 20 miles south of her home base in South Bend, Indiana. She walks in and she finds a very young and naive but willing to talk to her ’cause it’s the news media that just showed up, woman that owns and operates or works at a very tiny little pizza store.

And Alyssa Marino asks her if she were asked to cater, with her pizzas, a gay wedding, would she, and she said I can only answer this the honest way. I would not. My religious beliefs are such that gay marriage is something that I don’t believe in, and I would not. Now, the fact of the matter is, this little pizza shop had never once been asked to cater a wedding, gay or otherwise. Has anybody in this audience ever been to a wedding catered by pizza? Seriously, I mean, there’s all kinds of weddings. There’s all kinds of weddings. I haven’t either. I’ve never been to a wedding where pizza was anywhere on the menu and catered.

But it doesn’t matter. And there wasn’t one in Indiana, either, and this little pizza store had never done it, had never been asked, had never gone to a wedding, had never catered a wedding, had never had pizzas for anybody that had anything to do with gay weddings, gay marriage, or what have you. That didn’t stop the infobabe. The infobabe reports that we’ve got a real bigot. Look at this little girl, I’ve got her on tape here, this woman hates homosexuals. She would not cater a gay wedding, and she says so.

That, ladies and gentlemen, still isn’t the story. Because that’s the media being the media. The media is who they are and that isn’t going to change. The real story is what happened after Alyssa Marino aired that piece. As a brief departure, you’ve seen the Dana Bash CNN interview with Dingy Harry. Dana Bash loves Dingy Harry, one of his bigger fans in the media, idolizes him, and she asked him about his claim on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney had never paid his taxes for 10 years. Dingy Harry’s response was, “He didn’t win, did he?” Admitted lying about it, effectively.

It didn’t matter. Romney wasn’t producing his tax returns. The Democrats wanted to force that so they could tag him as a rich elitist, out of touch, hates poor people kind of guy. So Dingy Harry makes it up, makes up a totally fake claim, a friend that he didn’t identify (imitating Reid), “Yeah,
Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years.”

“Do you have any evidence of that?”

“It’s not up to me to provide the evidence. It’s Romney that hasn’t paid his taxes. Go ask him.”

“Wait a minute, you’re making the allegation.” Except Dana Bash didn’t do this. Nobody in the media said to Dingy Harry, “Where’s your evidence?” They just ran with it and Dingy Harry said, “Hey, he didn’t pay his taxes, go talk to him. He’s the one with the problem. He didn’t pay his taxes. He now has to prove he did pay his taxes.”

“Why, because you say he didn’t?”

“Damn right, you gotta go ask him.”

Well, there happened to be a guy in Las Vegas who wrote a column about this. The editor refused to run the column because the editor was protecting Harry Reid, too. It was the last column the guy ever wrote. My point is, the media’s gonna do what the media does. The media is an extension of the Democrat Party. There’s nothing that’s gonna change that. What has to change, and it’s been the purpose of this program for 25 years, is educating the public, informing the public so that they know when they’re being lied to by the Drive-By Media.

The story is not that this little infobabe walked into the pizza store and found a naive young girl to admit that they would not serve pizza at a gay wedding. Never mind they’d never been asked to, they’d never refused, it hadn’t happened, totally fake and made up and now this store is closed and shut down.

This is the real story. Death threats have begun pouring in to the people that own this pizza shop. Other threats of bodily harm and violence, all kinds of tweets and e-mails are pouring in by the hundreds and the thousands. The real story is how that happens.

Now, what we are to believe is that ABC 57 South Bend finds this bigot lurking in the shadows of a pizza shop 20 miles south of South Bend. What a great story. This might be worth a Pulitzer. Look what we’ve uncovered here, a real live breathing homophobe disguised as a pizzeria owner. They run the story and then within minutes this store is inundated with tweets and e-mails and threats to the point they have to shut down for their own safety. The real story is how that happens.

You are made to believe that it is genuine outrage that a majority of Americans are simply unwilling to tolerate this kind of bigotry in their pizza shop owners and that all it takes is one report from a local channel, 57, South Bend ABC station, and the entire country is outraged and is demanding that this shop close and the people that run it be penalized somehow? That is not what happens.

I briefly touched on this yesterday. That same kind of attack that you have seen on this pizza shop occurs every day to sponsors of this program and others, and has been going on for years. It even has a name. It’s called the Stop Rush movement and it’s the exact same thing. We finally, after a number of years of this, invested in research. And I want to repeat what I said yesterday about what we found as it relates to the Stop Rush.

We found that 85% of all the tweets and e-mails threatening sponsors of this program are created by 10 people. We know their names. We know where they live. We have released this information in the form of a press release to Drive-By Media outlets. They refuse to run it, predictably. But we know who these people are. We know where they live. One is a madcap environmentalist wacko in Camarillo, California. The other one is an active college professor something I think in Northeast New Hampshire.

They have developed, in cooperation with some associates at Twitter, an algorithm that creates fake tweets, generates fake tweets in the thousands, made to look like they’re coming from real people, who in this case despise me or, in the case of this pizza joint, hate this little girl owning the pizza joint, this young woman that owns the pizza joint, they hate her. In a matter of minutes they’re able to gin this up. There aren’t that many people that outraged over this reacting in such a manner. This is fake as well, I’m convinced of it. It’s drummed up. It’s made to look like something that’s not.

Not only have we found that 10 people are responsible for 85% of the fake complaints, we have found that an even greater percentage than that come from locations not even in the same city where the business is located. They are threatening never to patronize. Sometimes they make death threats. It’s the same thing, but it’s been going on, George Soros pays for it in many cases. He’s the one who funds this. But I want to stress it’s not just me. I mean, the Stop Rush movement floats. And right now it’s focused on anybody in Indiana they don’t like.

They have perfected this technique where 10, 15 people with an algorithm can make it appear that thousands and thousands of individuals are outraged to the point of being unaccepting of what’s going on. They send all of these tweets and all of these threats and it forces this little pizza shop to shut down, when in fact it’s not anywhere near. It’s as fake as the news story is. It’s as fake as “hands up, don’t shoot” was. We have researched it. We know. But not everybody’s gonna take the time to do the research and prove it to themselves.

We’ve shown it to all kinds of people, and we’ve had success beating it back. But to people that are not involved in this kind of thing and they’re all of a sudden the victim of an onslaught like this, they get scared to death, which is the purpose, and they shut down their product, they shut down their business, they shut down their store. They say they have to do it because their lives have been threatened, and they no doubt have, by fake generated tweets made to look real.

Have you noticed also something else. There’s a website called GoFundMe. Remember there was an arts and crafts store in St. Louis in Ferguson that in the middle of the looting there got destroyed. It was a woman that had nothing to do with it. She was not protesting. She didn’t care. She wasn’t involved in it one way or the other. She had saved every bit of money she had, every dime she had she saved and she invested in this art store or whatever it was, and it got destroyed in the rioting. And this website, GoFundMe, set up a fund where people all over the country could contribute, and she ended up getting three or four times what her store was worth in donations from the American people so she could rebuild and reopen.

That’s happening now with the pizza store. And have you noticed that in every instance, the reaction response in defense of the victims is always greater and always more substantive and always more real than the original onslaught of supposed tweets and e-mails coming in from the so-called outraged over what this pizzeria girl said. In just a few short hours they had raised over $125,000 to help this pizzeria stay in business. People that don’t even know them. People that will never go there.

There are people in this country who know what’s going on. They understand it. They understand the fake nature of news stories and the promotion of fake news to gin up fake emotion. Well, the emotion’s not fake. The rage and hatred of Christians and people in the mainstream of American life is real. That’s hatred that the left has for common, ordinary, average, everyday Christian Americans is real. They despise them; they’re threatened by them.

Mark my words, folks. The real story here is how, after one little news story from an obscure — I know it got exposed on cable all over the place, this Channel 57 in South Bend, but please don’t fall for the idea that you live in a country where the vast majority were so offended and outraged over what this harmless, young, naive young woman at this pizza store said that they need to shut them down. Your country has not become that yet. The leftists behind all of this want you to believe that you’ve lost your country so that you get dispirited and depressed and that you give up and become afraid to fight back. But don’t. It’s fake.


RUSH: The name of this little pizza shop is Memories Pizza, and the GoFundMe effort to make them whole, to help them recover from this vicious… How do you characterize this? Call it a fake, mean-spirited, extremist, violent, threatening effort to intimidate these business people into shutting down their business when they’re harming nobody. They have never harmed anybody. They don’t intend to harm anybody. Yet they’re evil and deserve to be shut down.

Anyway, original objective was to raise $150,000 and after 18 hours, they’re already up to $145,000 now. That’s raised by 5,000 people in 18 hours. It’s Memories Pizza. I suspect now that I, El Rushbo, have mentioned it, that number is going to skyrocket way beyond $200,000. That’s generally what happens. But this is another point worth making: The reaction response always ends you be dwarfing the so-called original outrage. But where is all of the intolerance in America today all of a sudden?

Where is all of this focus on “the social issues”?

Remember the Republican Party for the last 15 or 20 years, telling conservatives, “You’ve gotta drop the social issues, man! They’re killing us! You gotta let ’em go you gotta drop ’em. We gotta stay focused on the economy. You can’t go social!” They meant drop abortions. “Screw it! Let it go. We can’t win with it.” Meanwhile, social issues are now predominant, number one. They are what is currently driving campaigns, and who owns them?

Who owns the social issues?

Our good old buds on the left in the Democrat Party, and notice that nobody in the Democrat Party’s telling their activists, “Would you drop the social issues? It’s killing us!” Now, they’re going to town with it. Just another example of the ill-preparedness — and I would dare say maybe even lack of awareness to certain aspects of reality — that still exists in the upper reaches and confines of the Republican establishment.

I had intended to take a phone call in this segment, but I just talked myself right through it.


RUSH: By the way, folks, the lie on this pizza store is even worse. “Headlines Claim that Indiana Pizzeria Denies Service to Same-Sex Couple.” But that’s not what the reporter was told. The young woman at the pizzeria said the O’Connor family said if a gay couple or a couple belonging to another religion came into the restaurant to eat, they would never deny them service. They would never deny homosexuals or people of other religions service. They just wouldn’t cater a gay wedding. The original lie was outrageous to begin with.


RUSH: Now, the original lie coming out of the pizzeria… I forget the name of the pizzeria store already. Memories Pizza. That’s it. Memories Pizza. Yeah, I don’t know. How do you forget “memories”? Well, I didn’t commit it to memory. It was in front of me and just scrolled out of sight here. So I didn’t remember it. I will not forget it now. Memories Pizza. Now, according to the original news story by ABC Eyeball 57’s Alyssa Marino:

“The O’Connor family told ABC 57 news that if a gay couple or a couple belonging to another religion came in to the restaurant to eat, they would never deny them service.” But that’s not what got reported. The avalanche of headlines claiming that Memories Pizza “denies service to same-sex couple.” They never have. They never have and they would not deny service to a same-sex couple. The pizzeria owner said they just don’t agree with gay marriages and they wouldn’t cater one if asked to.

But they’ve never been asked to. They’ve never refused to cater a gay wedding because they’ve never been asked to. The whole thing was trumped up. The whole thing. This reporterette went shopping. There weren’t any glaring, blatant — flaming, if you will — examples of bigotry or homophobia that Alyssa Marino at ABC Eyewitness News 57 could find. So she… (interruption) Wait just a second!

She didn’t know that ’til she knocked on the door. She didn’t know that. There wasn’t any glaring example of it. The reporterette went shopping. So she started knocking on the doors of businesses. She had to go 20 miles south of her home base in South Bend and finally found Memories Pizza. You’ve seen the videotape of the young woman in there. Just totally clueless. Just trying to be helpful to the nice media lady. It’s all it was.

(paraphrased exchange) “If you come in and ask me questions, I’m gonna be honest,” just like your average clueless Republican. “I’m going to be totally honest. Yeah, I would not cater a same-sex wedding. It’s my religion.” “Oh, all right! Thank you, young lady. You’re now dead. You don’t know it, but five minutes after I leave your pizza store, you’re out of business. Thank you so much!”

Alyssa Marino walks out and literally five minutes after the report, the place is inundated with thousands of caustic, hateful, intolerant, threatening tweets.

We have a little the sound bite on this. Crystal O’Connor is the young woman of O’Connor’s Memories Pizza. This is the statement about gay marriage. This follows… This is my point. The audio sound bites don’t even have where Crystal O’Connor says that if a gay couple or a couple belonging to another religion came into the restaurant to eat, they’d never deny ’em service. You haven’t seen that. All that you have seen from the intrepid reporter, all that how do you have heard is this.

O’CONNOR: If a gay couple was to come in — like, say, they wanted us to provide them pizzas for a wedding — we would have to say no. We’re not discriminating against anyone. It’s just that’s our beliefs.

RUSH: Ah, that woman just sounds so threatening! What a menace. Do you hear it in her voice? Do you hear it? Whoa, what a scary-sounding bigot! That’s… Ew! Are you frightened listening to Crystal O’Connor there? Well, apparently thousands of Americans were intimidated, angered, outraged, scared, and saw the Nazis coming! So they decided to start mounting up and sending out thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets. Mere moments.

Mere moments after the infobabe goes shopping for bigotry. Just that very fact alone they had to go shopping for it. Yet, as I say, Tim Cook, Apple? They have more stores selling Apple products in Tehran, capital city of Iran, that they have in all of Indiana. And you know what happens in Iran if you’re gay, and you are discovered. You get executed. If you’re a woman in Iran (snorts), you’re practical dead anyway.

If you speak up, you get a big problem. You’re not allowed to drive, can’t show your face in public. If you get raped and complain about it, you get punished. In Sharia Iran. Apparently Apple has no problem selling iPhones there. Indiana’s the big problem. Indiana? Now, that’s the discriminatory place. And again, I have to make this observation. I still I I mentioned it the first hour. (snorts)

But isn’t it amazing the 180 the left has done. Now we can’t wait to spread nuclear weapon. All during the seventies and eighties, the left scared to death of nukes, hated nukes, were frightened by them. They wanted us to get rid of our nukes, convinced everybody else to get rid of theirs, and now they’re applauding Barack Obama for spreading nuclear power? They hate nuclear power!

They hate oil. They hate nuclear power. They hate nuclear weapons. Obama is ensuring that Iran gets all of that and keeps, for example, the oil, sanctions are being lifted. (clapping) They’re applauding. They’re applauding a nation… (interruption) Well, you don’t believe me about this homosexual persecution in Iran? Remember Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? I’ll just remind you of this. He came over to address the United Nations.

In fact, didn’t he follow Hugo Chavez? It was when Hugo Chavez came up from Venezuela to address the United Nations, back during the George W. Bush presidency. After Bush spoke in the morning, Hugo Chavez showed up in the afternoon, and the first thing he said, “I think I can smell the sulfur in here. The Devil must have been in here.” And the place erupted. He was talking about Bush being Satan.

The UN, which is the Star Wars cantina bar scene, erupted in applause. I think Mahmoud followed that; then after Mahmoud spoke, he went over to Columbia. He was a featured guest, he was invited against at Columbia University. He was making his speech, and after the speech it’s time for Q&A, and some student that sounded a lot like Crystal O’Connor stood up. “Mr. Ahmadinejad, what about gay rights in Iran?”

Ahmadinejad looked around like he didn’t know what he’s been asked, and he needed help. “Gay rights? What’s gay rights?” Somebody at the university came along and said, “It’s a question about rights for homosexuals in your country.” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, “Oh, oh!” He smiled. “Oh, we don’t have any of those,” and the audience started laughing. The audience at Columbia started laughing and sneering when Ahmadinejad said, “Oh, we don’t have any of those.”

When the audience started sneering and laughing, Ahmadinejad said, “Well, do you know different? Do you know of some? Do you know where they live? Can you tell me where they live?” Honest to God, folks, this happened. This bunch of people getting a nuclear weapon is fine and dandy with the American left, but Indiana is not fit to remain in the republic. Not fit to remain a state. Indiana may be the biggest home of reprobates the world has ever known.

But Iran? “God bless ’em! Give ’em the nuclear weapon, let ’em keep their oil, let ’em build a nuclear power plant. They’re a state sponsor of terrorism; you say they’re going after the Israelis? Even better! Fine and dandy. We love Iran,” says the American left. Hard to keep up with. Back to Indiana. “The head coach of an Indiana high school girl’s golf team has been suspended after apparently threatening to burn down a Christian-owned pizzeria.” Memories Pizza.

Now, don’t jump to any conclusions here about hurry sexual orientation based on stereotypes about women gym teachers and all that, folks. Don’t do that. That wouldn’t be fair. Or from her photograph. Don’t. Don’t run and make judgments like that. (interruption) Oh, yes, I have it. It would be terribly prejudicial if you were to form any conclusions about this woman’s sexual orientation. Don’t even go there.

“Jess Dooley, a coach at Concord High School of Elkhart, Indiana, allegedly struck out at the owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana…” How many of you’d ever heard of Walkerton, Indiana, before this rampant case of anti-gay bigotry was discovered lurking there? You’d never heard of Walkerton, Indiana? I hadn’t either. But apparently it’s a hotbed of pizza shops that are anti-gay.

Yeah, a report from Channel 57 South Bend found out for us. It’s a big problem. Anyway, “Jess Dooley, a coach at Concord High School of Elkhart, Indiana, allegedly struck out at the owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, who made news on Tuesday by saying that she would not cater a wedding if a gay couple,” blah, blah, blah, blah. “‘We are a Christian establishment,’ pizza shop owner told the media.

“On the heels of the news from the pizza shop, Coach Dooley,” Coach Jess Dooley of the High School girls golf team, “allegedly took to Twitter to say, ‘Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #MemoriesPizza w[ith] me? Agree with #FreedomofReligion Bill? “That’s a lifestyle they CHOOSE” Ignorant.'” Here we thought we were supposed to be tolerant of all lifestyle choices I thought we were supposed to be tolerant. I thought we were supposed to be accepting!

But we’re not.

“Not long after the Tweet was posted, the entire Twitter account under Dooley’s Twitter handle … was deleted. By Wednesday, the school had reported that the coach was suspended pending an investigation of her comments.” Don’t sweat it. She’ll be quietly reinstated, probably given a nice bonus once the heat’s office. The GoFundMe. I don’t have the latest reports on that but as of about a half hour ago they raised about $180,000 for them? No, $145,000 and they’re looking for $150,000.

It’ll probably exceed $200,000 before it’s all done.


RUSH: George Will last night, Special Report, Bret Baier, Fox News Channel, just making the point in his own words about the selective choosing of Christian businesses by gay activists.

WILL: Wherever there are photographers, florists, and bakers, there’s more than one of each. And, in fact, what kind of person wants their wedding photographed by, their wedding cake baked by someone who detests the ceremony they’re compelled by the police power of the state to participate in?

RUSH: Right. Why would you want that? Why would you want somebody photographing your wedding that doesn’t want to be there? The answer is, you wouldn’t. That’s not what this is about. You wouldn’t want somebody baking your cake that you don’t want serving you. You wouldn’t want that. No, the answer to this is what it’s always been, folks. The answer to this is an educated and informed public that understands the fakery and the lies and the made-up aspects.

The fake emotion, the fake outrage.

The answer to this is an informed, educated public simply does not believe this stuff. I don’t know. It’s a huge endeavor. I don’t pretend to have the answer to it. But it’s one of the long stated purposes of this program. As far as this audience is concerned, that’s been a successful objective. I dare say that every one of you in this audience is now educated to the point that you don’t fall for any of these everyday-employed tricks that the left plays.

I know it because personally, in every one of these manufactured attempts to get me, you have stood there. You’ve stood by. You haven’t wavered. You haven’t gone away. You haven’t given in. In fact, you’ve stood up and defended me and pushed back against those people. That’s how I know you know, and that’s why I love you to death and I don’t have any way of ever expressing how much I do.

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