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RUSH: Did you hear about Stephanopoulos today? Have you heard about this? George Stephanopoulos, it has been discovered — and he has apologized for not telling us — that he has donated $50,000 to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation over the years. Now, see, Snerdley’s in there shaking his head, “So what, not surprising.” That’s the point, right? Not a surprise. He never left the Clinton crime family, is the point. He’s not a journalist. He’s not an anchorman. He’s a political hack. All he did was change his location.

But you see, the thing is, once again, there’s a whole generation of Millennials, they don’t know Stephanopoulos had anything to do with the Clintons in the nineties. They don’t know that Stephanopoulos was half of the war room with Serpent Head. They don’t know anything about anything. All they know of Stephanopoulos is that he’s the guy that tripped up Mitt Romney on contraception and got that whole stupid War on Women thing going.

So now he’s been caught donating 50 grand to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, and the reaction that Snerdley has is the right one: “So what? He’s never left the Clinton family. He’s always been part of it. He’s a Democrat Party hack, he’s a Clinton hack, and he got hired at ABC as cover for it.” And everybody’s running around now, as predictable, “Did you see what Stephanopoulos did? Oh, my God, what a conflict of interest.” How can it be a conflict of interest when there’s no conflict? The only thing is he didn’t tell anybody. He’s out apologizing. “You know what? I am sorry I failed to disclose that I’m actually still a Clinton operative when I was reporting on the aboveboard and totally clean Clinton Foundation.”

He’s not sorry for anything. The real question is, how many other reporters have donated to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation? That’s what I want to know. I don’t think it stops Stephanopoulos. You think he’s the only one of these guys giving to that foundation? Every damn one of these. The Clintons have let it be known if you want them, you have to buy them. If you want access, you have to pay for it. You want to interview them, you have to pay, except for NBC because they hired Chelsea.

So Chelsea’s hiring was the equivalent of a donation to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. So what other reporters have given money to this pair? What other reporters and news people and who knows who else have donated to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation? That, to me, is the big question, and I don’t know that we’re ever gonna get an answer. Wouldn’t it be funny if the New England Patriots have? He-he. Just kidding. Just kidding.


RUSH: Hey, Snerdley. You think Stephanopoulos will be suspended like Brian Williams was? (Laughing) Snerdley says, “No, he’ll get a raise.” He won’t be suspended. He didn’t do anything wrong, folks. As long as he’s now disclosed. The fact of the matter is everybody at ABC knows that he’s still a Clinton hack. He was hired for that reason.

Now, some of you may not believe that. You may think that there’s still a line between journalism and politicians, the president. That’s gone. It’s totally gone. Stephanopoulos had never been on TV, folks. He didn’t start anywhere and work up from small market to medium market to big market. His only experience being on TV was as a guest. He had never run a television program. He had never hosted a TV program. He’d never done anything like it.

He went from Clinton war room defender and hack and campaign strategist right to Good Morning America. There’s only one reason that happens, and that’s ABC’s buying access to the Clintons. Now, they may have some studies that women like the way Stephanopoulos looks and on the morning show that’s what you want, yip yip yip yip yahoo, but that’s a secondary reason. He wasn’t even a journalist. He didn’t even have a journalism pedigree. He’s a political strategist, a campaign consultant. He was hired as such.

So the fact that Stephanopoulos is caught now having donated 50 grand to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, I guarantee you, not only is it not a surprise, it’s not a problem. ABC will make you think that it’s a problem if, you know, they’ll run their numbers and think that some audience members might think it’s a problem, so they’ll act duly apologetic. And Stephanopoulos will assume for a couple of days a posture of mild embarrassment, not that he had done it, but that he failed to disclose.

He’ll beat himself up for failing to be up front and totally candid with the audience and he’ll say something like, “I apologize if anybody was offended or bothered. This is not who I am, and I don’t intend to ever keep something like this from you again. The next time I send $50,000 to the Clintons, I will tell you.” And the idea that he might be suspended like Brian Williams, that ain’t gonna happen.


RUSH: Well, here’s a good laugh. Dylan Byers at the Politico has just tweeted (laughing) breaking news. This is a breaking tweet. Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut! Breaking tweet! “ABC News will not take punitive action against George Stephanopoulos.” Quote, “We accept his apology. It was an honest mistake.” They think we’re idiots, folks. They think we are absolute stupid fools. They think that we ride around on turnip trucks. “It was an honest mistake. Of course we accept his apology. It was an honest mistake.”

What was the mistake?

What was the mistake?

The mistake was the news being discovered, not the donation.


Dylan Byers of Politico felt the need for fairness. Dylan Byers at Politico tweets that ABC News says it’s no big deal. So Stephanopoulos donated 50 K, 50 large to the foundation, it’s a mistake, but we’re not gonna let him go. Don’t be silly. So Dylan Byers thought, you know what? We in journalism, we have to be fair, so he sent out another tweet, and this tweet, “Hey, it’s not just Stephanopoulos. The News Corp foundation” — i.e., Rupert Murdoch — “gave 500,000 large to the Clinton Foundation.” As though it’s equivalent.

George Stephanopoulos, individual, journalist, on-air reporter, interrogator, what have you, 50 large, Clinton Foundation. No different than the News Corp foundation, another charity sending 500,000 large over to the Clintons. So what Dylan Byers is trying to say, “Hey, while you’re getting on Stephanopoulos, look at what Murdoch did. Murdoch gave the Clintons five large.” All it means is the Clintons are selling themselves. It means if you want access to the Clintons, if you want anything, you’ve got to pay for it. At the least that’s what it means.

But a foundation, News Corp foundation giving money to another foundation, I don’t get the equivalence to an individual so-called journalist, anchor, reporter giving 50 grand to his former bosses and their supposed foundation.

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