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RUSH: Man, oh, man, oh, man, oh, man. You wake up today — maybe you were paying attention last night, I don’t know — but you wake up today and find out what happened, you may not even have known in some parts of the country it was Election Day yesterday. And if you’re one of the ones who didn’t, you wake up today and you find out, holy cow, it happened again. You have to be buoyed. If you don’t know what happened last night via the election returns just hang in there because I’m gonna tell you.

It has to buoy you, it has to be uplifting, and it has to be affirming. These election results last night will affirm every instinct you’ve got about where this country is, about the majority of the people in this country and what we’re up against. And you know what else? The fact that we can win will be affirmed as well.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m watching CNN just now, and they ran a little crawl on the bottom of the screen that said something along the lines of “Republican voters choose outsiders.” That’s not even the half of what happened. This wasn’t a Republican election last night. Well, unless you determine and wanted to talk about who the winners were. This was a general election. I mean, it was a midterm, but it was a general election last night.

The Democrats and Republicans both voted. It’s just that the Democrats lost. They lost in San Francisco, which is hard to do, ’cause that’s all there are out there. They lost in Houston. They lost in Kentucky. They lost the governor’s house in Kentucky for the first time in I don’t know how many years. What’s fascinating about it is the polling called none of it. The polling was so off that the pollsters — I have a story here from the FiveThirtyEight website, which is Nate Silver, who is the god of pollster analysis. He was at the New York Times and now over at ESPN, and the headline of the story: “What To Make Of KentuckyÂ’s Polling Failure.”

He says, here we go again: “It feels like déjà vu all over again: The polls in a major election were off by a wide margin. The surveys leading up to TuesdayÂ’s gubernatorial election in Kentucky pointed to a close fight between Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Matt Bevin, with Conway holding a slight edge in all but one poll.”

Most of the polls last night, the last polls prior to the election, had the Democrat winning by five. And Bevin, the Tea Party Republican, won in a landslide, 53 to 44%. So at FiveThirtyEight they’re saying: “So is polling broken and not to be trusted heading into the 2016 presidential election, as some have argued?” Remember, Gallup has said they’re out of it now. They’re not gonna conduct presidential polls anymore because their result was so skewed and so different from reality.

There’s an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll — well, the same poll we had yesterday. People have dug deeper into it beyond just the presidential horse race. And if you dig deep into the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, they’ve got a big story on this, “Americans are angry and uneasy,” as though they’re shocked about it. There is genuine shock in the writing of this story that the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll says Americans are angry and uneasy. That can only be news if you are a mainstream journalist or a Democrat devoid and distant from reality. And they are, folks.

Like the example I gave most recently, Charlie Rose interviewing Marco Rubio, could not believe that Rubio would have the audacity to say that Hillary Clinton was lying and exposed as a liar during the great week she had during her debate in that Benghazi hearing. Charlie Rose, “What did she lie about?” Rubio was incredulous. “She lied about the fact that video was responsible for Benghazi.” And Charlie is sitting there for all intents and purposes, “It wasn’t?” No Charlie, it wasn’t. She told one person it was the video, she told the country it was the video, but they’re telling leaders of Middle Eastern countries it wasn’t the video. They knew it was a planned, preplanned and orchestrated terror attack. And Charlie was learning it for the first time.

After all that there has been about Benghazi, after all the news there has been about Benghazi, Charlie Rose, who is one of the deans of Drive-By Media sophistication today, was literally shocked that Hillary Clinton’s telling two different stories about Benghazi. There’s another story. Now, this is somewhat related but it makes the point. New York Post Page Six today, Carolina Herrera, the fashionista. And, by the way, a little aside here, I’ve met Ms. Herrera and her late husband, Reinaldo, they were constant guests at Mr. Buckley’s home.

One of the things I mentioned in the National Review piece I wrote that was published today is that one of the big career and personal highlights of my life was being invited to a National Review editors dinner at Buckley’s home on Park Avenue. We really became good friends ’til the day he died. He was a constant inspiration to me, a validation like you can’t imagine, and was always supportive. I attended many social events in his home, and the Herreras, Carolina Herrera and her husband, they were always there. I didn’t speak to them much, but they were okay.

Anyway, she’s in the news today, New York Post Page Six. Apparently the last time Obama was in town, she had trouble getting where she had to go and the whole thing was… She had to take the subway! Do you know how embarrassing that is to admit for somebody in the New York fashion business? I mean, it’s ranking way up there. You’ve gotta take the subway? I mean, that’s like admitting that you eat Spam. It’s just… The lower class do that, but you don’t. She had to sit next to the hoi polloi on the subway!

Well, first she had to find out where to go to get on the subway, then she had to trudge down those steps, and then the filth that she had to endure? Oh, my God, can you imagine the shock at being in subterranean New York! It’s a bit different than getting around in your stretch limo or however. Anyway, all of that was necessary ’cause Obama was in town. He had traffic totally blocked, and she was asked, “What do you think Obama would do if he knew he had caused you so much trouble?” “Oh, I’m sure he’d be horrified! I think he would be horrified!”

It’s just typical, these people on the left. “Oh, Obama has no idea he’s causing all these problems for people. He’s such a great guy; he’s so in touch. He’s got no idea. He’d be horrified to know how tough it is on people to get around when he’s in town.” This willingness to assign just total ignorance, good works, whatever, to people. It continues to amaze me no matter how often I encounter it and how often I see it.

At any rate, the left is in a state of shock today because everything that they think means death for the Republican Party meant victory yesterday. They think discussing the social issues is death for the Republican Party. Discussing them got a man elected governor of Kentucky. They thought in Houston, “Slam dunk, this civil rights thing on transgender,” whatever it was. “Slam dunk! The left’s gonna win this going away.” They lost big. They can’t believe it. They’re in shock over this.

And it was not just localized in regions, although the South had a great night last night, other than one state. North Carolina still is an outlier, but for the most part this was all over the fruited plain, folks. The Democrat Party was rejected over and over and over again. Liberalism was sent packing over and over and over again. Barack Obama — because he’s the leader of liberalism and the Democrat Party — by virtue of his association, he was rejected over and over again yesterday. Candidates who advocated for gun control were sent packing.

Candidates who wanted Obamacare expanded were waved sayonara. Even Democrat environmentalist wacko policies were down voted. People that stood up for the climate change argument? The voters just swept those people away, as though they were swatting away flies. In fact, a couple stories on that. “Solar Energy Contributes to Climate Change, Some Study Finds.” You ever think that you would see that? Then there’s this story. This is from the AP. “As Scientists Worry About Warming World, US Public Doesn’t.”

Yeah, see, they’re worried. The things they believe in… The theme of my National Review piece today is that the single greatest consequence of the rise of conservative media has been the destruction of the left-wing media’s monopoly. It’s nothing you haven’t heard me say before, before I made the point in print, the written word with examples. It’s the greatest example. I think the greatest acquaintance of the rise of conservative or alternative media… And the news today is a rubber stamp echoing my belief. They can’t believe what’s happening out there.

They cannot believe — and my point is that the dissolution of this monopoly is what’s caused all the partisanship in this country, because the media used to be able to hide their bias. They used to be able to hide the fact that they’re just hacks for the Democrat Party. They used to be able to hide all that behind a cloak of objectivity because they were all there was: Three networks, CNN, the newspapers, and that was it. But now they can’t hide it. They have been exposed — and, as such, they have entered the competitive fray.

The competition for the hearts and minds of the American people, the way they vote, the way they think. And, as such, they’ve been called out, and that’s why there is this new partisan — or bipartisan, or lack of partisanship. That’s why everything today is so split. It’s because of the left. It’s not us. We’re simply defending things they are trying to destroy. The news coverage of the election results last night, you’ll hear it when we get the audio sound bites. Some of the news stories accompanying it illustrate the point brilliantly.

And here’s what’s amazing to me, folks. I’m sure it’s not just me. Even after these profound conservative Tea Party — and, yes, dare I say Republican — wins last night, where do we find the Republican Party today? The Republican Party is still more inclined to work with Barack Obama and move his agenda forward, be it amnesty, be it the Export-Import Bank, be it climate change, whatever it happens to be.

Despite this resounding defeat for Obama and the Democrats and liberalism last night, there is a corresponding aspect, too, and it is all these Republican victories last night. As the Democrats lose, Republicans win, and won big last night. The left’s agenda has been blown to smithereens once again. Yet the Republicans in Washington, at least the leadership of the House and Senate, seem still more inclined to want to do business with Obama than represent those who rejected Obama and liberalism and the Democrat Party last night.


RUSH: It would be very hard to exaggerate how badly wrong the polling in Kentucky was on the governor’s race there. Matt Bevin is the Tea Party, unabashedly conservative and Christian Tea Party candidate. Matt Bevin wasn’t given a chance, even yesterday. Even going into the election. And he ends up winning by nine when he was supposed to lose by five. But let me give you the numbers, because the story has been since 2010 just how much the Democrats are losing. It’s a non-reported story, because it’s bad news for the Democrats, and it hasn’t really…

Well, there are vestiges of it in Washington, too. It’s the most amazing thing. The Democrats are losing and losing like they’ve never lost before all over the country, and yet the tone, the narrative of news every day is that Democrats are dominant. Obama is loved and adored and the Republicans are a bunch of fools and idiots and have no prayer. Conservatives are even worse. Let me give you the numbers here. Starting with the 2010 midterms, after that election, the Democrats lost 700 seats. This is governorships, state senate, state house races, town council.

As far down the ballot as you want to go, 700 seats. After the 2014 midterms, add another 500. They’re down 1200 seats. Now, last night, or yesterday, here are the numbers as we start business today. Republicans control 68 of 98 state legislative chambers. Now, for those of you in Rio Linda who say, “Hey, wait a minute! You can’t fool us. There’s only 50 states. What do you mean, 98…?” Well, some states have two chambers, you see, a house and a senate. Some only have one. That’s a unicameral. That would be Nebraska.

But since there are two, then we’re talking basically a hundred, but minus Nebraska. There’s one of the unicameral states, and 98’s it, and the Republicans control 68 of ’em, two-thirds. The Republicans control 33 of the nation’s governorships. And, for those of you in Rio Linda, you’re right: There are 50 governorships in America, and the Republicans now control 33. I don’t care what anybody tells you, the grassroots remains. I mean, it’s named that for a reason. Roots, grassroots, deep. This is where fundamental change begins. This is where it starts.

It’s been going on since 2008. All of this makes it even more confounding why the Washington Republicans have not joined but rather remain linked with Obama and the Democrats. And don’t forget the Republicans also own the House of Representatives and the United States Senate. large
But those are separate things. We own them, but the leadership still, as I say, is more inclined to do business with Obama than represent the people who elected them. And I’m not exaggerating.

There is no push-back. They just signed this two-year budget deal which basically sells out conservative voters on the budget for two years. And amidst all this, we have the Republican presidential race, and what’s happening there comes into even clearer focus now because of the election results yesterday. All this talk, “Well, Trump and Carson? You know, they’re temporary placeholders. They’re gonna be gone.” No. No. It’s the people at 4% now like Jeb Bush and 6%. Those are the people gonna be getting out soon, not the people at the top.


RUSH: Now, back to this FiveThirtyEight piece, they’re really, really worried here about polling. “On average, SurveyUSA and Western Kentucky University (WKU) missed the final margin by 13.4 and 11.1 percentage points, respectively.” Thirteen points they were off by. They had Bevin getting 40% of the vote. He was going to lose in a landslide, folks, and he won 53% of the vote. His opponent got 44. It was a landslide win for the Republican, predicted to be a landslide loss the day of, the day before the election.

As they write here at FiveThirtyEight: “ItÂ’s as if the electorate became about a dozen percentage points more Republican between when the polls were taken and Election Day.” Gee, I wonder why. I wonder how something like this happens. They’re scratching their heads over there. And then they write: “ItÂ’s not yet clear whether pollsters simply projected that more Democratic voters would show up than actually did or whether undecided voters broke overwhelmingly for the Republican candidates.” The former, meaning more Democrats projected than actually showed up. “The former suggests an electorate modeling problem that could be a big problem during the presidential primaries, when turnout is low. On the other hand, trouble modeling the electorate would be less of an issue in the 2016 general election, when turnout is at its highest.”

Speaking of modeling, let me go back to global warming for a second. Computer models, and I know, folks, I’m blue in the face saying this, and those of you who are regular listeners hear this over and over again, but you’re never gonna forget this. You’re never gonna have to remember this. This is gonna be at the front of your mind. The only evidence for global warming is computer models. There is no evidence to suggest that there is climate change caused by man taking place. There is none. It’s all computer models. And this is why the predictions are always for the next 30 years, the next 50, the next 100. Not for next year, not in the next month.

They never make predictions where anybody today is gonna be alive to know whether they were right or wrong. In politics you can’t do that. You can’t have political polling models that predict election results 30 years from now. You gotta do it for this election. If the computer models for global warming missed all of the new ice in Antarctica and the lack of melting ice at the North Pole, what good are they? We had the story this week that Antarctic ice is expanding rapidly, surprising everybody. Why didn’t these vaunted computer models predicting global warming predict increased ice? And since they didn’t, what good are they?

Well, here we come down to the models that the pollsters are using for turnout, and you know as well as I do that they always project two things: that there are more registered Democrats than Republicans, and that Democrat turnout is gonna be much higher. And both of those models failed in Kentucky. And now they are scratching their heads over their polling models. We find that polling is nothing more than the same type of thing used to predict global warming, models. They put together computer models on what they think the turnout’s gonna be and then they go find a polling sample to represent that.

They don’t just choose 1,500 people as scientifically as they can and go ask ’em what they’re gonna do and then project results. They have computer models which tell them, well, the turnout’s gonna be 10%, 15% more Democrat than Republican. The independents and moderates are gonna turn out as X. And the Republican turnout is gonna whatever it is. And they always shoot low on the Republican side and high on the Democrat side. Every poll I’ve ever seen, every sample, and in some cases the weight given to Democrats in polls is so out of kilter that it can’t possibly be true. And this is age-old belief that there are two times as many Democrats in America as there are Republicans. They put together their model and then they go get their sample. And what they’re writing about, “My God, if our models are wrong, oh, no what are we gonna do?” They’re in trouble. And they’d better be looking their global warming models too.

It’s the same bunch of people. I mean, it’s the same people on the left. Some of them are scientists. Well, they’re all Democrats. Some are disguised as scientists. Others are disguised as journalists. Other disguised as think tank specialists. Others disguised as pollsters, but they’re all Democrats, they’re all leftists. I say “all.” Ninety percent. And they put their models together based on their bias.

And don’t forget there’s something you cannot take out of this equation. That is they are loaded for bear because they lost their monopoly 30 years ago and the greatest consequence of that has been they have now had to fight for an audience which used to be guaranteed and built in. There was no competition for them. Now there is and they’re dealing with it in a very partisan and angry way, and it’s creating this huge partisan divide in this country. I’m convinced all of this is on them. ‘Cause we’re just harmless, lovable little fuzzballs here for the first time in 30 years offering opinions and facts different from what they project. Remember the words of Mitt Romney. (imitating Romney) “Oh, it was so much better 25 years ago. Oh, when we all had the same set of facts,” and when the Republicans were perennial and happy losers.

But I don’t want to just talk about Kentucky. Even the Washington Post: “From Coast to Coast, Conservatives Score Huge Victories in Off-Year Elections.” And you know this is another key point, too, this turnout model doesn’t hold for the presidential race. Presidential race turnout’s a whole different thing because that’s when all of the bought-and-paid-for Democrat vote shows up, from the unions, to you just name it.

When you have a Democrat on the presidential ballot and when it’s a person and a personality, it’s a much different thing than issues being the centerpiece of an election. The off years, these have been issue-oriented elections and in those elections the Democrats are just losing in landslides. In personality elections they’re winning. It’s another reason I think people on Republican side are turning to Trump.

“Just like the midterms one year ago, it was another awful night for Democrats. Republican Matt Bevin won a big upset in the Kentucky governorÂ’s race. The guy who Mitch McConnell crushed by 25 points in a 2014 primary will now become just the second Republican to govern the Bluegrass State in four decades. Democrats failed to pick up VirginiaÂ’s state Senate.”

Bloomberg and The Punk, Terry McAuliffe, overwhelmingly rejected in Virginia. And even the Washington Post writes: “ItÂ’s a huge blow to Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who went all-in to make it happen,” to get the Democrats in charge of the state Senate. “Democrats could have won by capturing just one seat because of the tie-breaking authority of Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D). But Republicans held every single seat. HoustonÂ’s Equal Rights Ordinance, designed to protect the rights of gay citizens and others –” It’s not others. It’s transgenders. This was pick your bathroom. For all intents and purposes this was pick your bathroom. Whatever bathroom you want to go in, we in Houston — it was overwhelming rejected. So the left gets to run around and say, “Well, Houston rejects equal rights.” That’s not at all what was rejected. Madcap, irresponsible liberalism, social, cultural decay is what was rejected in Houston. And it wasn’t even close. “Ohio rejected marijuana legalization by a two-to-one margin. Even in San Francisco, the sheriff who steadfastly defended the cityÂ’s ‘sanctuary city’ policy went down.” Imagine that.

Quick time-out. Can’t wait to get to your phone calls and get started on the audio sound bites for all of this. And then we meld the latest presidential news into it. Keep in mind the polls now. What does it mean here? All of these preelection polls, practically all of them were wrong, and some of them big. What does that say about polling in the presidential primaries? And Mrs. Clinton is now, in a very mean-spirited way, going after old Bernie Sanders. First she called him a sexist, and now she’s throwing down the race card on Bernie Sanders.

It’s very fluid out there, folks. It’s very unsettled. And with the apparent flaws in polling, everybody, particularly on the left and the Drive-By Media, is in panic city today because they don’t know what to believe, and the days are gone when they had control of what you believed. They no longer have that control, and they don’t know what you believe, and that leads to abject panic among them.


RUSH: And don’t forget, folks, in addition to the election results, there are stories all over the Drive-By Media today about how the public is not buying into global warming, even after the pope weighed in on it, and the media is puzzled. They are curious. They’re actually beside themselves over this. “Despite high-profile preaching by Pope Francis, only 36% of Americans see global warming as a moral issue, and only a quarter of those asked see it as a fairness issue…” It’s a nonissue. They’re not gonna give it up, don’t misunderstand.

They’re just gonna double down now. But the point is, they’re failing. Back in the days they had their monopoly, this would have been a slam dunk. There wouldn’t have been any debate about global warming. Everybody would have believed it. The people that didn’t would have never been heard from. And if any of them did happen to be heard from, they would have been destroyed and made fun of and laughed out of the political arena as kooks. That’s what they still try to do today, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Now, Matt Bevin in Kentucky ran as an unabashed social-Christian candidate, all the things that were told we can’t win with. I want to go back. I’ve been saying this for 27 years, but I want to go back to July 22nd on this program. This is me speaking about social issues as an opportunity for the GOP.

RUSH ARCHIVE: My contention is that the social issues are a giant winning opportunity. And the left has been artful once again at convincing Republicans, RINOs, moderates, establishment types that they are losing because of social issues. And specifically, they are losing because of abortion. Yeah, they’re losing the Latino vote because of amnesty, and they oppose that. And they’re losing the women’s vote because they’re not feminists, they don’t support feminism, and they are not pro-choice. It’s just the opposite. There is a golden opportunity, particularly as expressed in this polling data, for somebody who knows how to do it, to turn these social issues into a huge opportunity for victory, just like massive opposition to Obamacare. It was just waiting for the Republican Party to come along and coalesce with it, and it never happened, frustratingly never happened.

RUSH: Yep, it was a built-in waiting majority, opposition to Obamacare. Republicans could have tapped into it and been a majority party on that issue alone. They failed to do it. But the social issues, the big point that I’ve made about ’em recently is I have my friends constantly come up to me… I mean, they’re us, you know, conservative Republicans. “Rush, you gotta get rid of the social issues. You gotta stop talking about ’em! Republicans gotta stop talking about ’em. It is killing us. It’s killing us, these social issues! We gotta stop telling people how to live.”

I said, “Wait a minute. We’re not the ones doing it.”

“What do you mean we’re not?”

“Who is it that’s disrupting the culture? Who is it that’s trying to turn our culture upside down? We have no choice but than to discuss the social issues if we want to hold onto our culture.” I mean, every part of the leftist agenda is devoted to upending American culture. Somebody’s gotta defend it. How come we who stand up and defend it are accused of talking about the social issues, standing up for marriage, standing up for life? And we’re guilty of…? No, we are defending an all-out assault on things that have set this country apart and defined its greatness since its founding. That’s my point all along. The social issues are not on us.

Anyway, here’s Matt Bevin. Here is the governor-elect of Kentucky addressing supporters last night after winning.

BEVIN: We are blessed with an incredible set of values that the vast majority of Kentuckians hold, the core Christian values that this nation was built on. And while some will apologize (applause), there is no reason that we must apologize for the core principles that make us an exceptional nation. This is a great night for conservatives in the state of Kentucky.

RUSH: Say what you want, the guy won, and he won in a landslide, and he didn’t hide it and he didn’t apologize for it, and he didn’t make excuses. He went out and he broadcast who he was. He championed himself as a supporter of these various issues. You remember Drive-By Media covering the Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis? Remember that? Around the clock, oh, yeah, on the gay marriage issue and so forth? Yeah, she was the cutting edge.

She was the future. She was. She loses big. Here comes a guy talking about the social issues that so many Republicans are afraid of. Basically shouting about them, shouting support. (interruption) He did, yeah. He visited Kim Davis in jail. But the point is there’s nothing to be afraid of here. It just takes a little confidence. Look at Ben Carson. Same thing, folks. John King on CNN. Cohost Chris Cuomo says, “What happened yesterday? Man, it’s really grim out there for the Democrats, John.” What are we all gonna do now?

KING: It is grim. Look at the state of Kentucky. This was the state Democrats held up as a national poster child for Obamacare. Matt Bevin ran against it. There also was the Kim Davis issue in that state. So you can’t say it was any one issue. But Republicans win in a state where gay rights and Obamacare were the big issue. In Virginia, the Democratic governor invested a lot. He’s a very close friend of Hillary Clinton. He invested a lot of money, a lot of personal time, a lot of his personal prestige in trying to win back the state senate. He failed. Again, taxes were an issue. Tolls were an issues. But Democrats tried to call the Republicans in those races nut jobs on guns and extremists on social issues, and they lost.

RUSH: Right. They went at ’em as bitter clingers, the way Barack Obama has said to do it. They went on out and tried to impugn these decent people and call ’em bunch of wacko extremist gun nuts, climate change deniers. These are basically the modern day Deliverance family. They were gonna lose big, and the bottom line is Republicans have no reason to be afraid. They have no reason to be defensive. In fact, they’re winning all over the country. Everywhere but Washington, it seems.


RUSH: When was the last time you heard the Tea Party was dead? When is it? Last week? When is the last time you heard, “Whatever happened the Tea Party? They just kind of faded away. You never hear about the Tea Party anymore.” When is the last time you heard that? Well, you hear it every week. You hear something — and the Drive-Bys are always talking about, “Gee, whatever happened to the Tea Party.” Salon.com just tweeted a couple hours ago, “Kim Davis Is My Governor Now — I Awoke This Morning to an Idiot Tea Party Takeover.” Wait. Wait. Tea Party takeover? I thought the Tea Party was dead, you people.


RUSH: Here is Shannon in Manassas, Virginia. It’s great to have you on the program today. Hi.

CALLER: Hello there. How are you?

RUSH: I’m good. Thank you.

CALLER: I’m calling to extend the celebration here in the state of Virginia.

RUSH: It’s big.

CALLER: Yesterday’s election.

RUSH: It’s big ’cause the governor out there, The Punk, tried to take over the senate, and he was foiled.

CALLER: Yes, he was. Absolutely. And so was Mr. Bloomberg. He wasted millions of dollars of his own money, and he was defeated in his efforts. They were going against the Second Amendment, and they lost.

RUSH: In Virginia. This is big, because many people — political experts, social scientists — think that the Democrats are taking over Virginia.


RUSH: And on an issue like gun control, I’m sure these guys went in thinking, “This is gonna be a slam dunk.” They think they’ve convinced everybody guns are bad, and I guarantee you they’re just as shocked over this in Virginia as people are in Kentucky and Matt Bevin winning there.

CALLER: Well, not only that, sir. You have to remember that Terry McAuliffe say good friend and a confidant and supporter of Hillary Clinton.

RUSH: Oh-ho, yeah. Absolutely.

CALLER: And Hillary thinks Virginia is more of a purple state. Well, I don’t think she thinks that this morning.

RUSH: Well, that’s probably true. It’s probably true. Hillary’s problems are a little bit more immediate than Virginia right now, but she will —

CALLER: I agree. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) Yeah, right. But she’ll get around to it. I think… Look, folks, keep all this in perspective. We didn’t win the presidency yesterday, and what happened doesn’t mean that we’re going to, either. The turnout differences in an off year and presidential year are real. But nevertheless, this is a huge, huge upper that happened. And for a lot of people it came all of the blue. And it shows that these midterms in 2011 and 2014 are not flukes. And it shows that the massive building opposition to establishment politicians inside the Beltway is not a fluke, either.

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